Thursday, July 03, 2008

Am I stupid?

There are just some things in life I will never "get". I don't understand women. I mean, I know I don't really have to understand them, since I'm not into them, but I just in general, because they make my job harder.

First, there are the GAMES that women play. Like there is just some kind of covert operation to getting through life that involves treating people like crap to get them to treat you like gold. I don't get it. Is that what we've really come to? Stomp somebody's heart into the ground so that they feel so unworthy to have you that they then want you? What happened to sweetness?

I treat people well, offer my help or assistance as I can, and always want to see people attain their dreams and do their best. You know, building up rather than tearing down. When I do this, people must see it as a weakness of some sort and either shove me aside or use me. It's hard to not become cynical, but my Bible is my guide, and I have to believe I am doing the right things. My motto: God is keeping score, and He has my back. Well, it makes it easier to forgive, too.

Second, DRAMA! I admit, I tend to get caught up in things that at the time seem really important, only to find out later...they weren't. That can lead to unneeded and unwanted drama, but I'm getting much better at having a cool head about things.

However, there are women that just flame the fans of drama. I work with some. It all just seems like an overuse of stress and angst. I used to have friends that thought a look the wrong way was worth a cat fight. Dang. It all just made me laugh.

Third, IMMATURITY. I have my moments. Usually, those moments are accompanied by my inability to express myself. I can be shy, and to cover up for that, I can be a little too giddy or say stupid things (read: be obnoxious)....or even overcompensate by just rambling. The immaturity that gets to me is a fruit of manipulation. When turning into a spoiled brat and nag is used to get what one wants.

Why do guys fall for all of that crap? Why do the girls that hang out with such girls put up with that crap? There are times when I have wanted to lower myself to that level, just to see if it really works. However, I don't want to be a STUPID GIRL.


Wyatt Earp said...

Wait a minute. You mean to tell me that some play games and get envelpoed in drama?

The hell, you say!

Snigglefrits said...

I never have understood women as a whole either. They're far more pettier than men and much more likely to lodge a knife to the hilt in your back.

Who's been ugly to you RT? This is the south, we still believe in ganging up and crackin' open a can of Whoop Ass when needed. Just say the word girl. ;)

Insolublog said...

I like you, RT. You're just like one of the guys.

RT said...

I know, it is hard to believe it, isn't it? /snark

When I don't have work, I have nothing to really think about except to contemplate my life and how I can improve myself. Been thinking about whether or not I treat people well enough. But, in my observations of folks, I see a lot of people treating each other like crap. Why? But, then I think about how well I try to treat people, and I just get smacked in the forehead.

I wouldn't say anyone in particular has been ugly, lately, but it all builds up after a while.

Therein lies the issue. I always had to keep up with the guys, because they were my friends, thus never seen as anything else.

Guess who they always ran to when they were treated like crap?

Just thinking about my life is all.

Jeffro said...

I don't even know the questions anymore, much less the answers.

But, you're alright, RT. Keep on with what yer doin'.