Tuesday, February 27, 2007

New cause = new flavor

Liberals and and Hollywood types like to have causes...we know this. However, time is ticking on their current flavor-of-the-moment causes. Hmm....never see those red ribbons much, do we? As I see it, the current causes of global warming and the plight of those in different areas of Africa have a ticking clock. (Seriously, I knew about the stuff happening in Africa years ago...where were they then?)

Since these causes will soon lose their flavor with the holier-than-though crowd, how about we come up with new causes to fill up those empty tree-hugging arms?

Monday, February 26, 2007


I'm really suffering from major writer's block. I'm at the mid-point of my marking period and that, combined with major prostrastination, has resulted in an inability to compose anything of a coherent nature. So here are my unoriginal headlines. Enjoy!

"Girl can stack, unstack 12 cups in 5.3 seconds"

I can do that, too. You take one out from the bottom, duh.

"Efforts to plug Indonesian "mud volcano" resume"

If it is successful, plans to plug Mt. Al Gore will commence.

"Group says U.S. restaurants promote 'extreme eating'"

Finally, a sport in which all of us kick ass!

"Study: Garlic won't lower cholesterol"

However, it will lower your chances of getting a little somethin' somethin'.

"Cuba's cigar festival underway"

Bill Clinton is the keynote speaker with his speech, "101 Uses for a Cigar."

"Beaver returns to New York City after 200 years"

Rosie O'Donnell reportedly very excited and planning an extensive hunt.

"Newsweek: Dark-horse Kucinich plots his course"

Luckily for us it is a circular course, since it is endless and pointless.

"Man aged 107 forsakes sex for longevity"

Dies without a smile on his face.

"Diplomats to draft new U.N. sanctions on Iran"

Experts assert the draft will reach #1 on the NY Times best seller list for fiction.

"Power: Gore mansion uses 20x average household; consumption increase after 'truth'"

Well, he had to have all those parties and he is afraid of the dark. Poor little baby.

Saturday, February 24, 2007

Another reason why I am glad to be an American!

I think John Kerry got his countries confused. He was talking about France's military.

Friday, February 23, 2007


I rarely eat donuts, but when I do, these are absolutely my favorite ones to eat!

You Are a Boston Creme Donut

You have a tough exterior. No one wants to mess with you.
But on the inside, you're a total pushover and completely soft.
You're a traditionalist, and you don't change easily.
You're likely to eat the same doughnut every morning, and pout if it's sold out.

It's a happy Friday when it is a pimpin' Friday!

I have nothing this weekend. While I am feeling better, I just don't have the brain cells to form anything worth reading and I'm tired of subjecting you all to RT Tube. However, there are some worthwhile offerings from a few of our blog buddies.

Rachel has a question for discussion. What do you think? Does saying someone is an illegal immigrant constitute that statement as racist? (or something like that)

Wyatt has a hockey inspired caption contest and his Friday list of hate and bile.

If you are in a mischievous mood, follow the link provided by Fmragtops to "sp@m" a fellow blogger's comments because she is a liberal and she is away. Hey...she told FM and FIAR not to do it, so you know...they just had to do it. It is all good fun in the name of ending terrorism. Think of it as a spam-a-thon.

Oh heck...here's a song performed on the British comedy, The Young Ones. It might make your Friday night poker game more fun. I think I need to re-learn how to play.

Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Just a laugh...

Hoping to appease the Tazmanian devil that has taken residence inside my body, I thought some humor might help. Well, it hasn't, but I thought I'd share this story about a hockey goalie gone loco. It then reminded me of my favorite hockey movie:


There is so much in this world that is making me angry and I want to post about all of it. There are some fun things I want to post about, as well. However, I can't put a complete thought together. I do seem to be able to drool rather well, though. I'm not feeling so good. I'll be back in a couple of days.

In an effort to get something new (and funny) here, what is your favorite one-liner, or what do you say to people just to unhinge them enough to give yourself a laugh?

