Monday, March 31, 2008

The tap is dry.

I looked around and nothing looked interesting. Actually, some things did tickle my interest, but I'm too lazy to really write about anything.

I hate going back to school after long breaks. I was really burned out going into the break and I am just out of gas going back.

We've had same irksome weather and that means my legs are hurting.
I didn't get home until almost 7:00 p.m., so that means the cramps I'm getting in my feet will continue.

I can't muster motivation for anything. I can't even pick up the phone to make a phone call--too much effort.

So, what I'm trying to say is that I don't have anything to post tonight.

Heard this song on the way home. It matched the weather.

Two more things: Could somebody rub my feet? If you want to see the winners of the caption contest (Amway meets 'roid rage), click HERE.

Have a good night everyone. I'll try to have something written for you all. It will be another late night at school (well most of the week, really).

I appreciate you all coming by to read my drivel.

Sunday, March 30, 2008


1. Motel guest gets one-ton wake-up call
After entering the wrong room, a drunken Rosie O'Donnell mistakenly performed a body slam on whom she thought was her girlfriend.

2. Cops bust teens' root-beer kegger
They also confiscated 10 cartons of candy cigarettes and three boxes of bubble gum cigars used for the "Go Fish" tournament.

3. Road warrior Cheney takes along trailer
Well, he has to hide the bodies somewhere.

4. Man writes check on 2-ply toilet paper
Never write a check your ass can't cash.

5. Pubs ban U.K. treasury chief after tax hike
What a novel idea! I wonder if our prostitues, pimps, escort services, and otherwise well-heeled special interests would do the same until our politicians stop taxing us to death?

6. Camels line up for Gulf beauty contest
While they claim it is a "scholarship" contest, I hear the camel with the biggest humps always wins.

7. Child molester killed in Canadian prison

8. 6th World Choir Games set for China
I hear the sopranos are set to kick some butt. Well the castratos could try, but they lack the cajones for a real fight.

9. Blind allowed to hunt in Texas
Heh, Cheney will have competition.

10. Even dog prays at this temple
Praying to the porcelain god is nothing new.

Sunday Song

I couldn't make up my mind which song to play this Sunday. I bought a CD of hymns this week and a version of THIS song was on it. I really liked it. I was also pretty happy that I was able to sing along with the song. :) However, I didn't know what else to say about it.

Then, when I was looking for a certain song, I came across THIS one. Not a particularly Christian song, given the focus of this weekly post. It moved me and reminded me of how we can't close ourselves off from others. There are plenty of Bible verses that could reinforce the song's message, though.

I ended up choosing the song below. Why? Well, praying is a good thing. My real reason for picking it is because the harmony (correct musical term?) is a bit haunting.

I seem a bit aimless this week. Hope one of the songs tickled your fancy. If not, there's always next week. Have a good Sunday and a good week.

Del McCoury Band
"Get Down on Your Knees and Pray"

Memory is clicking

Wyatt has a post about his memories of growing up watching wrestling. Wyatt's favorite, Ric Flair, has been inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame. You know, you don't hear a lot of funky stuff coming from Mr. Flair like you do other wrestlers.

Well, the talk about wrestlers got me thinking about some of my memories and favorites. When my dad wasn't taking me to a few of the WWF's stops at the Spectrum in Philly, I was watching the likes of George "The Animal" Steele on television with my grandmom.

I had a lot of favorites; however, I must admit, this guy was a favorite for only two reasons: he was HAWT and he was from South Africa. He was a good wrestler, too. Really. Seriously. I mean it.

I present to you, Steve Simpson.

Saturday, March 29, 2008


Forbes has published a list of cities in the United States most aligned with the seven deadly sins. I think you might find some surprises.

Sin #1: LUST

Denver ranked number one based on the amount of condoms and contraceptives (all types) sold. No wonder they are so happy and laid back.


San Jose, CA wins the title of greediest! What? You thought D.C.? NYC? Nope. San Jose, thanks to the tech world, has the most people with individual fortunes.

Sin #3: ENVY

Memphis is the winner! Surprised? Don't be. Memphis rates tops in property crime.

Sin #4: WRATH
Detroit is the most murder-filled city. Really? Guess that's what happens when your mayor is too busy texting or cavorting in top-secret meetings with his closest adviser.

