Saturday, September 30, 2006





Ps...about my sadness/happiness over my friend's engagement: A few years ago my cousin said that if I ever get my own house (whatever) that my family should throw me a shower since I will never get married (should've used quotation marks-those were her exact words). Then, a few weeks ago, one of my other friends, who lives too far away to slap, told me that maybe I'm one of those people who will never meet "the one." I need a drink! A strong drink involving much vodka!!!!!

New to the Neighborhood

There are two new bloggers in our midst. Their arrival has been announced by Wyatt and Sssssteve. They are Steve's cousin, Wrecks of Oregon, and Wyatt's friend and fireman, Den, at First In.

If you haven't visited them yet via Wyatt's and Ssssssssssssssssssssteve's blogs, do so now and say hello.

I'm going to go plan my future as a friendless, spinster, cat-lady now.

Mixed Emotions

In the past hour I've experienced frustration, laughter, and crying.

In the past hour I've finally installed my feel like Speedy Gonzalez right now.

In the past hour I've experienced best friend and friend since I was twelve...well she just asked me to take part in her wedding. I didn't know she was engaged. SURPRISE!

In the past hour I've experienced tears: I'm sad, because when is it going to be me that gets to fall in love...the real kind. I'm sad, because my friend of 25 years will be moving away in June when she gets married. Her husband-t0-be is an officer in the Army.

Don't get me wrong. I'm not jealous, but I've been dealing with a lot and we always commiserated with our broken hearts and poor choices in men. I'm happier for her than I could ever express, but it is all way too emotional for me right now.

I'm gonna go hide under my covers...after I watch the Muppet Matrix.

Thursday, September 28, 2006


Despite my computer issues, this has been a really good week. For the first time in seven years of teaching I am calm and not stressed-out. I am caught up on my grading and ahead in my planning. This is unheard of, especially in our school. My school sends hundreds of students to Ivies and upper tier colleges/universities. You know...all the liberal ones. In any case, as the saying goes, "To those whom much is given, much is expected." I have awesome kids and some students who need a lot of help...but they are open to the help. I had a heart-to-heart with my "city" girl. She is beginning to realize the opportunities she has via our school and the community. I have hope for her...I hope she realizes it is ok to hope in herself. Back-t0-school night is this week, so maybe I can speak with her mom and dad...yes...both are in her life and in her home. Nice, isn't it? Most of our students have two parent homes, which for me, is weird. I'm used to being around people from one-parent homes.

I've had some really good conversations about literature this week. Our first newspaper came out was great, and I am so proud of the students. They worked very hard, and they took the task very seriously.

So, I haven't seen much news to rant, I haven't had any real dramas this week to whine, and I got paid I can pay my bills. Cool.

Have a good evening, y'all!

Hopefully, I will have something witty over the weekend. I'm not proofreading this one...sorry for any errors.

Monday, September 25, 2006

Anyone notice I was gone?

Friday wasn't the 13th or a full moon, right? What a bad freakin' day. I get to school, everything is ok. I begin to feel sick, which is normal for a mold-ridden building. Then, I am informed I have to stay after school yet again...I hate 70 hour weeks. The next class, some idiot kid hits me with a nerf ball. My fault, I brought it into class actually expecting the rocket scientists to obey the rules of the game we were playing. UGH! Then I get into my car to come home...oh, around 7pm...I was there until 10 pm the evening sweater gets caught on something on my car and rips...damnit, I just bought that sweater! Then....I finally get home to my comfy bed, awaiting me is my laptop, ready for me to check my emails and read my links on the blog. The only thing is that my hard drive decides to die. Yippie!!! I get to call Dell and speak to "Mike."

I'll get a new hard drive tomorrow, but how was I supposed to get my work done for the week? I bought a new computer and it is 2:07 a.m. and I haven't gotten anything done but grading and wasting five hours reading a newspaper my students want to publish, but they didn't bother making any of the edits, yet. So...I won't get any sleep tonight---why bother, I've got a new computer. I'm giving the fixed laptop to my mom after it is fixed tomorrow night. I'm tired, cranky, and so over the whole set up a computer and scanner/copier/printer thing. Oh yeah...I upgraded. I'm gonna get photoshop and InDesign, too. So bite me.

