Monday, April 30, 2007

"My life is one big rim shot."

I need to laugh. I found this clip of Rodney Dangerfield and realized I was identifying with way too much! Oh well, if I don't laugh right now I'll go a little bezerky.

Sunday, April 29, 2007

Just a thought

Ummm....isn't one of the conspiracies about 9/11 that the fire could not have weakened the structure enough to bring the towers down? Doesn't the work of one tanker truck on a highway beg to differ? (Btw, doesn't this remind you of a Salvador Dali painting?)

No, this won't be on the final!

Usually I get questions such as, "May I go to the bathroom? May I get a drink? Is this on the final?" I don't usually get questions from adults. Well, other teachers might ask, "What are you teaching next year? What are you going to do over the summer?" Everything seems school related. So, when I got the opportunity to volunteer for some questions to be asked of me...I volunteered gladly. Rachel, upon answering questions posed to her, asked for volunteers to be interviewed and I will do likewise. If you would like me to ask you five questions, just let me know in the comments section and I will get back to you by the end of the week.
Rachel's questions....

1. If you could get any first edition book for free, what would it be?
That's a tough one. One of my favorite books ever is Jane Eyre by Charlotte Bronte. I would have to say that one. She's one of my all-time favorite literary heroines. She was a hard-luck kid who, through God's Providence, found happiness and love.

2. Daisies or roses?
I absolutely love daisies! Gerber daisies are my favorites. I used to work at a flower shop in Van Nuys, CA when I was 18 and they always brightened my day. I researched their background because I was thinking of planting some in my grandmom's garden. They are native to South Africa. I thought that was funny, since I am Dutch Afrikaan. I love tulips with almost equal fervor, though. Daisies remind me of sunshine and smiles...sounds dumb, but they do. Roses are pretty, and smell nice, but it takes more heart and thought to give a flower that lacks a hackneyed presence. (I hope to have a really pretty rose garden someday, though.)

3. What was the first album/cassette you bought?
The first cassette I bought was Queen, The Game (1980). Iron Maiden was next..go figure.

The first album I bought was B.J. Thomas, Happy Man (1978). I was 10 and still a good girl. It is a gospel album that I just about wore out. I've always liked his voice and secretly listen to him in my car if he happens to appear while I'm skipping around the stations. (Somehow I jumped from gospel to Billy Squirer...whatever.)

I probably didn't really start buying much of my own music until I started babysitting and then working. My mom wasn't going to buy me any of that "devil-music."

4. What is your home page set to?
What? You're not supposed to have it set to MSN? I have a google home page with lots of customization. No. I haven't found a site other than those that I'd make a home page. Any suggestions?

5. If you were on the side of the road with a flat tire and the only person who stopped to help was a hippie with a VW beetle covered in anti-war stickers, what would you do?

I'd use my cell phone to call AAA. Besides, a hippie that knows how to change a tire is one thing, but a hippie that has the physical strength to change a tire? Puhleeeeeeeeze!

For my own sick enjoyment, I could always make the hippie cry while I'm waiting for AAA, though. I could tell him Jerry Garcia is dead and never coming back. That should make him cry.
You Are 23 Years Old

Under 12: You are a kid at heart. You still have an optimistic life view - and you look at the world with awe.

13-19: You are a teenager at heart. You question authority and are still trying to find your place in this world.

20-29: You are a twentysomething at heart. You feel excited about what's to come... love, work, and new experiences.

30-39: You are a thirtysomething at heart. You've had a taste of success and true love, but you want more!

40+: You are a mature adult. You've been through most of the ups and downs of life already. Now you get to sit back and relax.

Wyatt's back to save Philly!!!!!!

Well, he's back from vacation. Go say hello. Now. Yes, now. Since he's been in the land of no bad news and big toothy grins, I thought I'd give him a true Philly "welcome home!" (There is a smidge of offensive language.)

Friday, April 27, 2007

Headlines of sorts

Just a warning...I'm really bored, and the brain is dull.


Guess they were out of sausage?

Couric may leave CBS EVENING NEWS...
Any bets she lands at the view?

Rosie to Sheryl Crow: 'Have You Seen My Ass?'...
Please, Rosie, no one wants to see your ass. Heck, no one wants to see any part of you. That paper bag your girlfriend puts over your head is not some cute "game" she she said.

YAY!!!! Wait. He doesn't keep his promises does he? Darnit!

Democrats slap Condi with subpoena...
Condi retorts with a stiletto heel right between the eyes. What? You thought it was just a fashion statement?

McCain formally announces his bid for president... an empty room.

CLAIM: China to Force Rain Ahead of Olympics...
Ok. 1.) Where's Al Gore to complain about messing with nature? 2.) God won't like this.

Ore. gov. starts week on food stamps
Yeah, because a week of public assistance will teach him what it is like to be poor. Wait...he's an elected official. He is on public assistance, just on the upper end of the pay scale.

Lucas, Hamill reunite for "Star Wars" spoof
Are they that bored? I'm always bored, but you don't see me doing insanely dumb stuff to emabarrass myself in a public forum, do you? (ummm...oops)

Canada to ban incandescent light bulbs by 2012
Trust me, no "lightbulbs" have been going off up there in a long time (save for my family members who were very smart people, God rest their souls).