Philadelphia is going to have to try harder. It was ranked ninth. In 2006, Detroit had 47.3 murders per 100,000 people; Philadelphia had 406 murders per 100,000. For some perspective, New York City has 7.3 murders per 100,000. After looking at the map on Forbes, all I can say is that I live near a lot of murderous cities, y'all.

(Did they stop by my house? Yikes!)
Guess what!?!?! Memphis is really obese! They must be eating a lot of fried peanut butter and banana sandwhiches. Gag!

Philadelphia didn't even make the list! However, the city where I will be spending my summer ranked seventh. Dagnabit.

Sin #6: SLOTH

The third time is the charm! Memphis wins again!
Apparently lots of fatty food and too much television will win you the distinction of being a slothful city.

See, in Philly, people are eating fatty foods, but they are spending a lot of time running from thugs. Who needs a treadmill when criminals are chasing you?

Sin #7: PRIDE

Forbes based their findings for pride on where people are most likely to show vanity through cosmetic procedures. I don't think Memphis won this one.

So who do you think won? L.A.? Nope. NYC? Nope. John "botox" Kerry? Close, but no. Salt Lake City won. Wow, those Mormons need to read their Book of Mormon a little more closely. It does explain Mitt Romney, though, doesn't it? Btw., my city for the summer? It ranked sixth. I'm doomed.


It means a lot to know our parents are proud of our decisions. When Seth Dupont of Massachusetts went to take his enlistment oath for the National Guard, he knew his dad would be watching, but he didn't know his dad, Lt. Col. Daniel Dupont would being giving him the oath via teleconference from Iraq.

"Well, stand up, state your name and raise your right hand," the elder Dupont told his boy.

Tears welled up as Seth Dupont repeated the oath; then he told his father he loved him.

"Congratulations, son," his father said. "I'm proud of you, man. I love you, too. You made a good, strong decision."

It was a very emotional moment for both.

The boy's dream? To be a helicopter pilot.
The boy's inspiration? His father. (NEVER doubt your role, guys.)


*Be sure to click on it to see the emotional picture provided. It's an AP shot and I don't want to risk their wrath. /snark

Weighin' In: Week 13

Well, it is week 13 and I think we are about halfway through the weight loss challenge. While I'm not down about my progress (weight loss is weight loss), I know that I can do better.

Making a lifestyle change is pretty hard. Sometimes it is easier to rely upon "what you know" rather than continue to make changes and keep focused on a goal, especially when food can equate comfort.

I'll get there, though. I'm kind of stubborn that way.

My goal for the next few weeks is to hit the 30 pound mark. As for now, I lost one pound this week. It might not sound like much, but I had off from work and did absolutely nothing of substance; PLUS, I made it through a holiday that included my mom giving me a ton of candy...which I ate. Overall, I better be happy, because I could have gained.

I hope you all had a great week. If you didn't, there's always this week.

Friday, March 28, 2008

Got drummer?

I'd love to see this drummer rockin' out to some Iron Maiden or something. (You have to watch the entire thing.)

Korean Drummer Rocks Out - Watch more free videos

Something to make you giggle and smile. . .


Thursday, March 27, 2008

Caption Contest

Somehow, I don't think these guys are headed to a pick-up game of ball. Provide a creative (and hopefully funny) caption. I will post winners Monday evening...back to school...ugh. Photoshopped entries are welcome.

THE WINNERS!!!!!!!!!!!
It was very hard for me to choose winners this week. All of them made me laugh. Thanks for your entries.

8. Fuzzys Dad: You will vote for Hillary or else!

7. Rodney Dill:"... and this is my brother Daryl, and this is my other brother Daryl."

6. Cowboy Blob: Nobody specks da Joisy Inquisition!

5. John D: The Associated Press steps up its campaign against photo-stealing bloggers with its new Copyright Enforcement Team.

4. Dennis: Just get into the Pope Mobile, and know one gets hurt.

3. Deathlok: Our chief weapon is surprise. . .surprise and fear. . .surprise and fear and a batting average over .325. . .. I'll start again.

2. Clintbird: Mecca, hell. We're here to messa with whicheva you mouth breathers is with Al Queda.

This week's winner is. . .

1. Wyatt Earp said: "We'd really like to talk to you about Scientology."

Kind of reminds you of the Amway hard sell, too, eh?