Monday, February 19, 2007


Over the past few days I have read Heart Shaped Box by Joe Hill (Stephen King's son). It is a supernatural type thriller more than horror and not a difficult read (close to 400 pages). To be brief, the story is about an aging rock star who buys a haunted suit. The twist is the suit belongs to the stepfather of a girlfriend/long-term groupie that killed herself. Jude, the main character, is eventually told that the suit is meant to bring about his demise as vengance for the groupie's death.

Overall, I liked the book. However, there are some really contrived areas where Hill (more likely his editor) placed
allusions to rock songs within descriptive parts of the narrative. The allusions were awkward most of the time. There were also parts where the description was overdone. Instead of allowing the reader to imagine things after a sentence of description, Hill goes on for a few more, seemingly plotting out a storyboard for a movie. The ending was kind of weird, too. Again, it seemed a bit contrived.

I recommend it if you are into horror/thriller stuff. There was one point in the book where I really liked the characters and I was actually afraid for them and didn't want to turn the pages.

If I had to rate this book, since this is about a rock star, I'd give it 3 1/2 flying "V" guitars out of 5. It is good, just not mindblowing.

Sunday, February 18, 2007

This one is for all the haters and the wussies in our country and overseas...

Thank you to all of the troops. Not everyone thinks your service and sacrifices are in vain.

(H/T: Michelle Malkin)

U2 ME2

This is for LMC, so that she knows what her theme song is. I think we can all use it, though. :)

Saturday, February 17, 2007

What's your theme song????? Mine shouldn't surprise you.

Your Theme Song is Back in Black by AC/DC

"Back in black, I hit the sack,
I've been too long, I'm glad to be back"

Things sometimes get really crazy for you, and sometimes you have to get away from all the chaos.
But each time you stage your comeback, it's even better than the last!

Feel like reading?

I'm in the middle of a new horror novel and I got to thinking about some literature I'd read in the past that I really liked. Usually, I like dark writing that gets inside of how people work. I especially like Southern Gothic literature (yes, that's what it's called). I'll have a book review for you all in a couple of days for the book I am reading; but for now, if you feel like reading a short story, check out Flannery O'Connor's "Good Country People." It is about a girl and a Bible salesman, but of course it is a little sick and it is not all that simple of a relationship. Well, it is Southern Gothic.

I'm bored

I'm really, really, really bored this evening. So, I was looking at my site meter and there was a search that I can totally relate with, as I am lame with the opposite sex (well, when it comes to talking). I'm assuming, of course, that a female was doing this search: "interesting questions to ask boys."

So...what are some interesting questions to ask "boys"? Just wonderin'.

Friday, February 16, 2007

Someone who likes bacon

There is a member of the horde that I've neglected to add to my blog list. Go visit, Von. I'm sure he'll appreciate the hits. He seems to have a good sense of humor, but I'm sure we can break him of it.

Hmmm....what do I watch most Saturday nights?

Got a problem with it? Yeee haaa!

Outside my window...global warming

You're in the back row!

Update on Daytona...Jeff Gordon has to start from the 42nd position because "Gordon's car was found to be too low in post-race inspection" (Fox).

I guess they found a way around the step stool they use to get Gordon into the car. Now...about those phone books...

Thursday, February 15, 2007

It’s a skippidity do da day!

Freeing my car from its tomb of ice, really thick ice = one hour

Driving to work behind 80 year-old men who have no business driving during rush-hour = one hour

Four day weekend with an extra "teachers only" day = five days...no kids

Being prepped ahead, with no grading to bring home = no stress

Having a book to read that I don't have to analyze or teach = Awesome!

Getting a heart-shaped chocolate lollipop from one of my girls = so cute

Eating chocolate of all sorts all day and realizing it truly is an aphrodesiac = Damn

Hearing, "You look beautiful, today. You look great. You look really great." = Awwwwwwww shucks and sweeeeet! What? Did you think I'd be totally unoriginal and say, "Priceless?" Well, ok....priceless!

Spending two hours with sun on my face wasn't too shabby, either. :)

Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Spring shows what God can do with a drab and dirty world. ~Virgil A. Kraft

Within the last couple of hours I finally became so overcome by the bullpucky that is Valentine's Day I decided to look forward and regain my mental well-being. (No comments from the peanut gallery!)