Boy gets toilet seat stuck on his head
Taking being anal to a new dimension.

Potentially habitable planet found
Let's start a list of who should be there: Gore, Baldwin, rabid dogs, Bjork,...

Addictive drugs harm brain's natural brake: study
Ummm, duh! That's why you get addicted!

Not So Smart? You Can Still be Rich!
See: Hollywood, sports stars, etc...

Spinal Tap reunites to fight climate change
Rumors have it that they will dress in fig leaves, Al Gore will be on drums, and in a hit against the regular old American "garden" cucumber, Derek Smalls will be using the English cucumber.

I thought 'An Inconvenient Truth' was a terrible idea: Gore
Oh, so money was the reason he did it.

Man accused of dental work in garage
Dental molding does not go in the mouth, idiot!

Egypt's 'Dr. Ruth:' Muslims need better sex
Yeah. We've seen what all that "frustration" can do.

Fraud probe sought after carbon offset industry found to suffer 'serious credibility concerns'...
Credibility concerns? No one saw this as a scam to begin with? Oh, but Gore stands to make lots of money from it. Duct tape, please!

Philadelphia Shuts Down Psychics...
Do you think they saw it coming?

Clinton Says Her Southern Twang a Virtue
To know what a virtue is, you have to have one first, condescending prick! Oh, come know she has to have one!

M.I.T. Dean Of Admissions Admits To Falsifying Resume
Funny and ironic! Ummm...only took 28 years to find this out...guess they're not rocket scientists, afterall!

Judge mulls making alfalfa ban permanent
Darla is quite upset! Froggy is looking to move in on Alfalfa's territory.

Arctic reindeer may help cure disfiguring disease
Finally, Rudolph will be cured!

Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Chance of a lifetime

Today I was invited by a teacher to listen to a presentation being made to her class. The presentation was given by a holocaust survivor.

This strong woman, now in her elder years softly, yet so vividly painted a picture of courage, perserverance, and hope.

Her family hid for four years, always on the run from the Nazis. They trudged through unforgiving weather and terrain, in the face of certain death, to go from one "safe" area to another. Hiding with vermin and experiencing illness. Even while separated at times, the family never gave up hope on survival. Eventually they were all reuinited, thanks to what I believe was an angel used by God.

There I sat in an American classroom, among chidlren of varying backgrounds/cultures, and to realize that I'm not in fear of a soldier walking in and telling me I can't read or that I don't fit the "image" of what is now the preferred race. My students and I can talk freely, argue freely, and I can come and go as I please in life. I can worship the God I want. I can go to work. I can do all of these things FREELY, without thinking or realizing those are my innate rights...I can just do what I please. I don't have to look over my shoulder. Not giving it a single thought.

That, my friends, is why people like Harry Reid and other Democrats scare me. Yeah. The world needs to treat each other better. Yeah. There are people who need things that they don't have. However, we'll have even less if people are afraid to perservere and are too cowardly to take that same "long walk" to ensure a brighter future for our society and our world.

I could see her reliving it. She expressed that she re-feels the fatigue she felt. Her descriptions of prisons were heart wrenching. However, one thing that was always evident in her portrayal of her experiences and the experiences of her immediate family...hope that each other would survive, somehow. Hope that there would be a future without the hate and brutality they experienced. Hope to be free. Sound familiar?

Sunday, April 22, 2007


I will keep the contest going until Friday and announce the winners Saturday. HAVE FUN!!!!

In my effort to steal the ideas that belong to other people, I've decided to have a caption contest. I'll remember to post the winners this time. Have at it freaks! (I'll post winners sometime Wednesday evening after 8:00 p.m. EST.)

As seen on
THE WINNERS!!!!!!!!!!! Ok...all of them, but in this order:
5. Jim:
Morty felt the need for comfort food after learning that he had flunked out of Clown School.

4. Ssssteve:
And here is Wyatt on his vacation.

3. Rachel:
This is reason I don't do on-line dating. You'd think the people at would not have linked me with this guy since I mentioned my deathly fear of clowns...

2. Redneck:
When France does an inventory of its military strength, all they have is this clown.

1. John D:
Exhausted after attending her 9,742nd press conference, Helen Thomas takes a day off--her first in 46 years.

Saturday, April 21, 2007

Stealing ideas 'cause that's how I roll...

I woke up with the worst cold the other day (fever, sore throat, etc...), so brain cells are in short supply. Well, that's what I get for running myself into the ground. My best friend called up to tell me that sex would cure my cold; unfortunately, that prescription can't get filled. Do you all have any more realistic suggestions? The cold medicine isn't working. I wonder if beer will help. Oh well, I'm doing a mini-kitty blog. Only one cat was feeling compliant, today. This is Buster. He's sweet, but ornery (just like his mommy). Shoot, I just remembered: The Phillies, Nascar, UFC 70, and bull riding are all on tonight. What's a girl to do? Darn. ADD city, flippin' back & forth...heh.