OTHER CAPTION CONTESTS (more to come later):

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Good Stuff and Funny Stuff

Good Stuff
Another member of the military with a good heart.

(H/T: Old NFO)

Funny Stuff
I'm always a little amused when people name their businesses in a way that honors their faith. It can be a little much, but their hearts are in the right place. I think the intended message of this sign gets a little lost.

(Sign belonging to the business)

(H/T: Gone Rick Motel)
*My prize for winning this past week's cation contest.
Note to self: Find a new caption photo for this week because Dennis already posted it. Grrrr!


I had a science teacher tell my class way back in seventh grade that if you added water to whipped cream/cool-whip you could wax your car.

Remember folks, these food companies do not care about your health (well, only if catch phrases that allude to healthy food is the current trend)--only the bottom line matters: Will money be made?

If you struggle to decide whether or not you should buy pre-made food for its convenience because you are tired or busy and don't feel like cooking, perhaps the following links will make your choice easier.

Twinkies...I wonder if you can use them to heat your home?

HERE is a list of good foods and bad foods. Of course, as always, we want the bad stuff. But, if we really think about it, do we want the grief (literal and figurative) that goes along with eating those foods?

I'm still trying to figure out why this stuff is so addictive.

Men's Health has this list of eye-opening items (read the article and search the list). Be sure to read the stats on these suckers.

It still confounds me that there are people who do remain skinny even after eating this stuff, but it can't be good for their blood pressure and cholesterol. Skinny or fat, we should not be eating this crrrrrrap. Eventually, going beyond "having it once in a great while" will catch up with all of us.

I think I'm going to work harder at being much choosier in the future. Even the healthier choices in a restaurant aren't all that healthy.

THIS is a really easy site to navigate for basic "good" vs. "bad" food stuff. You know we all know this stuff...we need to put into practice (Me, most of all).

If none of that information killed your desire to eat, THIS clip might kill your appetite.

Tuesday, March 25, 2008


Many of us have stated over the past little while that we are tired of the news, of politics, and of how the troops are treated by the MSM.

Here is our chance to help ourselves and to maybe lighten the heaviness of the past few weeks.

Dennis at Gone Rick Motel has a beautiful story about a young boy, with leukemia, who wishes to become a soldier to the day. He gets his wish.

Wyatt at Support Your Local Gunfighter has a post about Master-at-Arms 2nd Class (SEAL) Michael A. Monsoor and the approval of his posthumous receipt of the Medal of Honor for his bravery.

I found a post at Blackfive that speaks in a general manner about soldiers doing things and supporters of soldiers honoring them.

Is there bad news about the wars fought in Iraq and Afghanistan? Yeah. Are there soldiers that do not perform up to our commonly held moral standards of decency? Yes, very few, but yes. Is the war easy and free of bloodshed? No. (It would be tag football, otherwise.)

Here is a challenge for you: Find anything to highlight- an organization that helps soldiers or something that highlights our troops doing something good.

Let's see what you can find (any medium--print, photo, video). Post it on your site and leave a link in the comments so that I can pimp you and your research. If you've posted something rather recent, feel free to use that, too. (Heck, feel free to include work done by allies working with us.)

If you click in the bloggers' names, you will be taken to their posts and the links they have provided.

  • USA Admiral
  • Old NFO
  • Rogue has two great posts: HERE is one about Iraqi folk "not taking it" any more, and HERE is a roundup of good stuff...hmm...people volunteer to go to Iraq? I thought they were drugged, stuffed in a bag, and dumped there by our government. /snark

Humans 8 Gophers 1

In Calgary, Alberta, two weekend warriors of the rodent exterminator type failed in their attempts to rid their area of land of gophers. They set some unintended fires.

They tried to use the Rodenator. The Rodenator pumps propane and oxygen into gopher holes, and when ignited, creates a fiery death for the offending furry fiends. (The gophers destroy a fair bit of stuff.)

I wonder if they thought of calling Tiger Woods to do his Bill Murray impersonation? It might have worked.


The Bible has your back, guys!

Deuteronomy 25:11-12

11 If two men are fighting and the wife of one of them comes to rescue her husband from his assailant, and she reaches out and seizes him by his private parts, 12 you shall cut off her hand. Show her no pity.

Is it because she grabbed the goods or because the man couldn't fight his own battles?