So, I thought I'd create a list of things I'm looking forward to in the spring...thank God (really) that it isn't too far off into the future:

1. I look forward to seeing flowers. You name the type, except for the foul-smelling marigolds, I love them all, especially daisies.

2. The crack of the bat will be heard for the first time within the next couple of weeks depending on which team you follow.

3. By the end of spring I'll be a couple of sizes smaller--definitely something that will put a smile on my face.

4. More sunshine! I can think of nothing better than the feeling of sun hitting my face. It is kind of like God is smiling at me. Feels good.

5. Spring leads to summer vacation!!!!! WOOOOO HOOOOO!!!!! That means I get to go visit my cousin in Nashville for the first time in years...long overdue. Then I'll drive up to Michigan to see his brother...equally overdue visit.

6. My best friend is getting married. I'm bummed she'll be moving really far away, but I'm so happy for her.

7. I can drive around with my windows down so everyone can hear my obnoxiously loud music.

8. Did I mention sunshine and flowers?

9. The saddest hockey season ever will end.

10. No more brine on the road means no more inhaling it while I drive. YES!


“It's spring fever.... You don't quite know what it is you DO want, but it just fairly makes your heart ache, you want it so!”

Mark Twain

There is hope! (Oh, and SNOW DAY, SUCKERS!)

Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Monday, February 12, 2007

Can't hide from it; might as well embrace it

I've been trying to stare the day'o love in the face. It has seemed to twist my heart into a knot for the past five years...almost six. I officially gave up at that point, never wanting to ever be that sad again. "He" was more than just some guy, he was someone that I loved very much and I had known for 12 years. Well at some point ya got to get over it, I guess. So...the past year I've been trying to not let the men-folk get to me. Easier said than done (remember the married scum?).

Well, another year later and probably not any wiser. I do have a new perspective, though. The more I try to protect myself from ever hurting that much again, the more I am shut off from life. I don't want that, so I guess to live you have to be willing to hurt. So...whatever.

With this new attitude of "whatever," I got to thinking what I would actually do if I had a valentine. I guess after I picked myself up off the floor from the collapse due to shock, I'd just try to not be an ass and appreciate that person more than I've ever appreciated someone.

Appreciate those who have chosen to love you. You'll get more love in return. Remember to love them back, unconditionally and sincerely.

Here's a
song that I grew up really loving. There's always hope, isn't there?

2/13: I tossed this post around in my mind all day. I felt like my point was lost in some of what I said. Simply put, sometimes you just gotta put the past in the past and move on with a fresh perspective/outlook and not let your past become your bully or your identity. :) It's all good.

Come up with your own title...I'm toast.

I'm tired.

I wanted to be witty and talk about how I've been wanting to just play. I think it is a reaction to all the seriousness of my personal life the past month or so.

However, I'd rather go eat some Haagen Daz chocolate ice cream right now. Yes, that ice cream will be smothered in whipped cream. Yum!

So...I found another song that could be a "fun" Valentine's ditty. Just what is a Jeepster, anyway?

I keep sneezing, I'm full of aches, and I have the chills. Not a good sign for a four day weekend ushered in by the possibility of a snow day. Dang.

UPDATE: EVERYTHING ACHES! My throat hurts and my lungs feel all funkified. I don't think the teddy bear can help me on this one. I think I might have a fever, too. Grrrrrrrr........ I'm gonna cry.

Sunday, February 11, 2007

Guess what!!!! Somebody loves RT!

HER DADDY! My dad can be so cute sometimes. He gave me a teddy bear and a heart-shaped box of chocolates for Valentine's Day. The chocolate is yummy and the bear is cuddly.


Let's go racin'!!!!! So what will happen this year? Who will win the pole position at Daytona? Will Stewart finally get his ass kicked? Will the Toyota entries do well? Will Dale sever his ties with the wicked stepmother and buy DEI? Will Jeff Gordon find something other than phonebooks to sit on to see over the steering wheel? In my book, spring has officially begun! Feel the warm sunshine....yummmmmm! Yes, I'm ignoring the possibility that I'll have a snow day, Wednesday...but that is a good thing in itself, so I'll stay happy! See, you all are noticing how happy I am, eh?

