Tuesday, July 22, 2008

A real post? What's that?

Anyway, I'm sure you won't mind some neat harpguitar. I was channel surfing just now and saw this guy playing the harpguitar. Pretty.

I'll try to think of something to post soon. I'm not feeling politics too much, as it just gives me a headache these days. I have reason to pray to not go back to NJ. It is because of someone who is moving back to NJ; however, don't want to post about it. I have someone that wants to come down and invade my condo, but I won't allow it. Don't worry. I purposely have no adventures planned this week, so nothing to report.

Enjoy the song.

Tom Shinness
"Fair Park"


USA_Admiral said...

BO is making such an ass out of himself.

I am glad you like Nashville.

A lot of strings and a great sound, a nice deep thrum.

RT said...

It perked my ears up, so I thought I'd share.