Saturday, July 26, 2008


Now, maybe if we had this kind of lawn mower when I was young. . .

My least favorite chore as a kid/teenager was to mow the lawn. We had a big lawn. I hated the smell of the mower and I hated when I had to stop to empty the bag that caught the clippings. The worst part was that because of mold allergies, I would cough and gag the whole time and the grass made me itch. Eventually, I just learned to make myself scarce. Hey, I was told the coughing, gagging and itching was in my head. (My grandmother's response for everything.)

So, I kind of sympathize with THIS guy. However, I think in the long run, calling a neighborhood kid or some landscapers would have been the route that saved the most money.


USA_Admiral said...

The worst day riding is better than the best day pushing.

Ya know if ya had a sibling (like my brother) who was not allergic (like me) you could have been omitted from mowing.

OK. He must have been really drunk to do that.

dragonlady474 said...

Now that's the lawn mower I need for my yard! Not only is my yard huge, but part of it is uphill and is hell trying to push a mower up the sucker.

RT said...

I tried my best when I was little. I begged for a sibling. However, my parents breaking up and my mom hating men and never dating kind of put a damper on my efforts.

Put a sweet stereo system on it and you could sing, "Hell bent for leather" while you cut the grass. HA!