So, those of you who thought maybe I fell off the face of the earth or thought I was just sleeping, think again....I almost had a melt down this weekend. I'll be back in a couple of days when I get caught up on my school work.

Every weekend it is something else. I am really beginning to think God is trying to show me that no weekend is perfect and that I just need to get my butt back in church on Sundays instead of doing insane amounts of work.

Now imagine a Miss Piggy karate chop to my laptop and I'm done!

Thursday, September 21, 2006


I know my posts are nothing to write home about on a normal day, but I've been pulling some late nights at school. I got home at 11 p.m., tonight.

I'm beat, not witty, or feeling very loquacious.

Hope you all have a nice Friday! Maybe creativity will visit me. Probably not.

Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Hockey Great Retires

Tie Domi has retired from the NHL. As a Flyers fan I have vivid memories of chanting, "dummy, dummy," during his years as a New York Ranger. My favorite hit against Domi? The accidental mid-ice smash up between Domi and Rod Brind'Amour that left Domi seeing stars and smurfs, while Rod Brind'Amour kept right on going. That was sweet. Better yet, Domi was ok.

Domi, though was more than a thug. He always displayed a good work ethic and seems to be a class-guy off the ice. I was looking for pictures of him to post. While I have posted a picture that shows him for his sport, I did come across a family picture that reminds me...all these guys have hearts, wishes, dreams, families, and other loved ones.

Happy retirement, Domi. You earned it!

Why do I?????

Why do I watch the news when I come home from work? Glenn Beck: Apparent warnings to Muslims in America to high-tail it out of NYC and DC asap...

Why do I allow the Philly sports teams to lead me on, toy with my affections-only to leave me sobbing? Damnit!

Why do I let my job dictate my personal life...or lack thereof?

Why do I have absolutely nothing of worth to write about today?

Sunday, September 17, 2006

Let's Visit

Sssssssssssssssteve from First with Flair is pimping out his cousin, Wrecks. I've read three posts by Wrecks and have been very entertained. Make sure y'all go over and visit.

Wyatt has an excellent post about the Papal controversy...well, it is only a controversy to some.

Dragon Lady is sharing photos of her trip to Atlanta. Made me think of someone in Savannah who I miss very much it makes me sob.

I think the hippies got to CUG. Anyway, his last two posts gave me the munchies.

Perhaps FIAR is still huffing oil fumes or doing the good-guy thing to the tilt by cleaning up the hazmat site that his neighbors now own.

GOP Man doesn't like me anymore, but I still like his blog.

Deathlock has been drinking his sorrows and stress away....something about "titty bars" is in there somewhere with regard to Wyatt.

The MoxArgon Group has been doing some decorating. More people need to check out that site. It's a good one.

Fmragtops has a very touching tribute to a victim of 9/11.

Someone who knows GrimJack needs to tell him to let us know how his new job is treating him.

Nobody Move has some good movie quotes and a link to Cowboy Bob. The post belonging to Cowboy Bob is priceless.

Rachel has some silly experiences with tech support that frustrated her, but will entertain you.

And well Insolublog....makes us all realize how mortal we are. He should write spy thrillers. I bet he'd rule!

Yes, I'm in denial about my limerick contest. I'm gonna go dream of hockey players who never celebrate a win they haven't offically put in the win box yet. Friggin' Iggles. I picked them out of loyalty when my brain said, "pick the Giants." grrrrr....Oh, and I hope I didn't leave out anyone. Have a good evening/day, whatever.

Blog Happy

I've been posting like a fiend! Anyway...just a reminder about the limerick contest since it is way down the other end of my blog by now.

Yes, I do sleep. It has been a bad night. Keep waking up every two hours.


