Saturday, July 19, 2008

Twenty-one years ago....

If you had told me that this is how I'd be spending a Saturday night this many years later, I would have laughed. The best part about spending my evening studying is that I'm happy to do it and want to do it. I'm glad I'm not the person I was a year ago, let alone the person I was 21 years ago.


USA_Admiral said...

It sounds like you are happy studying.

(You know, if you leave a "Y" out of studying you could be in a whole heap of trouble, I almost did that.)

It sounds like you have no major regrets and that is very good.

I feel the same way about myself 27 years ago.

RT said...

No "studing" going on around here, that's for sure.

I have regrets, but can't dwell on them. I have to look at the choices I made in my past, especially until the age of 23/24 as a huge life lesson that has helped shape who I am today.

God is good and very, very, very faithful.