Wednesday, July 02, 2008

RX: God & Sunshine

I finally got my butt out the door after a couple of days feeling wonky. In fact, I am actually beginning to forget what day it is. I keep thinking it is Sunday.

All of that aside, I enjoyed some warm air and sunshine today. That, in addition to some food, made me feel 100 percent better. I even bought myself a bouquet of flowers, too. I love gerber daisies (the pink one).

While I was out, I was listening to a sermon on the radio. (David Jeremiah---AWESOME minister--as far as I know.)

He was talking about how easy it is to "fall," even after a lifetime of devotion to God. Using Gideon (of the Old Testament book, Judges), he discussed how easy it is to forget who got you where you are and how easy it is to make gods of others, situations, people, and things. After that sermon, another snippet of a discussion came on, and that one also talked about how so often we don't give God credit where credit is due.

While I listened to them, I realized how very guilty of both of those things I am. I lost a lot of weight over the past year; yet, I don't think I've given God credit for helping me to overcome some tough obstacles to lose that weight. I thank Him privately, but I'm supposed to thank Him publicly, too. I also have a really bad habit of placing things at God's feet and then worrying. That worrying raises those people, situations, and things to a place where that worry then becomes "bigger" than God, thus making them idols. Talk about unconfessed sin coming to light. Geesh.

All of that leads me to this, though, as I have been thinking about prideful ugliness. (I got that out of the sermon and snippet, as well.) I am a very forgiving person by nature and try to see the good in everyone. However, sometimes, I catch myself passing judgment or not wanting to place myself into particular situations because of pride of some sort.

All of it: Not remembering that God is the one who brought me to the dance, the worry, and the pride is an inward ugliness that I do not like.

Gotta be real, right? It is not enough to say you are a friend, but your actions have to show that you are a friend. It is not enough to say you care, but you have to show you care. It is not enough to say you believe, trust, and have faith, and then go off and worry.

I hate inward ugly (especially in me). So unbecoming.


Wyatt Earp said...

And the world is chock full of people like this. Trust me, I know.

RT said...

And they aren't happy unless they are making other people miserable.