Synonyms for Fascist:
Terms derived from dictator-absolutist, adviser, autocrat, baron, boss, caesar, caliph, chief, commander, czar, despot, disciplinarian, duce, emir, kaiser, lama, leader, lord, magnate, martinet, master, mogul, oligarch, oppressor, overlord, rajah, ringleader, sachem, shah, sheik, slave driver, strongman, sultan, taskmaster, terrorist, tycoon, tyrant, usurper

Terms derived from revolutionary-Bircher, Bolshevist, agitator. Anarchist, avant-garde, communist, crusader, extremist, fanatic, firebrand, iconoclast, individualist, insurgent, insurrectionist, left-winger, leftist, marcher, militant, misfit, mutineer, nazi, nihilist, nonconformist, objector, pacifist, pinko, progressive, racist, rebel, red, reformer, renegade, revolter, revolutionary, revolutionist, right-winger, rioter, secessionist, socialist, subversive, supermacist, traitor, ultraist

Antonyms: Conservative & moderate....guess I’m not a fascist, huh? I think a lot of the terms on the list could have been replaced with one: Hollywood.

Saturday, September 16, 2006

Something Serious & Someone Seriously Smart

Some random, but worthy stuff this evening:
First, a very somber note. It appears one of our soldiers is missing. Pray for that soldier and that soldier's family.

On a little bit of a lighter note, I'd like to make note of a blog I've added to my links. I'm sure most of you read
Insolublog's posts. If you don't, you should. He's scary smart and always has something intelligent to say. This weekend is no exception--he takes on the lamest one-term President we have ever had.

Friday, September 15, 2006

And another thing...

Therefore submit yourselves to every ordinance of man for the Lord’s sake, whether to the king as supreme, or to governors, as to those who are sent by him for the punishment of evildoers and for the praise of those who do good.

For this is the will of God, that by doing good you may put to silence the ignorance of foolish men— as free, yet not using liberty as a cloak for vice, but as bondservants of God.
Honor all people. Love the brotherhood. Fear God. Honor the king.
1st Peter 2:13-17

I see your jihad and raise you a crusade!

Well, I never woulda thunk it. The Pope has balls. Apparently someone in Europe does see things through clean and clear glasses. Well, until the Vatican finds a way to spin. At least "bad-guys" hate someone slightly more than us today. We need to spread around the paranoia and hate. Thanks, Bennie. would have been quite an opportune time for an "oops we didn't mean to bomb ya, Cuba," eh? Not the entire country...just wherever the "summit" (more like "slummit") took place.

Thursday, September 14, 2006

There Once Was A Man From Nantucket

Just a reminder: The limerick contest is still going....I'll post winners on Sunday instead of tomorrow.

Let the hippy stomping begin!

So Watcha Gonna Do, France?

It appears that Al-Qaida and an Algerian group of thugs are banding together to create mass mayhem. Their target? France and the United States. Let's see you get out of this one, France. Yep, we'll be here when the phone rings and you're on the other end boo-hoo'n. We'll say, "I told you so." Then, for the good of the whole...we'll probably bail your asses out--again.

Wednesday, September 13, 2006

When an abstract noun is a verb...

With all the hate in this world, how about some talk about love, romantic or otherwise. We all experience love in different ways. Some of us experience floods of it from various important people in our lives. Others of us, unfortunately, experience great times of silence and solitude in our lives. You can be married, surrounded by those you love, or completely alone...but that solitude and lack of experiencing love hovers over like a smothering cloud. Imagine what you might take for granted if you are one of the luckier ones in this life. You are shown love or hear from someone that matters that you are loved by them. What if you never heard loving words or experienced loving acts.

My point? Express love first...don't wait for someone else. That person you are counting on to reach out to you might be beaten down and in that long moment of silence and solitude hoping to be loved. Perhaps you are the one who needs to take the risk, first. Love your better halves, your children, your friends, your family, and yourself. If you don't, you may find yourself alone in the midst of your world.


Tuesday, September 12, 2006


Damn, no nap and I'm on a roll. (Good doctor visit. I can still control my health through diet, so now I'm going hardcore health-nut.)

Anyhoo...I did have to break the diet today. One of my former students gave me three, huge, star-shaped brownies with the center of the oreo smeared on top of a still warm brownie and then topped with the crushed oreo cookies. I then put a scoop of ice cream with it. Damn, was that a good brownie! I shared the other two with my mom and a new teacher. You have to try it! It is one awesome brownie!

