Tuesday, July 29, 2008


The A/C is FIXED! A freakin' fuse was coming in between me and my Arctic-like comfort.

Off to get something to eat and then the Opry. Among others, I will see Trace Adkins and Restless Heart. There is a guy performing that has a hit right now....that makes me cry....a lot. Dangit. My mascara isn't waterproof, either. Grrr!

Yeah, my life is good boring right now, isn't it? Just think: This time next month, I'll be all anxious about starting school.

Over the next year, I think I might be doing the paperwork necessary to teach down here. Hopefully, I'll be in the position I wish I was in now, so that I can do it. Who knows? Maybe that financial miracle will happen and I won't have to go back to NJ, except to get my cats, my important papers and to throw out everything else...oh, and bring down my almost like new, hardly used desktop computer.

Now, I am off to do my hair (which will flop in ten minutes of being outside), powder my nose, and gets to steppin'.

I think the heat has scrambled my brain.


Big Bad Wolf said...

My wife just saw Trace perform at the Little Creek Amphib Base (right across the street from my house) for FREE! She got some good pictures too. Said it was a killer show.


RT said...

He was simply awesome! He has an amazing "live" voice.

I'm going to post about tonight sometime tomorrow.

I want to go out tomorrow, so I don't want to be up too late. The whole night was great!