Just a question

Can you get addicted to lip balm? Just wondering.

Saturday, February 10, 2007

Too funny to pass up


As seen on Break.com

Perhaps maybe this guy should be neutered. I mean really, those shoes and the helmet just don't match.

As seen on Break.com

Wish I was there...

For the first time in a verrrrry long time, I actually wish I was out watching a band. So, I went and found a "drink-a-beer-and-chill" type of performer. Unfortunately, he's dead, so I can never go see him play, but I can RT Tube him! Since I'm having "fun" with Valentine's Day, I picked a song that would actually make a really good Valentine's Day song. I am going to go have a beer, now.

Something to be very thankful for

My faith is a ruling factor in my life and in many of the decisions that I make. I know you all see my "darker" side at times, but my faith in God is paramount. I'm not perfect and I am always a work in progress. As part of my faith, when we experience an answer to prayer, we should give thanks, and that's what I intend to do:

For the past little while a friend and I have been praying for each other. Specifically for God's intervention in our mutual and individual struggles. Over this past little while, I have experienced a lot of improvement in my health and in my level of fatigue. I have not felt this good in a few years. Why am I telling you all this? Well...I wanted to offer encouragement to those of you who might be praying for things and feel like those prayers are bouncing off the ceiling. God hears them. I prayed the past two and a half years for what has happened in these past couple of months. God had me wait so that someone else could be encouraged. He does that, you know. We have our limited patience and our what we feel is our "path to success," but sometimes He takes His time. It can be frustrating, very frustrating. However, looking back, I'm glad that my friend is able to receive boundless encouragement for how God answers prayer. Not only am I grateful for God's faithfulness, but also for my friend's faithfulness in praying for me. I only hope is that my prayers will lead to equal, if not more, blessings for my friend.

So what have I experienced the past two months? General improvement and I am a size lower in my clothes. Most importantly, over the past few weeks, I have experienced a surge in energy, I'm smiling again, I'm really focused, and my willpower has returned. Combine all of those really good things, and I'm the happiest I've been in at least two years. I am even walking better and with more speed. I am so very thankful for my friend's prayers, and I'm just feeling very blessed.

With all of this said, I realize some of you reading this do not share my faith. That's fine. It is your choice, completely. I just hope you receive some encouragement through my improvement.

"Therefore confess your sins to each other and pray for each other so that you may be healed. The prayer of a righteous man is powerful and effective." James 5:16

Friday, February 09, 2007

Maybe Uber is right...

She advised me to have fun with Valentine's Day. It is never a good day for me, but I will try. So take this quiz and find out who you shouldn't date. Well, most of you are married or engaged, but you can see if you made a mistake. HA! Sorry...I get very dark around this day. Have fun! Meh.

Never Date a Scorpio

Jealous, paranoid, and possessive - deep down, your Scorpio will never trust you.
And even if you are very trust worthy person, Scorpio's paranoia may drive you to act out.

Instead try dating: Aries, Gemini, Libra, or Sagittarius

Thursday, February 08, 2007


Well, I'll tell ya.
1. Since the end of last week, I've spent about 12 hours a day with teenagers.

2. I'm fried.

3. I'm training to become absolutely irresistible.

4. I've been thinking (heavily) of things I wouldn't dare post on this site.

5. I'm beginning to assume my Valentine's Day position--fetal.

6. I'm trying to figure out how homemade ice cream is better than store bought.

7. I'm still trying to get the image of Harry Potter, naked, out of my head. He's only 17. But, damn, Harry!

8. I was kidnapped by a band of gypsies and I've been telling fortunes.

9. I got my tongue stuck on a flag pole due to a triple dog dare.

10. Because my posts suck!

I know you're dying to caption this picture, so go ahead. Maybe this will be my "after" picture in another year. A girl can dream.

Snarky answers to your "interesting" questions:

Since I answer questions for a living, I thought I would give you all a chance to ask questions. Afterall, there are no stupid questions. Well...