Bang, Crash, Ouch

It seems Wyatt almost had a very unfortunate run-in with a Philly trash truck. I saw a rat fall out of one of those trucks, once. I digress (as usual). I was thinking that Wyatt needs a job that allows him to not live in Philly. Let's give him some good ideas so that he can take stock, and reflect on the possiblility of not having to be at an intersection that causes leakage. I've been in that intersection...yikers!

Well, I'll get the ball rolling. Here's my suggestion.

God bless, Wyatt. Glad you are ok. That "don't shed a tear for me" crap almost came back to bite you in the ass.


Let's shake off all those heavy burdens we carry around and do something fun! That's right, it is time for another limerick contest!!!! Be creative, have fun, and there no limits on your chosen topic-just keep the lewdness to an ok level.

Limericks have five lines.
Lines 1, 2 & 5 all end with the same rhyme (ex. flue, do, blue).
Lines 3 & 4 rhyme, but separately from lines 1,2 & 5.
I'll post the weiners, I mean winners Friday evening. I really look forward to your poems!

Sunday, September 10, 2006


I'm standing in a classroom with students who cannot speak English and barely understand it: "You're attention please, this is Mr.____. It appears that a plane has crashed into the World Trade Center. If you have a parent that works at the World Trade Center, please go to your guidance counselor, now." (The same period, but later..although it all seems to run together...) "This is Mr. ______. Another plane has crashed into the World Trade Center and a bomb (didn't know it was another plane at the time) has exploded at the Pentagon. We appear to be under attack. Go to your classes. If you need to see a guidance counselor, administrator, or a teacher, please do so." I see a teacher run outside past my classroom to go home...her husband is in one of those buildings..."His boss was too cheap to have offices on the higher floors," she tells me the next day. He lived. Thank God.

I have the next period off (thank God): On the huge screen in the theater....people jumping from buildings, buildings falling....people Teachers can't grieve in front of the kids. They are hysterical enough. I go outside to use my cell phone. My friend's father's memorial service had to be canceled...all the guests were flying in and were grounded...he never got over that part of the day. My concern: Are you being called up? Are you on alert? Have you heard from the Army? Do you reschedule a memorial service?
Upstairs, where kids can't hear: dismay, questioning intelligence, tears, fear. My first thought after questioning intelligence--Bin Laden. Dealing with rumors of more planes and bombs...In front of the kids, for who are mourning a grandfather who was the deputy chief of the fire department...a girl mourning a family friend who was like a tears at various times throughout the year....weeks go on and we raise money for a scholarship fund for a district teacher who lost her son in the demise of the buildings. There were many students impacted. There were many cars abandoned at the train station...never again to have their owners guide their direction. Teaching seems useless, I seem useless, I think I'll quit and follow my dreams to be a lawyer. Maybe I'll quit and move out West...wait, what targets are out West? Composed on the outside, crumbling on the inside. Will my friend go to war? Never found out...a few months later, I never heard from him again. He wasn't right after all of what he experienced. I miss him, bastard. He's in Savannah.

Five years later, I dread the first full week of school. I also quietly hope for rain. I remember; clearly, on my way to school that morning thinking about what a beautiful day it did a lot of people. I get to see the sun rise as I drive to school. Some mornings are simply too gorgeous for words. I don't want to drive to school that day and catch myself thinking that again--what if it happens again? It scares me. I couldn't look at the sky without fear for months. Every time I saw a military helicopeter, I cringed. I learned how to differentiate between the sound of a military plane and a commercial plane. I live where planes descend to get into Philly...the silence was scary.

I had a Pakastani student who didn't come to school for the remainder of the week. She and her family were scared to send her. She never wore her head scarf again. She "needed to blend in better." That's what she said.

Every time I hear the beeping sound that informs an announcement is about to be made over the school's p.a. system, and it is not time for the afternoon announcements, I still cringe.

I wanted to memorialize a victim of the most tragic day in our history and in my lifetime. I didn't feel I could do that person justice. I thought it would also dredge up everything that I felt, but couldn't express five years ago and until now, have never expressed.

This is in memory of all of those that lost their lives doing their jobs: Firemen, police officers, emergency responders, military, civilian, children on airplanes, loved ones storming a plane's cabin, all of them.... Their loss and how they were lost will never escape my mind. I think about it every week. When I see my neighbors who are in the military, I think about them and what might cause them to have to go overseas at some point.

