Monday, July 28, 2008

Oh, just a few things

1. Isn't it a given that McDonalds will do a profitable business at this stage in the company's existence? If so, then why do they insist on having stupid commercials that attempt rap? Rap is bad as it is when it is considered "good," but ad-campaign rap is just horrible. Actually, it makes me not want to go to Mickey D's....well, that and it makes me physically ill. However, I would visit if they were offering those glasses with the McDonalds mascots on them.

2. I saw this headline on a local news station's website:

Motorcycle learning classes take off as gas prices climb

"Well, dang. Ise gonna go take me some of them thar classes on learnin' motorcycling."

How about "Motorcycle skills courses take off as gas prices climb"????

3. There is a pretty big homeless problem here. In fact, I see a lot of them because of where I am staying. Now, when THIS happened, didn't anyone on the trolley have a stinkin' cell phone to dial up the cops for help?

I wonder what kind of tour they were expecting if they didn't immediately wonder why a homeless guy was jumping into the driver's seat?


Wyatt Earp said...

Give the homeless guy a break. he was just applying for the job!

RT said...

I don't think he'd pass the mandatory urine test.