FIAR asked, "When will I update my site again?"

Since you are a sensitive guy who is in touch with his feelings, I assume when you feel the time is right.

My question is, when is the Monger Horde site going to experience an update?

Skul asked, "When will FIAR update his blog??"

See my previous answer. You know, it drives me nuts when students ask the same question within seconds of each other.

Then Skul seems to turn into one of my students, "If there are no woods in the Arctic, where do Polar Bears poop? What color is it?"

Since I have never been to the Artic, I do not know where polar bears do their business. However, I would guess behind the nearest iceberg or in an ice cave in a glacier...they need their privacy, too. Color? Guess it depends on what they ate...I don't know. Yes, I have students like you and I give sacrastic answers.

DragonLady asks, "When will Goldbloom get her lazy behind back online and post something????"

Goldbloom will get back online when her lazy arms reach up to the keyboard and her lazy fingers begin to type. You really should be nicer to your sister. But again, I am speaking as an only child.

Anonymous (i.e. Chickenshite from Portland--according to sitemeter) asked, "RT, Are you homemade vanilla ice cream???" and then stated, "
MMmmmm tasty..."

Well, since I'm white, that would make me vanilla. Hmmm... I'm not frigid by any stretch of the imagination, so I'm not sure I'd be ice cream. Then again, ice cream is soft and melts in your mouth. So yeah, I guess I am vanilla ice cream. Hmm...whipped cream and other condiments make ice cream taste soooo much better, too!

Then "Anonymous" states, "Daddy likes homemade ice cream!!!"

So who's my daddy, and is he gonna make some vanilla ice cream? (Do you like Van Halen's "Ice Cream Man," by any chance?) Guess you're lucky this is public...it gets worse.

Wyatt, being of sounder mind, asked me saner questions than the above person with an ice cream issue. He asked, "Who's hotter: Helen Thomas or Jessica Biel?"

Duh, Jessica Biel. What, you think I'm gonna say Helen Thomas? She could work for a painting crew. She'd scare the paint right off the walls.

Then he asked, "As a teacher, is hippie liberalism inbred, or a product of upbringing?"
Actually, I think it is a chemical imbalance in the brain combined with the little tattle tale/snitch from the playground, who when he didn't get his way, whined like a little baby and got the whole class in trouble. Yeah...that about sums it up a bit.

Then Wyatt, feeling sorry for my lack of questions to answer, asked, "When will Rachel stop stalking me? Heh."

She will stop stalking you when you stop calling her with your computer issues. I think you purposely stall changes/upgrades (FireFox) just to have an excuse to talk to her...you stalker! HA!

Tuesday, February 06, 2007

I need my fix!

I started out looking for songs to remind us of summer. We are all in a deep freeze (well, maybe not Rachel). So, I looked for "Summer in the City" by Lovin' Spoonful, then I got sick of looking at hippies. Then I thought..."haven't drooled over Slash, lately." So, I looked for Slash, but there was only one video where he really had his shirt off and it was a guitar solo. I like the Godfather theme and all, but snore! So then I thought, "Who's next?" Mmmmm.....Joe Perry! So I found him singing a blues song and he made me drool, but I wasn't feeling it. So I decided on an old standby by Aerosmith, "Dream On." I love this song. It is so smart. Joe Perry looks hot and he's hot, did I mention he's hot? Ok...enjoy the video. BY THE WAY...GO ASK A QUESTION IN THE POST BELOW OR SOMETHING!!!!!!!!!!!!

Monday, February 05, 2007

You got questions? I got answers!

I am too tired to think. I looked and looked for something to write about, but I couldn't form any thoughts that seemed coherent. Plenty bugs me in this world, or just plain scares me. There are plenty of rants I'd like to devote to some people. However, I'm really cold and really tired. Not feeling so fiery tonight.

To that end, feel free to ask me a question. I don't even know what topic to pick, so I'll leave it up to your individual tastes. This could be scary. :)

Think spring, everyone. It will be here soon.

I'll post my answers Wednesday night...sometime.

Sunday, February 04, 2007

Smell the sulfur of hell!!!!!!!!!!!