A year before all of this I asked my students if they knew who Osama Bin Laden was. No one did. I warned them of what his intentions were for our country. They rolled their eyes.

Saturday, September 09, 2006

Censorship and the First Amendment

You know how the democrats are threatening ABC about the 9/11 movie? I know some people are laughing it off, but not me. Let's not forget the '80s. Remember the PMRC? Remember the driving force behind it? Call me paranoid, but I put the two together. Sadly, the lemmings won't be able to think for themselves and they will believe the democrats have the right to go after ABC.


I expect to see the failings of both administrations. I'd like to know when an administration has been perfect, without flaw.

Of course, all of this detracts from the victims of such a tragic day. Once again, the whiners have to have the limelight. Asses.

Reading & Frustration

I teach a reading class. One of my students moved to our district from an inner-city school last year. She's had a tough time. Yesterday, I gave the students a vocabulary in context/comprehension/language terminology exercise. We "walked" through some of it together, and then the students had to finish it on their own (with continued support from me). I have ESL students who work very hard and will eventually "get-it" with continued work. I have one young man who is silently defiant--he's getting back at the world by failing on purpose. He's trying to gain admission into our alternative program on purpose. He'll show them! [sarcasm] Again, though, there is this one girl who I feel has been failed by the teachers of her past. We tried to help her last year, but from what I understand, she came to our district late in the year and kind of shut down from the stress our school can present.

Simply put, she can't read. I could tell by the questions she asked and the blank look on her face while she did her work. She'll be able to read fluently when I am finished with her. Why are urban schools different? Too many kids with too many issues? Why is my district so different from most others in my state? We have kids with learning problems, disabilities, and general issues of the mental variety. Those students tend to eventually do well in spite of their challenges. It's not money. Urban schools get more funding and pay better than my district. There is parental involvement and influence, though.

While I await testing results and a brief meeting with my young lady's guidance counselor, I can't help but judge a system that failed another human being who deserves a chance at life. I've had lengthy conversations with teachers from urban districts at different times over the past seven years, so I know there are teachers who do their jobs. Unfortunately, something is not reaching the students in that particular environment. Obviously, the "traditional" way isn't working. Someone needs to get the balls to fix it...hell, it is broken.

Thursday, September 07, 2006


I just woke up from a three hour long nap. Now I have to do my homework, so this will be really brief. Stop doing the Snoopy dance!!!!!

With the exception of having three insane kids that I've had before, who now as seniors still show no sign of maturity, I think this is going to be another good year. Last year was awesome, btw.

I have been blessed with students who already display an eagerness to learn and think. Overall, they were very sweet today. It makes my job much easier when the students are so nice. Let's put it this way, one of my former students was banned from Disney forever for saying he had a bomb while he was entering Disney during his senior trip. Nice. Also on that same trip from the same period class were girls who got caught shoplifting at a Disney store, and then there are the issues of drugs and drinking....I've had some winners. Yet, I am still much more blessed than a lot of teachers. So I try not to complain.

So, I am looking forward to this year with a bit of optimism. I still have to deal with my newspaper issues. I'm not really stressed about it anymore. I have the support of my administration. Besides, after working with the subject of the issue a little bit, I've realized it's not me.

Now, to get to work. Have a happy Friday, everyone!

PS...You know your career has hit bottom when you are on Celebrity Duets. Wynona is doing a duet with Hal Sparks. It can only get worse! Well, and laughingly entertaining.

Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Other Cool Stuff

I completely forgot the most important of coolest things I experienced today. One of my colleagues was diagnosed with breast cancer around this time last year. I haven't seen her since then-until today. She looked awesome. we didn't talk cancer status. Not my place and she had a tough battle last year. I know she just wants to get back to work. She even wants to help me in my efforts to adopt healthier eating habits. Because of the two issues I have, I have to go somewhat veggie (gulp! hippie!). It is for health reasons, not because animals are people, too. (She's our foods I will be taken care of very well.) I will have prime rib on my birthday, darnit! Anyway. It was so good to see her. She worried a lot about me when I was at my illest.