A nice news story

I actually saw a nice news story this morning! I have to share it, because in the face of all the crap that this week has thrown at our senses, we need a good reminder that there are young adults ready to put themselves aside for the good of another.

A group of young men at a track meet in Philly saved an amputee from a fire in her home.

This link is the video of the story. Watch it! The young men's families must be so proud!

This link is the print version of the story if you prefer to read about the event.

Thursday, April 19, 2007

How I'm really feeling...

I often use humor to cover my true state of mind. My last two posts are my way of trying to ignore how I've been feeling.

Lately, I've felt that I am burning out. I think I labeled as a seven-year itch at some point. I'm tired and anxious all the time. I can't concentrate and prepare the way I want to for my classes. I'm tired of excuses, a lack of work ethic, and kids behaving like I'm the hired help. I've always taken pride in being a conscientious, hard worker that put the needs of others before her own. It is probably why I really don't have a life. Being around groups of people outside of school even stresses me out at times. Today, I just felt flat DONE. I don't know what to do with this, to be quite honest. I like having a positive impact on others and helping them to see things in themselves that they don't see. Teaching is a bit more than subject matter. I am literally a mom-figure, a psychologist, a mender of broken hearts, and big sister, and an authority figure. If a kid needs a couple of dollars, I give it. If a kid is raising money for a school trip or needs help with an assignment for another class...there I am. When parents are at wits end with their kids and their apathy, guess who gets called and emailed?

I once told someone that at least most days, I'm at school anywhere between 10-12 hours a day. Lately, I've been doing all I can to just come home and curl up. Sometimes I wonder if I should quit teaching. Maybe it is not what I should be doing. Other times, I can't think of anything else I'd like to do. Sometimes I just don't know what else I would do.

I know there are bigger problems and issues in this world and that I'm very, very blessed to be in the school that I am, but I'm just so fried, can't think straight, and tired of Well, there are occasional trips to the store.

I need a hug (or a bazillion). :) Thanks for allowing me this moment to whine. I'm just fried.

Scholars define teacher burnout as a condition caused by depersonalization, exhaustion and a diminished sense of accomplishment (Schwab et al. 1986).

One of the most down to earth definitions described teachers as no longer considering themselves professionals, rather just paid individuals.

* suffer exhaustion
* be exhausted
* be used up, finished

Symptoms of teacher burnout include: anxiety and frustration, impaired performance, and ruptured interpersonal relationships at work and home (Wood, McCarthy 2000).

Reason 1,000,002: Why American Men Rock!

Warning: I seem to be having some issues tonight. :)
Ok. American men have their share of fems, but I argue that they are not real, American men. Real American men have a little bit of an edge, but a sense of humor and everything else that goes with being a real guy. (Hey, I took a nap for an hour and I woke up sniffly and feeling like I'd been slapped with a stupid stick...give me a break.) Eh, American men kick ass.

So, when I saw this video clip from the French version of American Idol I had several thoughts fly through my crowded, still sleepy, obnoxious brain:

1. French men are a-holes.
2. French men are immature a-holes.
3. Who'd do a French guy? They look so, well, impotent. (I hear they are jealous of french fries.)
4. Seriously, have you ever heard someone proudly say, "I'm French."? I haven't.
5. No wonder French women are so pissy and pouty (see numbers 1-4).

Wednesday, April 18, 2007

See, I'm only slightly tarnished!

I guess I'm the type of "pure" that keeps ya guessin'. ;P

You Are 68% Pure

Well, you're not exactly an angel - but you're pretty darn close.
But chances are, you have a couple juicy secrets deep in your closet.

Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Here ya go, Grandaddy Skul!

Wow. I wish I had a grandpop named Skul. Tonight I am addressing Skul's questions from the "request" post. I went a bit long. Happy reading! (I'm kind of too tired to worry about proper mechanics and such. Sorry.)

Q: One thing does come to mind. You have an educational background. Without making yourself a target as Rachel mentioned, can our current system be discussed?"

A: To be honest, I am in a very demanding district with parents that have high expectations for their children. We also have very motivated students. The carrot of an Ivy League education or upper tier school is always dangled and very attainable for these kids.

I think there are changes that need to be made. Our elementary and middle schools (speaking for my district) do not teach grammar. The writing that is taught at the middle school level is fluff writing. I expect student writing to follow an argument and provide support. I also expect good mechanics and organizational skills. Most of my kids can't answer an entire prompt because they cannot form sophisticated thought. The forming/training of sophisticated thought begins in the lower grades. I don't care if the kid liked the book. I don't like every book I read or teach. However, I expect a literary opinion about what the author is doing in the literature. While every little detail of literature and arguing literature isn't life and death, the skills developed are very important. Through writing and class discussion kids learn conflict resolution, persuasive speech and writing, and they learn how to see things with a critical eye. Many people do not ask questions or see things with a critical eye; thus, the reason why we have so many people willing to believe every little thing the MSM says. I even try to get students to learn to question politicians as the debates get going. Sometimes it is an assignment to watch the debates to see what is really said and what isn't. Btw, all of this is a paraphrase of what I tell parents and students at the beginning of the year. My discipline teaches skills people will truly need most, if not all, of their lives.

