Friday, July 04, 2008


I have to share the most refreshing smoothie I've ever made. Hopefully, this smoothie won't do to me what the whey smoothies did (gain weight, feel sluggish, and want to cry). Blek. I've decided to give almond milk a try. It has Vitamin A and D, is a good fat, and it is a good source of protein.

So here goes my recipe that I modified from something I saw somewhere on the tubes. The photos I've used for this post are all stolen, too. I'd take pictures of mine (which I am drinking out of a wine glass--ha!), but I had slurped it all down before I realized that I could have taken the pictures and made one of those fancy cooking posts. I'm not that quick sometimes.

The first thing you need is a somewhat ripe banana. Size doesn't matter, well at least with bananas. I was going to try using a frozen banana (which I had ready for the job), but they were too hard (oh, this is just getting bad, I need to leave banana land quick). See, this banana is scared, because he knows I am going to grind him up and eat him.

Next, I measured about a cup of unsweetened almond milk. (THIS is the brand I am using.) It might have been a little more, since I used a normal sized coffee cup instead of the measuring cup.

Then, I added a mix of frozen berries (about a cup, possibly slightly more). They, too, have no added sugar. Why on earth would you add sugar to fruit? Makes no sense, but then again, I put salt on my watermelon--makes it sweeter, in case you are wondering about that weirdness.

I used a 3-cup food processor, since a blender was just too clunky to bring up the steps of the condo. I whipped it up really well, and the frozen berries chilled the smoothie, nicely. The finished product looks something like this:

You will not believe how refreshing this is. It doesn't make me feel bleh after I drink it and it is sweet without the guilt. Not to mention, berries are very good for you and bananas are a great source of potassium.

Drink up!


Snigglefrits said...

Looks goooood. I will be trying this!

Oh, by the way- I add salt to my watermelon too, as well as to cantaloupe for the exact reason you stated. You're not alone in your weirdness. ;)

RT said...

It is really good (even with my bit of mocking foodie posts).

I think I might buy some watermelon tomorrow. YUMMAY!