Snipers, yeah that's the ticket!

"I remember landing in sniper fire. There was supposed to be some kind of a greeting ceremony at the airport, but instead we ran with our heads down. . ."

Then, after I put Chelsea in front of me as a shield, I picked up a weapon, showed that I could take it apart, put it back together, and then I killed the snipers aiming for our entourage. Not content to stop there, I commandeered an armored vehicle and went on a spree of saving the poor and innocent from the evil clutches of Republicans who would go to Bosnia to visit under the same circumstances (photo-ops, singing, eating with the troops, wearing sunglasses in gray weather, pointing at military thingies, and looking out at the horizon from a mountain range).

Later, when we met the locals, I stopped crime in its tracks and caused even the most heartless of bombers to stop in his tracks and change his ways.

I brought a community of women together over tea. Oh wait, that tea was part of my efforts to bring Northern Ireland together. Ummmm...o.k. Bosnia. (Well, I did so much foreign policy work. Can't remember EVERYTHING!)

Oh, I remember: Sinbad (the comedian), Sheryl Crow, and I united our efforts to bring peace and lasting harmony to Yugoslavia.

What? It isn't called Yugoslavia anymore? But they promised me a free Yugo.

Anyhoo-- Sinbad, Crow, and I put on our best ninja outfits and scoured the hillsides for souvenirs. Only the finest would do. I found the cutest trinkets for the White House. It was harrowing, though. All of that walking and smiling really made me exhausted. Oh, yeah, that's when we had tea. We stopped at the nicest little tea room and ate scones and finger sandwiches. (I needed some Immodium after that, though. War treats are the WORST!)

That's when more snipers appeared! I pulled out my pistol and shot them all, between the eyes.

Well, that's how I remember it.

Monday, March 24, 2008

Picture of the Day

While I was running errands today (did I mention I have the entire week off?), I stopped by my local Christian bookstore. When I was in the music section I happened to notice these tambourines.

I think I would opt for the traditional style. That's just me, though.
Sometimes Christian merchandising can be a giggle.

And SOMEONE please tell me why this song made me tear up big time when I saw it on television, today.

You can find this week's caption contest winners HERE.

Sunday, March 23, 2008

Hopefully, there will be justice.

There is a special place in hell for those that take advantage of those that cannot fully take care of themselves.

In Illinois, a developmentally delayed woman was treated worse than a stray dog by those that were supposed to take care of her. They beat and abused her. They left her unclothed, in a basement, and her one year old child was 15 pounds when they found her dead, pregnant body.

It makes me sick that humans can treat each other in such an inhumane way.

Increasingly, I just find myself shaking my head at the lack of compassion people have for each other.


She died because she was just so beaten down in so many ways: her immune system shut down.

Her main abuser, described as evil and vicious in the article, "worked as a coordinator for a regional center that helps the developmentally disabled with housing and other services. " The victim was a client of the center.

Just shaking my head.
(To read the entire article--that I just couldn't really quote--click on the link in the hat-tip.)

(H/T: CNN)


I took my mom and dad out to lunch today (yes, divorced parents out with their child). I was happy to not have to choose which parent I would have a holiday meal with.

While we were at the restaurant, I saw some of the cutest little kids all dressed up and full of what I believe to be energy supplied by the Easter Bunny's treats. Seeing one little girl skipping around wherever she went reminded me of me when I was a little one. I was always hyper and had all kinds of energy. It was very hard for me to sit still. I think my grandmom asked quite often if I had ants in my pants.

Seeing that little girl reminded me of the frenetic energy I employed to dance to this song whenever I heard it:

True Promise Keeper

Have a peaceful and good Easter. I hope you all have time with your families and have the time to be still to find the compassion, renewal, and love provided through Christ's selfless act, done on all of mankind's behalf.
"New Again" Brad Paisley & Sara Evans

"True Love" Phil Wickhem

Saturday, March 22, 2008

Weighin' In: Week 12

I lost nine pounds. I'd explain, but then I'd have to talk about my thyroid (yadda, yadda, yadda) and fluid (yadda, yadda, yadda) retention. Don't worry, I didn't have a baby. If I did, it would be a miracle from God, because I'm not into test tubes and getting "there" without the fun stuff.

Hope you all experienced some success and have a great Easter! I won't be having ham. I'd probably gain the nine pounds back in one hour.