Other changes? I think the entire high school system needs to be changed. There is so much unneeded crap. It should be run like a college schedule with the same idea of choices based on general education requirements and "major" requirements, with the opportunity for "minor" studies. I think Florida is trying a form of this, but I think it might still boil down to academic vs. vo-tech, just stated a nicer way. I hate, "but this is how we've always done it." That statement irks me to no end for every bit of life. If you don't find new ways of doing things, whatever it is that you've been doing the same way for a long time just starts to suck and get stale.

Inner-cities? I have no clue. I have not entered that beast and hope to God I never have to do so. I've had students from city schools and I ask about the differences and such. Discipline problems rank the highest in my unscientific surveys. Much smaller classes are needed. That is a costly alternative to the present system. However, how long are we going to allow kids to wallow in the muck of a system that has failed them. Yes, their parents could be more involved and for the kids with parents (suburban and urban) who would rather forget they have children, we as a society, have to acknowledge and support those kids. We can't leave these kids to fend for themselves. We also cannot have kids in schools who disrupt things because they don't want to be in class. How about forced vo-tech-type of juvie? Create laws that force these kids to do something and if they don' to for-real boot camp (suburban and urban kids...seen my share of its need in my own school).

I could go on and on...Plainly, though, we need to stop saying a child can't do certain things because of this, that and the other. We need to find ways to show children that they can do things. There will be students with limitations, but we've got to stop teaching them learned-helplessness and that they can "excuse-away" their behavior and lack of work ethic. The apathy is awful. School seems to be beneath them; they have more important things to do (actually had that said to me by a student, today).

Q: What causes inspiration for you?

A: When I see kids begin to love to learn and realize that they are capable of awesome things. I teach the regular level kids and honors kids, but sometimes the greatest satisfaction comes from the regular kids. I was once told I was too anal. I was told that I expected too much. Most of those whiners went on to AP Lit classes and are finishing up college in some very nice schools. I recommended one young man for honors, as a stretch for him but knew he'd work for it, and he wound up going to UPenn. He wrote the best thing in my yearbook my first year. He thanked me for making him view education in a different, more serious way. I also have a cherished letter from a student full of errors that thanked me for teaching him and believing in his potential. He eventually went on to the University of Delaware.

Q: What makes the big question mark turn on?

A: I'm usually too tired for question mark moments. I like to try to figure out people and motivations. I think it is because of my analytic "training." I tend to think too much. Oddly, I like to try to understand mechanical things and the scientific/mathematical forces behind them. What makes things go or how to put things together. When I was little my grandpop, that I lived with, died and he had a workshop of workshops. I used to get the old wood left behind and try to build things to see if they were sound. I didn't go near the Norm Abrahms type electrical stuff...too scary. I also learned how to strip paint with a blow-torch, but I never tried it.

Q: What makes you sit up and take notice?

A: Brilliant minds at work in the world. I am continually amazed at how people solve various problems with good old fashioned smarts. I like when people make me think.

Q: What makes you think "Wow"??

A: Wow in a bad way: Stupidity and purposeful, intended lack of intellect (brainless twits who are that way because they think it is cute). Wow in a good way: Creative people and their willingness to share that creativity.

You, on the other hand, have been tasked to teach my grand-kids values that are useful in their lives.

No. You have been tasked to teach your grandchildren values that are useful in their lives. That is the big thing that is missing. I have noticed that I can expect, demand, and beg for good manners, honesty, and hard work from my students, but if it is not expected at home...I'm certainly not going to see it. Heck, I have parents that lie for their children or try to make upteen excuses for their children. Now you tell me, who is more influential?

Monday, April 16, 2007

Sad and Speechless

Today's events at Virginia Tech have left me quite speechless on the matter. I cannot fully comprehend the tragic events. I'll probably write more once credible, specific facts emerge. Until then, I think of the students my school sends to Va. Tech, many in the engineering program. I just don't want to talk about it right now, but I'm trying to understand this as a regular person and as an educator. My thoughts and prayers go out to the families and friends of all of those involved. Ugh.

I have a really important announcement to make!

I don't have to go to school today! YAY! Well, I'm really feeling awful for people impacted by all the flooding and crazy weather. I'm just grateful I don't have to be out in it. :)

Be careful, folks.

My favorites (that I can think of)

Thanks to Wyatt's favorite Rocky Horror song...I cannot get to sleep, so I thought I'd do the next post from the post ideas request thingy.

Little Miss Chatterbox thought a good post idea would a rundown of my favorite tv shows or movies.

That actually takes some thought. I grew up in front of the television, yet when a show went off the air, I didn't miss it.

I'd have to say my favorite show is/was
Everybody Loves Raymond. It never ceases to crack me up, especially because of Peter Boyle.

Growing up I loved watching ballet and operas (no lie) and all kinds of British shows that could be found on PBS. I do remember during my summers watching a lot of Brady Bunch, Gomer Pyle, Lucy, Beverly Hillbillies, and who didn't love the Dukes of Hazard? I used to dance around to Lawrence Welk and loved Hee Haw (Gotta problem with that?).