So...gals, she went four years wihtout a mammogram. Make sure you get tested. I had to two years ago after I got ill. It is no biggie. Scary, but not painful. Men. Encourage your wives/girlfriends to get tested, too. You are with them because you love them...encouraging them to get tested might keep them with you longer. :)

Cool Stuff

Every now and then I see something that just makes my heart happy. Today, while I was in a local supermarket, I witnessed something I aspire to simulate many years down the road. There was an elderly couple, easily in their sevenities shopping together. That "Cherry Tree" song with a happy beat was playing over the p.a. system, and the wife was looking at an item on the lower shelves. While she was bent over looking, she started moving with the happy rhythm of the song. Her husband said something that made both of them laugh, and she just kept bee-bopping.

I love when older people just find reasons for joy and having fun. So many are isolated or have had such hard lives that they don't believe that they can express a happy, happy, joy, joy moment.

I hope I'm like the lady I saw today when I get older--better yet, have someone with me who can appreciate my spunk.

I also experienced some acts of kindness today that made my day easier. One teacher took all my books from my former classroom and moved them all to my new classroom. Another teacher totally set up a room that we will share throughout the year. I found out about these kindnesses after they had been done! How cool!

Well, I meet the kids tomorrow. I have a few that I've had before and they are quite a trip. I saw one of my favorite, really nice (despite some really hard knocks in life) students leading the freshmen around and getting them psyched about tomorrow.

Coolness all around!

Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Slapped with the Stupid Stick & My Advice

It's a good thing that I only had two requests for advice. Today was my first day of school and I'm beat. I just woke up from a nap and I can't do much more than drool.

So now that I feel like I've been slapped with the stupid stick, I will dispense my soul-crushing advice:

dragonlady474 said...
Why am I a weirdo magnet??

Why worry about attracting the odd person here and there? Not only does it make you look more normal, but attracting Rev. Jim-types actually gives you material for jokes, stories, books, and someone to blame when the cops start asking questions.

Deathlok said...
I always thought of myself as the Kite Eating Tree.

So if people throw objects toward you, it can only be surmised that you eat them? Hmm...I can relate to this problem, as can many others in Western society. While kites and Schroeder's piano are examples of high fiber food choices, eating such objects might make little kids cry since you are taking away a hobby or a toy. My advice is to replace the random items thrown your way with cheesesteaks. You have a better representation of the food pyramid: bread/grains, dairy, fats, protein, and vegetables if you include onions and a side of french fries. It might be better to be a chessesteak eatin' tree.

Not exactly soul-crushing advice, I'm too tired for Lucy-like mean. :)

Monday, September 04, 2006

Crocodile Hunter Killed

Steve Irwin was killed when a stingray's barb went through his chest.

Honestly, I always thought one of his beloved crocs would have killed him at some point. I think we all thought that would happen. While I think people that put themselves in harm's way to work with the wild, untamed creatures of the earth are crazy, I also admire them. We wouldn't know what we know about all of these creatures if it wasn't for the enthusiastic risk-takers we see as crazy. I also admire people like Steve Irwin because of their passion for what they do. Irwin oozed love for what he did and oozed love for the subjects of his studies. How many of us get up as excited as he was about his life and his occupation? How many of us get to follow and live our dreams?

My dream is to once again be able to live out West, soak in the sunshine and the pinkish-red sunsets, chill without the Jersey angst, and breathe deeply while I look at mountains and the big sky. I have other dreams, but they are too personal to share.

I hope you all have dreams and passions. Maybe we should all look at our dreams a little more closely.

Friday, September 01, 2006

What's your problem?

Well, again, I have nothing. I think my brain may have been swept away with all the wind we are having. So, I got to thinking and tried to think of what "gift" I have that I can share with y'all. (A little lofty, eh?) I'm a good listener. So...ask away and I'll give you well-intended, yet screwed up, faulty advice.

I'm just like Lucy. I'm here to give you advice that will crush your dreams of kicking a football through the uprights. Only, I don't charge a fee.

Advice will be posted Tuesday. Enjoy the holiday, y'all!

Disclaimer: I'm not Dr. Phil, nor do I pretend to be a real psychologist. I am three classes short of a second bachelors in psychology, though. That qualifies me for a radio program, doesn't it?