On a happy note, I think I found a church I can attend beginning next week. I liked the church the last time I visited, with the exception of someone in its leadership....that person has left the church and they seem to be doing some neat things. YAY! (It is hard to find good churches around here.) Why next week? My family plans begin while their service is underway. I'll find an earlier service for tomorrow. I'm psyched!

Fun tidbit: I am feeling gleefully obnoxious at the moment. I am going through clothes that I have not worn in a few years. Clothes I've been wearing are too big. Clothes that I haven't worn in a few years fit just right. In fact, there are clothes that I wasn't able to get into a month ago that now fit nicely. YAY! So now I am double-psyched! :) Just thought I'd share, since I have such a great cheering section.

Friday, March 21, 2008

Timely cartoons with a point

Here are a couple of cartoons that I came across that I thought were good. Enjoy.

Good Friday

Christ took on past and future pain, betrayal, corruption, and the sin of the world so that we can have a life of hope, faith, and security in Him.

So much could be said about today, the day Christ's crucifixion is commemorated. We could look at the work He did in his years on Earth. I could point out the prophecies found in the Old Testament that point to Christ and what would happen to Him.

However, I want to write about the people surrounding Christ.

Christ knew He was going to die for our sins. His friends and family were warned, but they didn't really have a clue. So, they continued life as "normal."

Christ was betrayed by a "friend." That betrayal, stemming from greed, led to Christ's capture.

Peter, someone who fiercely proclaimed his love for his friend -someone who knifed a soldier's ear to try to protect Christ from capture- denied any knowledge of the man known as Jesus of Nazareth.

Christ had other friends. He had a tight group. They saw their friend die on a cross and they believed He was dead. Anything else would be crazy, right? Thomas would think so.

People who didn't know Him mocked him and literally tore apart his body. A stranger carried Jesus' cross when, from His injuries, He couldn't carry it.

The women? His mom was there to weep for her son. His female friends planned on tending to the body in the tomb after the Sabbath.

Soldiers gambled for Christ's robe. Every indignity and betrayal that Christ could suffer, He did. However, the betrayal, mocking, doubting, and mourning were quieted three days later. Christ knew the resurrection would happen. He said He would rise again in three days.

During those three days, people went about their lives: whether those lives included Him or not.

Today, we live our lives, whether those lives include Him or not. Some of us go through times of great faith and great doubt. Despite it all, He is still there to love and forgive us, embrace us, and to call us kin, no matter what we've said or done.

He said He knew of His death and resurrection. He also knows when He'll return again, while we go about life as "normal."

"The Old Rugged Cross Made the Difference"
Gaither Vocal Band

*Please excuse the quality.

Caption Contest!!!!

This Pakistani lawyer escaped tear gas to give us this caption-worthy picture. His harrowing experience has turned into an opportunity for our humorous quips. (If you think there is a suitable Photoshop for this, be my guest.)

Have a wonderful holiday weekend! I will post winners Monday evening (early).

THE WINNERS!!!!!!!!!!
4. John D: The final event in the Pakistani bar exam is a grueling obstacle course.

3. Cowboy Blob's Photoshop....My only question is, "Is that a new way to do the Ballroom Blitz?"

2. Maggie: It's not easy being an Pakistani lawyer ... guilty clients are always "blowing smoke up your ass."

This week's winner. . .
1. Wyatt Earp: "And if I'm lying, may I be struck by . . . AIEEE!"

Cowboy Blob Photoshop:


Thursday, March 20, 2008


Enjoy these stupid drunks! :)

So many good lines in this one.

They make a powder or ointment for this issue, don't they?


As many of you have probably heard, there is much discussion as to whether or not Obama's use of "typical white person," to describe his grandmother, is racist or not. In my opinion, it is at least prejudiced and he has projected narrow-minded views of white people.

I grew up in a home with a prejudiced, dare I say racist, grandmother. I don't know what her problem was, but I know I was determined to not be like her.

I remember once, when I was little, that a house was for sale a couple of doors down from us. I kept hoping for someone my age to move into the house, so that I could make new friends. One day, out of the blue, my grandmother (my mom's mom) asked if I would be friends with any kids that moved into that house if a black family had bought it. I said yes and she went ballistic. She told me there would be no way she'd ever let "one of them" into our house.