My favorite movies are The Fall of House of Usher, Fast Times at Ridgemont High, Breakfast Club, Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure, Young Frankenstein, and Princess Bride (my favorite scene). Kind of weird, but I like all kinds of movies. I really like to laugh, so that's what I usually watch these days (comedies). I just listed what came to mind, though. I HATE Disney least those from 1990 on up, really. If I hear one more Disney song from 1990 on up, I'll puke! I also don't consider crying a form of entertainment, so I stay away from tear-jerkers and movies involving animals...they make me cry. If you ever saw The Little hoo city.

The scariest movie I ever saw?
Left Behind. It is a movie about the end times and unbelievers being left behind. I think I was too young to handle it. I still can't read the book of Revelations because of it. Yes, I went to a hardcore church.

Sunday, April 15, 2007

If it wasn't so friggin' stupid, I'd cry!

According to a Pravda (H/T Drudge) columnist, Imus was fired because he knows the truth about our government's role in 9/11. Other possible victims of our governemnt were noted as Rosie and Charlie Sheen.

Seriously, you've got to read this crap. First, there are two or more incidences of people literally being beat for opposing Putin and now this. Maybe the writer needs to be drinking a little less vodka.

I think I need to go retrieve a beer from my refrigerator. Smoke 'em if you got 'em...take a drag for me! Damn.

....In other news....apparently cells phones are killing bees...Al Gore can't be far behind to start a telethon for bees. Wasn't it under the administration Gore was so a part of that we became so radiated? Hmmm...I think Gore created this problem to have a job after the Clinton years were done. I might as well join the conspiracy theory bandwagon, eh?

Saturday, April 14, 2007

Turning the other cheek (No, Wyatt, not that cheek!)

This post idea is from Rachel. She asked, "What is the fine line between 'turning the other cheek' and making one's self a target?"

To be honest I don't know, since you have to rely on the "other" person's view of your personality and character. I think in the end you have to just do that which you are most comfortable. In the comments I mentioned for the most part that those who prey on others or cause irksome feelings in a person will always "get theirs" in the end. There have been countless times when family members have said truly hurtful things to me and I have chosen to not react. While my life moves forward, and while I have experienced academic and professional success, their lives have suffered (some tragic, for which I feel so sad for them). Now I could gloat and give very specific examples (non-tragic ones), but then I'd be like them and I don't want to be like them. I just always knew God was and is in my life; therefore, things would get better at some point...and things have gotten better and continue to get better. That is worth a million times more than me losing it for ten minutes and that being their memory of me and my character. My little victories are enough of an "in your face" to keep me going.

I turn the other cheek because I hate confrontation. It is not worth my blood pressure and it is not worth the energy. If people are going to behave like idiots they are not going to see my side of things and they will not change unless they experience some kind of change within their hearts and minds. That my dear, Rachel, is something we, as mere humans can never do. We can manipulate and we can whine until we get our way, but in the end, we cannot change the hearts of others and how they deal with people. Thus, while turning the other cheek might seem to be a wuss-like move, it might be the saner move...well, unless you are an axe murderer or something and then you have other recourse. :)

All of this does not mean that you don't stand up for yourself when you feel wronged. Just realize it is probably falling on deaf ears, and that those people to whom you turn your cheek probably see you as a target before you realize you have allowed yourself to become one.

Remember, we can remove ourselves from unhealthy situations and allow those that thrive on making others miserable to wallow in their own filth. We don't have to be a part of it, nor should we. Turning the other cheek doesn't mean putting up with abuse, unfaithful lovers, mean-spirited people who need to find fault in everything just so they feel means not bowing to their levels of misery. Of course, there is also the idea of forgiving those that hurt us, which is hard, but must be done. I probably don't pray for my relatives as much as I should, either.

Turning the other cheek doesn't mean we have to be passive. Passivity in the face of harm definitely makes one a target. Just look at what the Democrats want to do. Passivity is seen as weakness by our enemies, thus we need to fight what will probably be a never-ending battle against them. But we have to fight them. We have to combat evil.

I have no real conclusion here; afterall, this is not an essay, but I wish I could give a conclusion. Hope this helped.

Thursday, April 12, 2007


Ok. This could be really, really dangerous. I am going to take requests. What topics would you like to see me cover? I will try to cover each one you all provide.

My marking period just ended, so I am finishing grades, essays, quizzes, planning, copying, dealing with much apathy. My ability to come up with posts is lacking.

This is not really a Q & A, but if your topic takes the form of a question, that is okay with me. :)

I will create posts based on your ideas and requests beginning tomorrow night. I will stop taking requests Monday.

I hope this does not hurt. I am skeeeerd.

**Please note: Keep your ideas coming! I will start posting based on the ideas beginning Monday. I'm too tired to think. Grades are due Monday, so I'll be in a better frame of mind. Any head-butting is up to you. ;P This is meant to be fun or serious...up to you guys. They're your ideas.

