Monday, July 21, 2008

Headlines and bloopers

1. Loud bar music makes you drink more
Hmmm...usually rowdy people listen to loud bar music; therefore, wouldn't it be acceptable to say that rowdy people people probably drink a bit more? That used to be my experience. I wish I was as smart as these people doing stupid studies that have absolutely no purpose.

2. Study: Shrinking newsrooms hurt quality
Again, another stupid study. What is hurting the quality in the newsrooms is the overarching bias and refusal to be objective and present both sides of the story. Kind of like the New York Times publishing an opinion piece from Obama and refusing to publish McCain's the editorial section...candidates for office....HELLO!!!!!!

3. Two-thirds of Egyptian men harass women
Yep. Guess who they blame....those evil women!

4. Scientists tap ocean motion is the motion of the ocean that matters.

5. Santa Claus congress starts in Copenhagen
Is it like a kangaroo court? A Mickey Mouse operation?
Are they comparing lists and talking about outsourcing?

And this folks, is why I should NEVER be allowed to have a job like this:


Snigglefrits said...

Thanks RT, I needed that laugh. I'm gonna miss you the next few days. :)

RT said...

Awww....not used to being missed.

Have a great vacation! :)

Jeffro said...

1) Wish I could get some sweet .gov funding for some kind of study or another!

Rogue said...

I'll be lurking around....

RT said...

Find the right thing and you could get all kinds of money for a really long time.

You better!