Friday, July 04, 2008


I was a little bummed, today. Every 4th of July, I never have anyone to hang out with. So, following custom....I hung inside and watched the History channel all day (that's what I do on the 4th).

I entertained myself by watching the boats float by on the Cumberland River. I really started to get boat envy, too. I could have walked down to the riverfront area to see the fireworks and the bands, but didn't think it was prudent---a woman, alone walking some of the stretch I'd have to walk. Then I saw a glimmer of hope. One of the boats stopped outside of my condo. I thought that maybe it had gotten stuck or something (big boat), but then I figured that it thought it had a good spot to watch the events. I was right, and I was not disappointed.

While Philly's 4th of July celebration is considered the best in the nation, Nashville's is considered second to it, especially in size.

When the fireworks began, my balcony and the balcony above were the only ones with views. The view was a little obstructed by a tree, but the appreciation for the spectacular display of pyrotechnics was not. The fireworks were aimed in my direction, so I got to see them as the crowd did. I actually teared up a little. I was just thanking God, once again, for allowing me to have this time of rest and relaxation. It is truly a gift.

The lights were beautiful. The air was humidity-free, with a really nice breeze in the air. What enhanced things a bit were the fireworks displays that started at the same time all around the surrounding areas. I could see at least four.

Now, I don't envy the people in the boats so much, since they have a long ride home and I am in air-conditioned comfort. HA!

***Note: Fireworks are legal here. That means every drunken idiot is setting them off, too. Great.


Snigglefrits said...

You sound like me RT- picky about the company you keep, therefore hanging out by yourself.

The husband had to work last night, so the kids and I ambled down to my parent's house. We set off our little sparkler type fireworks (the only kind legal in GA), then came home. 3 other women called and invited us to tag along with them to see the real fireworks in town, but even though I'm "friendly" with them, none of them are anybody I'd want to hang out with.

If it's any consolation, it takes more fortitude to stand by yourself than it does to tag along with a group of folks you don't care to really be with.

RT said...

I am a bit picky. However, when I am your friend, I'm really loyal and bend over backwards for you. As I get older I get a little more picky. I've been burned quite a bit.

That doesn't mean I shut myself off from others, though. I just find I'm closing my circle a little tighter these days. I'm losing my ability to trust.

However, I would have loved to have gone to the riverfront. Just didn't feel it was wise to go it alone. (That alone thing is getting old, though.)