(Say that title with your best heavy metal voice.)
Yeah. I just had a run-in with the crazy side of my family. I had to share this because this is my place to vent, but I'll try to humor y'all with it a bit. My Dad, who can't deal with mean people very well, was blamed by my cousin tonight for my Grandmother's death. I know, "RT, where's the humor." Well, that side of the family is literally crazy. Makes me feel really normal. HA! Anyway, my poor Dad called me upset and tongue-tied asking me to call my cousin to tell her to leave him alone. So I emailed her knowing I wanted a record of the exchange and because I really didn't feel like talking to her. I don't do confrontation well--not because I'm skeerd, but because I have a temper when it comes to someone dissing someone I love. (I won't tell about the time my cousin told my mom she was a bad mom.) Ok...so the good part: my email. I told her that she doesn't know everything about my Grandmother's care and my Grandmother's wishes (added that she had almost no contact with my Grandmom to even know her wishes) and then I ended it with this well-crafted gem: "If you care anything about my father, please do not make his life miserable with your pious attitude." That's just about the time my mom walked into the room with a beer for me. Since I don't smoke anymore, I had to have something! Now...if I could find a man to get me a beer.

Don't worry folks. I just needed to vent. I'm laughing now, thanks to Mr. Weiser. At least I didn't get the crazy genes. :) ps...I didn't proofread this...bite me....hard! Oh, her reply, "Do not contact me further." Yeah...pick on my defenseless father, but curl up like a wooly bear when you're called on something. I'm glad I live nowhere near her and her siblings and mother. Yes, I'm fiesty when I wanna be. It's a good thing. ;P

Love is in the air!!!!

Fmragtops has found a wonderful lass and has decided to make it last. Ok. I'm done rhyming. Congratulations to FM! I hope you have a bazillion happy years together!

Saturday, February 03, 2007

Walk the Line

I watched Walk the Line this evening. WOW! I'm really having good luck with movies lately. I should have known it would be good if the beginning made me choke up a bit. In small ways I can identify with things that Mr. Cash and his lovely bride, June, experienced in their lives. Walk the Line is a really good movie that shows how people can work through their failures, faults, and "issues." It shows that one can still come out on the other end of a lot of hurt with hope and see a future that holds some promise. I always admired Mrs. Cash's spunk and sassiness. Now I admire her strength.

The art of choosing a theme song

With a lonnnnng election season beginning for 2008, the candidates are tuning up by giving speeches that state their beliefs for the direction of our country. The most important part of those speeches, of course, are the theme songs that the hopefuls use. I think the song titles reveal a little bit about the candidates' personalities, too. Let's analyze...(I'm trying so hard not to get into trouble today):

John Edwards: "This Is Our Country" by John Mellencamp:
This title can mean so many things. Could it be a bit of hypocrisy? Afterall, Edwards is a very wealthy man, with the most expensive home in N.C. So, by saying it's "our country," isn't he saying it on behalf of the rich? Therefore, isn't he backtracking on the one thing he tries to hammer us with in his "I was a po' boy growin' up," speeches? He could also be using this song to state that the Democrats own the country. Well, that's what they think, isn't it? There's no inclusion in their tone, especially within the beltway. I find this song title quite elitist.

Sen. Chris Dodd of Connecticut: "Get Ready (Cause Here I Come)" by the Temptations and "Reach Out," also by the Temptations:
Get with it you old fogey! See, he's lost already. He's pandering to the boomers while forgetting those that pay for the boomers to collect social security. At least he warns us of his arrival. "Here I come, I'm going to bore you to death with my old ideas." Then as he is leaving, he wants to shake your hand for the photo ops, so he gives a verbal cue with, "Reach Out." Funny thing about that song title, though. Do the Democrats truly reach out? Yes, they do. They reach out, right into my pockets. Sorry guys; all you'll get is lint. Well, maybe a tic-tac.

Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton of New York: "Right Here, Right Now," by Jesus Jones and "Ain't Seen Nothing Yet" by Bachman-Turner Overdrive:
See, Hillary is always giving commands. She is such a shrill woman. "Right here, right now! I order you to listen to me! I have something important to say!" I don't always blame Willy for his actions; afterall, how would you respond to her 'tude? "Bill! I want you to (fill-in-the-blank-with any random command), right here, right now!" Could you imagine being married to that caterwauling? In addition to her commands to listen to her, we also have to watch her walk away, and we are reminded of it! Does she not realize that the title, "Ain't Seen Nothing Yet" and the view of her from behind combine for a hillary-ous image? Well, Hill, we don't want to see any more of you, that's for sure. (At least Condi could use "These Boots Are Made For Walking." Hmmm....I think I might adopt that one as mine.)

Rep. Dennis Kucinich of Ohio: "America the Beautiful":
Really, Dennis. Couldn't you be a little more original? You hate America. If you loved America and thought she was beautiful, you wouldn't want to turn her into a Communist state and make us all eat tofu. That raises a question in my mind. Do all people who eat massive quantities of tofu look as "ick" as this guy?

A couple of songs that might suit you better are "Another One Bites the Dust" because you have absolutely no chance of winning (Why are you wasting the money of others to feed your ego?), and "The Sound of Silence" since no one will be at your rallies...well, maybe the non-shaving lasses will visit for the free tofu.

Sen. Barack Obama of Illinois decided against using any music in keeping with the somber tone he sought to convey:
What, no dirges available? "It's Not Easy Being Green" would have been a good choice. Well, according to Biden's backtrack, B.O. is "fresh." Callow, maybe?

Wesley Clark, who hasn't indicated whether he will run, entered to Johnny Cash's "I Won't Back Down":
See! Clark never has an original idea! He had to use a remake of a Tom (I look like Kermit the Frog) Petty song. What is he not backing down from? "I will look sound judgment and common sense in the face and not back down from my desire to exemplify utter stupidity!"

How about you use "I'm a Loser" by the Beatles.

Feel free to provide your own song choices for the candidates. :)


Friday, February 02, 2007

Sometimes you need to change the subject!

I feel better, now.

You Are Vanilla Ice Cream

Your personality is anything but "vanilla"
You're a risk taker, who's up for anything new.
You go well with anyone and fit into any situation.

You are most compatible with rocky road ice cream.

I have a problem....

I've joked that I have a one-track mind, but now it is confirmed. What's a girl to do? Is this a bad thing? (I was going to post the "what ice cream flavor are you" quiz, but...)

Your Mind is NC-17 Rated

You're mind is so filthy... you should should be washing every part of you out with soap.
If your thoughts can go dirty, they do. Almost everything is NC-17 to you!

Can tulips be far behind?

So the rodent, otherwise known as Phil, has predicted that spring will be early this year. Thank God! This freezing temperature crap needs to end, you'd think I that reside in the Northeast or something. ;P

Since Phil's handlers saw an opportunity for more camera time, they had Phil make a few more predictions:

1. Nancy Pelosi will finally realize that she has not been elected president and will stop touring the world playing the part.

2. A Philadelphia sports team will dominate and then go on to win its championship game.

3. Wyatt will smile.

4. Ssssssteve will get on a plane and it will actually take him home.

5. Global warming will be blamed for the early spring.

Thursday, February 01, 2007

Love this guy's voice

I posted "Simple Man" by Shinedown not so long ago. I just love this guy's voice. This song is titled, "45." Just thought I'd share.

Some advice and stress relief

Would you believe that Play-doh is a great reliever of stress? There happened to be some on my desk yesterday (I share a room) and my pinheads were bugging me, so I reached for the Play-doh and started rolling a ball in my hands. Instant calm. When one of my students became really stressed out during class later on in the day, I gave him some Play-doh and he calmed down. Today, he was stressed again (nature of the class) and he came up to me and said, "Where's the Play-doh?" Hello, my name is RT and I am a Play-doh addict. It softens the hands, too.

I had to stop at the grocery store today...on an empty stomach. Don't do that if you can help it. Every fatty and/or salty carb lining the aisles was calling my name. I answered the call way too many times.

I think this had to be the lamest post, yet. I need a "sick" day.