(An equal opportunity shunner, she also wouldn't let me have friends of any kind over and threatened to kick me out when one of my friends gave me a kitten after my dog had to be put down...a dog I had from the age of two. I was 17. Umm..she also told my best friend at the time that she'd burn in hell--I left for L.A. the next day--good timing.)

I was angry. I knew that was wrong and that we'd never learned that in church. (I was a stickler for the "rules.")

Then there was my dad. I saw him once a week. However, when we went out, he would take me pretty much wherever I wanted to go (as long as a bus, our feet, or infrequently a car could take us). I asked to go to Philadelphia a lot. I always loved the historical sites, musuems, watching the people on the street (the panhandlers always intrigued me), and I especially loved all the noise: street musicians, sirens, horns, engines roaring.

I remember, clearly, staring at black people when they were on the bus or train with us. I didn't stare because I didn't like them, I stared because I'm an observer. I loved to look at their hair, eyes and flawless skin. I was a little kid, and sure, I noticed differences, but I was looking because I was interested in them, knowing them, and wanting to admire their differences. When my dad realized I was staring, he admonished the impolite behavior, but also told me that we are all the same on the inside; we just look different.

As a small child, not even into double digits, I felt bad, but it also taught me a lesson. Even though I wasn't looking/staring and judging, I realized, by my dad's reaction, that people do stare and judge. That's why from then until now, I look people in the eyes and smile or say hello as they pass by. If I get less than pleasant responses, that's on them. Everyone has their issues in life. I am not going to allow prejudice to be one of mine. I don't want to be like my grandmother. I don't "cross the street," that would never cross my mind.

My grandmother always criticized my dad. I understand why on some levels, but there are things about my dad that I've been blessed enough to have rub off on me: mainly, acceptance of others.

So, sorry Obama, my grandmother has been the only person in my life that would be considered an example of your definition of the "typical white person" you spoke of. Those beliefs and behaviors are not typical in my life, nor will it ever be so. To be that way is to deny myself the blessing of knowing people that God has put in my life. I prefer to not take my chances on missing out on goodness God might have for me.

And yes, I can honestly say, my best friend is black. We became friends in Sunday school when we were 12. Can you say the same, Obama? You seem to segregate yourself a bit. You do worship with all of God's children, right?

Don't make the mistake of lumping all white people into the same heap. It would be hypocritcal to do so.

Yes, there are people that fit your description. There are racist and prejudiced people of all races. But, don't use language and behavior you would criticize in others. You also need to not presume that being racist and prejudiced is typical of any race.

If elected, you will represent all of the citizens of the United States, right? Right? You are running to represent those that believe as you, those that dislike you, and those that you see as different than you.

Are you running for you or for the United States?

To hear the entire interview with WIP host, Angelo Cataldi, click HERE.

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

This goalie can say he had a bad day at work.

200 Foot Hockey Goal - Watch more free videos

Potpourri of Pondering

1. What would the world be like if EVERYONE stopped watching the news?

2. Why do vegans always look so ill?

3. What would you do if there were 28 hours in a day?

4. Why does
Family Guy amuse me so much?

5. Why do people who call themselves "liberal" behave in a less than cosmopolitan manner? (Aren't they the party of tolerance and acceptance?)

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Until I can compose a decent post...

I was listening to a guy on television tonight. His name is Mike Farris. I stumbled across him a few months ago via some website that interviewed him about his life and his music.

I like when someone has some passion behind his or her music. If I could be sitting somewhere, out and about, listening to some music, this would be my choice.

"The Lonely Road"

Mike Farris

Monday, March 17, 2008

This is for anyone who feels like a task is too big.

Something neat is happening at work. A few brave souls have asked if I am losing weight. One teacher walked up behind my chair today and hugged me while telling me I look great.

I cannot tell you what that means to me. People don't usually tell me I look good. They've also been commenting that color has improved. These people have seen me barely walking with a cane to what is happening now with my weight loss.

It really helps to have support.

Usually, I send stuff like this video to my weight-loss buddies for encouragement. However, I wanted to share this with everyone. This woman did something truly amazing.

If you want to see who won my caption contest, click HERE.

Sunday, March 16, 2008

Happy St. Patrick's Day!