Tuesday, April 10, 2007


Today was my first day back to work after our break. I'm tired. Really tired.

There is one thing I'd like to share, though. I had to have a conversation with student that I never thought I'd have. Because of something an uncouth boy mentioned in class, a female student asked what KY Jelly is. First, I told the young lady that it was a topic not suitable for the classroom and that she'd have to find out from one of her friends after class (they were snickering so I assumed they knew). Well, the sweet little thing cornered me in the hallway after class and asked me what it is. Yay. So I explained very delicately what it is for. Well, at least she won't think it is a jelly made in Kentucky or something you combine with peanut butter and bread. Yikes! And no! I didn't explain the different types that exist under the brand's name!

Yep. I won't be forgetting that conversation. EVER!

Sunday, April 08, 2007

Conversation with RT's mom

Scene: Mom is in the living room and I am in the kitchen.

Mom: That's weird.

Me: What's weird?

Mom: There's a synchronized skating competition on t.v.

Me: Yeah (and....).

Mom: (angrily) The team is all women except for two men. They should all wear skirts or they should all wear pants.

Me: (Is she really that concerned? Wait. Men in skirts? ) Uh-huh.

Mom: It is really weird that there are two men on the team.

Me: (Do I tell her they can't hear her displeasure, nor do they care?)

Friday, April 06, 2007

Happy Easter!

I know from time to time you witness "bad RT." It is a part of me. I have faults and many failures, but the one thing I know is that I am redeemable. We all are. While I try to not pound you all over the head with my faith and beliefs, I do want you to know what really makes makes me tick. I would not make it far in life or even through a day if I did not have God. I truly believe He sent Christ to give us, as highly undeserving as we all are, an opportunity/choice to allow God into our lives and to work in our lives.

1 Peter 3:18 (NIV)
For Christ died for sins once for all, the righteous for the unrighteous, to bring you to God. He was put to death in the body but made alive by the Spirit,

We are never too bumped and bruised, so imperfect, that He can't accept us or use us.

2 Corinthians 5:17-18 (KJV)
17 Therefore if any man be in Christ, he is a new creature: old things are passed away; behold, all things are become new.

18 And all things are of God, who hath reconciled us to himself by Jesus Christ, and hath given to us the ministry of reconciliation;

This is not meant to be preachy; however, I realize in our present time it could be seen as such. I just wanted to share my heartfelt beliefs about this holiday and its connection to my faith.

I hope you all have restful and reflective Easter. This is the true reason for Christmas.

HAPPY TARTAN DAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Today is Tartan Day! In celebration of all things Scottish, here's my favorite Scottish comedian (umm, think he is the only one)! So, here is to my ancestors of Clan Cameron, Clan Campbell, Clan Donald, Clan Morrison, Clan (well, we got around wee bit, eh?)...anyhoo, enjoy the clip.

Thursday, April 05, 2007

Enjoying the view

Looking at the universe through this lens reminds me who is really in control.

Hebrews 11:1-3 (NIV)

1 Now faith is being sure of what we hope for and certain of what we do not see. 2 This is what the ancients were commended for.

3 By faith we understand that the universe was formed at God's command, so that what is seen was not made out of what was visible.

Wednesday, April 04, 2007

WTF!?!?!?!?!? In a Christian way!

Damnit! I cannot tell you how absolutely and utterly angered I am right now. A township very, very local to me decided to have a terror drill. Fine. Where I teach, we have drills for all kinds of things, but we avoid the whole scenario thing. Not Burlington Twp., NJ! No. They have a drill with "Christian extremists" protesting separation of church and state. If I say anything else, I'll just pop a vein.

JimmyB (CUG) has a post based on a source he read. You can also click here for a local paper's report.

I cannot wait until I can move out of this state. Why does everyone else get to live a life that I must tolerate or I'm nutjob; whereas, nobody has to tolerate my beliefs and way of life?

Tuesday, April 03, 2007


Just a warning, bad RT is surfacing today. She might be seen in the headlines.

1. Keith Richards: `I snorted my father'
That would explain why Richards looks 100 years old. (gag!) Well, at least Richards didn't smoke pops.

2. Swedish Couple Fights to Name Baby Girl 'Metallica'
I'm sure Lars Ulrich will find a way to sue them for copyright infringement.

3. Judge OKs trucker's new name: Ynot Bubba
Why not Bubba? When your mother and father name you Jebediah Zeke you just keep the name.

4. Panda Porn Fails; Zoo Turns to Insemination
Wait. Isn't the pRon supposed to cause the spermination? Maybe the panda pRon didn't work because pandas can't look at pRon and know what to do.

5. 700+ Pound Woman Trapped In N.J. Home
You can all breathe easy...not me.

6. Couple Welcomes Quintuplets On April Fool's Day
Ummm...don't think I'd be laughing. That would be a cruel, cruel joke to RT.

7. Children in India cheaper than buffaloes: report they taste like BACON???

8. Ethanol boom could worsen world hunger: study
Just shows that Al Gore has absolutely no clue what is best for us. Gore lied and children in third world countries died!

9. Antelope Squirrels and Muskrat Love in the Spring
I'm trying to imagine how to cross an antelope with a squirrel...ewwwww! What do the Captain and Tenniel have to do with antelopes and squirrels mating?

10. Heather Mills says she's no gold digger
Well there hasn't been a need since
this was on the air.

11. Stay in a convent in Italy
Ok. My life is nun-like, anyway.

12. Bombs in breast milk?
Now I know my girls could feed a third world country, but serve as weapons of mass destruction?

13. Sports talk with John Kerry
"I was for the Red Sox before I realized they wore red. However, now I'm for the Yankees because they wear blue. No. Let me restate that. I'm for the Red Sox because they are from my home state. Wait. I live on an estate in Pennsylvania. So, the Pirates are my favorite. They named the stadium after my wife don't ya know? Oh wait, I take that back...the Steelers named their park after TAHRAAAAAAZA. Steelers? Wait, stop thieves!"

14. New Zealander to study heavy metal head-bangers
Briefly: People listen to heavy metal because they like it and the rebellious sub-culture formed by those who listen to the music. As head-bangers age, they assimilate into society because they have grown up; however, most still listen to the music from time to time BECAUSE THEY LIKE IT! They have also been known to develop a degenerative problem in the disks of the neck, thus headbanging is no longer possible.

15. 'Unsatisfied' 110-year old Saudi take second wife (replace 85-year old wife)
MAN-WHORE!!!! How dare he trade in his wife! Oh wait...he can still have sex...damn...I am impressed, well unless he can't finish the race.

16. Marines ban visible tattoos
RT and Rachel...not happy! However, that means we have to go on a reconnaissance mission to find the tats. Hoorah!

17. World's tallest man finds other half
I hear she's just the right height.

18. China to sack 'dead souls' and other slackers
Wait! They have democrats in public service, too? Oh yeah, they are Communists.

Blair calls a press conference to declare his choice for movie-night.

20. Al Franken Stumps In Minnesota For Rural Vote: 'I just had a meeting about all the background of alfalfa'...
"Now I will investigate the backgrounds of Spanky, Froggy, Darla, and Buckwheat."

21. 40,000 YEARS AGO?: Ancient human unearthed in China...
Madam Speaker's prom picture unearthed.

Monday, April 02, 2007

Don't ask.

When I was a little girl all I liked about Sesame Street were the songs that had long-haired male muppets...go figure. I had put long-haired guys, but they aren't human, are they?

Pimpin', Yo!

I'm pimping today, but this is no ordinary pimping. When I visit your sites, I also visit some people on your blog roll. Today, I will pimp you and one of your blog buddies. Double-duty pimping is tiring. ya go ho's!

Little Miss Chatterbox
/ The Llama Butchers:
LMC is always providing political views and such, but today we get to see her brood checking out the Capitol in Jefferson City. I might be visiting a Capitol soon, but that's for another time. While zipping around LMC's blog, I came across the Llama Butchers. I thought, "Meat and butchery, great!" So, I checked it out and it appears to be a great blog full of snarky humor. I think this is a blog worth our visits. Hey, the guy came to Philly and lived to tell about it; that should count for something.

The Conservative UAW Guy
/ Dr. Phat Tony:
CUG currently has a shooting contest posted at his blog. I suggested thumbtacks and push-pins (how about darts?) go. Anyway. CUG has an outrageously witty and smart mom, so I like his blog. From the blog rolls of various sites I visit Dr. Phat Tony. He's a soldier's ex-soldier. He is trying to collect pRon for troops and his dad has echoed his son's enthusiasm to support the troops with lunches of appreciation. Go support their efforts, just don't send used pRon (again, some things you don't need to know why I know).

Dragon's Den
/ Fat White Man:
Dragon Lady is in the midst of a stress pressure cooker. She's moving, finishing up a semester of college, and her computer blew up. She needs our snarky comments to make her feel better, so go visit. While on her site I visited the Fat White Man. As a fat, white girl, I can appreciate his grrrrr. He's funny, go visit.

First In / What Panda:
Captain Den, soon to experience an upgrade in rank, has a mixture of political (local, national, world) posts and metal. I'm not sure how the two go together, but I appreciate it all. He's a really good photographer, too. While on his blog I had to search for his blog roll. He has a lot of eye candy and I got lost, but then I realized you all have Panda sitting on your blogs and I don't visit her nearly enough. She just had a baby and could use some adults to talk to (so I would assume). Go say hello to Pandy; well, ciao--she's in Italy, but you know that already.

First with Flair
/ Cowboy Blob:
Ssssssteve, who thinks he knows golf, posts once in a while. I've given him a pass from the encouragement file, because he does comment once in a while and he's really busy with work and travel. So, this teacher excuses him from her "list." On Ssssteve's list I found a site I visit every now and then from the blog rolls of others and that site is Cowboy Blob. Blob is the home of funny pictures and posts. A lot of you have been there, but perhaps some others will visit, too.

The Monger Horde / JT / Redneck Rants / Wild Bill (Passionate America) / Tyler D.:
Ummm....just some linkiness for my bacon loving brethern. Visit the Monger Horde, but more importantly, visit these blogs associated with the Monger Horde: JT likes bluegrass and baseball. Redneck rants every now and then. He has something against poor people. Wild Bill has a "radio" show and has lots of stuff on his site. I have attention issues, so eye candy really distracts me. Oh, look at the pretty bird over yonder. Oops, got distracted there for a second. Tyler is our kid brother-type. He needs a job, so go look at his site to see what skills you can remind him he has, so that he is employable. His mother thanks you.

Nobody Move / Parkway Rest Stop:
John D. has an eclectic site. He has links to his short stories, he quotes movies, and he likes a good RT Tube video here and there (ugh, have to end a sentence with a preposition). On his site I found someone from New Jersey. Exit 4, before you ask! Anyway, the Parkway is nowhere near me, but I do know the backroads to turnpike rest stops, well, I used to when I was in high school and I knew this cute guy...nevermind (He worked there). So Parkway Rest Stop is a good humorous site from Jersey...go check it out or I'll have you visiting Jimmy Hoffa.

Peakah's Provocations / Liberty Just in Case:
Peakah has posted again!!!! I repeat. Peakah has posted!!!! Just thought I'd let y'all know. He must be busy with his fantasy golf league. On his site I came across a blog, Liberty Just in Case. I really think you all will like this site for its humor and such, so go visit it.

Radioactive Liberty / T.J.'s Anti-Contrarian:
Fiar is mourning the loss of his other-half's blog. I still think FM saying he is retiring is a rouse, but Fiar is convinced and just hasn't been the same. He's getting all flowery and puppy-dogged/kittened on us. Go save him. While you are there, check out the site belonging to T.J.--T.J.'s Anti-Contrarian. It is good, insightful, funny, and he's a milblogger.

Support your Local Gunfighter
/ Big White Hat:
Poor Wyatt. Lately, he is quite sad. All of his friends are retiring their blogs. We need to encourage him to keep a stiff upper lip. Go massage his ego by visiting his site and leaving a comment. Bring joy back to his life. Something else that will bring joy to his face would be a visit to one of his blog buddies. I suggest you go visit Big White Hat. He's big and is from Texas. He's also a good example of a man who follows God, yet realizes his own limitations. He's got really cute kids, too. So go visit...go.

The Temerity of High Maintenance
/ Frankly, My Dear:
Deathlok has been posting a little more of late, so I think we need to reward him with an avalanche of hits. While you are there, you might want to visit Frankly, My Dear, a humorous blog that I don't think I saw on any of the other go visit.

The MoxArgon Group / Point Five:
The MoxArgon Group is begging for your questions, so go ask one or two or three. I appreciate the humor and an alien's point-of-view. Not sure I can get used to blue men, though. MoxArgon's blog roll took forever to get through. However, I think if you go to Point Five you'll enjoy its political and humor-laden posts.

PJ Maximum
/ Crazy Politico Rantings:
Uber is super busy with life and with writing a book, but she does post once in a while. This week she has a post about a smack down that occured within the ranks of the UN. NICE! When you go visit Uber's blog to watch the smack down, go visit Crazy Politico Rantings. I know some of you do, but for those that don't, the rantings are worth the trip.

Von Ralls / BPopp Sanctuary:
Von is a guy consumed with elements of blowery. I don't know why, but he is. Perhaps there is something he is not telling us. He has an extremely cute little boy, so go look at him and try not to be disturbed by Von blowing a harmonica. While you are there, check out BPopp Sanctuary. It is a humorous site, well at Von's expense, but funny nontheless.

In case you all thought I was snubbing some people on my list, well there are some who have decided to retire (grrrrrr) and there are some we need to encourage to post a bit go encourage them. You can visit them via my blog roll.

Sunday, April 01, 2007

Happy April Fools Day!!!!


As many of you know, I have been really stressed out and tired lately, mostly due to my job. Four hours of sleep a night doesn't help, either. Seven years of the insanity, plus my commute have managed to destroy my health and general well-being.

There are times that I wish I could take off for a year and just have "me" time and do what I want and take better care of myself...lose the rest of the weight and get healthier.

I brought all of this up to my dad tonight during a telephone conversation. He has always been so supportive and proud of me. Wanting to buy me a house should be proof alone, but he has now offered to pay off my debts, too.

I cannot begin to tell you how awesome this is. I imagine a lot of you dream of being debt-free, too. I look forward to not having to owe anyone anything. However, I've decided to put the house thing on hold for a year or so. I'll still get the house, but I want to do something I've always wanted to do, first. I want to teach overseas.

I haven't decided where I'd like to apply, yet, but it appears I could almost have my choice, especially in the Middle East and in Asia.

I cannot tell you how excited I am! Seriously.

And before any of you think you'll be losing another blog...I'll keep to my pondering just to pester y'all.

Update: It appears that now I won't be going overseas to teach, because I have absolutely no desire to fly, nor do I want to spend any length of time outside of my own country. Call me an isolationist or a nationalist, but I rather like my ugly American ways. If nobody comments on an April Fools post...does it exist? Darnit!