I'm still not entirely sure whether or not I'm Irish. There are recent conflicting reports from various family members. (Rumor has it my grandmom lied to me about the Irishness and that we are Welsh on my mom's side. No matter...I bleed tartan.) However, I will not allow that to kill my joy in having fun.

To that end, I have a three-pronged plan of attack for you all to have a happy St. Patrick's Day!

FIRST, you must go get your leprechaun name.

, you must listen to some music. Here's a real traditional version of "Whiskey in the Jar."

Here are The Dubliners with The Pogues.

This song just screams St. Patty's Day, eh? Well, maybe a highly dysfunctional St. Patty's Day.

THIRD, you must watch some dancing. I assume it would be pandering to my male audience if I included dancing from Ms. Jean Butler? ENJOY!

Picture of the Day: Harbinger of Spring

After I took my dad out to lunch, today, I took a minute to take a couple of pictures of flowers that usher in spring: crocuses.

Spring is full of hope and an opportunity for renewal, redemption, and transformation.

Harriet Beecher Stowe

Beneath the sunny autumn sky,
With gold leaves dropping round,
We sought, my little friend and I,
The consecrated ground,
Where, calm beneath the holy cross,
O'ershadowed by sweet skies,
Sleeps tranquilly that youthful form,
Those blue unclouded eyes.

Around the soft, green swelling mound
We scooped the earth away,
And buried deep the crocus-bulbs
Against a coming day.
"These roots are dry, and brown, and sere;
Why plant them here?" he said,
"To leave them, all the winter long,
So desolate and dead."

"Dear child, within each sere dead form
There sleeps a living flower,
And angel-like it shall arise
In spring's returning hour."
Ah, deeper down cold, dark, and chill
We buried our heart's flower,
But angel-like shall he arise
In spring's immortal hour.

In blue and yellow from its grave
Springs up the crocus fair,
And God shall raise those bright blue eyes,
Those sunny waves of hair.
Not for a fading summer's morn,
Not for a fleeting hour,
But for an endless age of bliss,
Shall rise our heart's dear flower.

Sunday Song

II Corinthians 5:17-19
Therefore if anyone is in Christ, he is a new creature; the old things passed away; behold, new things have come. Now all these things are from God, who reconciled us to Himself through Christ and gave us the ministry of reconciliation, namely, that God was in Christ reconciling the world to Himself, not counting their trespasses against them, and He has committed to us the word of reconciliation.

Easter of 1992 I decided that the life I was living wasn't enough anymore. Actually, beginning the previous fall, I started looking around the bars and clubs I'd been frequenting and I started to feel detached and like that wasn't where I belonged. Something inside of me wanted much more than being drunk more than I was sober and keeping company with people who really didn't care about me. I started to talk to God in between sips of whatever I was drinking. I asked for Him to help me be the person I was meant to be before I decided to walk away from Him ten or so years prior to 1992.

I grew up in "the church." I accepted Christ at a young age and was baptized around the age of 12. I wanted to be a missionary like my uncle. There I sat 12 years later, in a bar, chain-smoking, wondering and very, very empty.

Easter of 1992, I sat in my church, looked up (to keep the tears from flowing) and gave my life back to God after I so royally screwed it up for so many years with drugs, bad relationships, and too much booze. Within months, I was in college (my first attempt), wanting to be a teacher and hopefully, a missionary. I remembered my childhood dreams. Unfortunately, I was working full-time and I wasn't able to study as I had hoped. I dropped out and wondered what I was supposed to do. I worked in a bank and just accepted that as my path. But, every time I saw a college graduation on television, I'd cry. All I ever wanted was to not be that loser I once was. August of 1994, I was broadsided at 45 mph by a pick up truck. I was told to quit my job or risk losing the use of my right arm because of nerve damage. A little over a year later, the door opened to go back to college. I went, was very successful, and I have been blessed with a teaching position in a district where a lot of people would love to have a job. I've come to realize over the years I've taught that I don't have to go overseas to minister to people.

Despite my present blessings, though, I'm itchy again. My job is taxing mentally and physically. I haven't been well since I started working at my school. I haven't been to church two weeks in a row in almost four years. I used to be very involved with choir, Sunday school, and attending services. I also used to be really faithful about praying for others.

I'm tired. All I want to do is go to church, read my Bible, somehow minister to others, and have good relationships with people. That's all. (I realize I have to work if I want a roof over my head.) So, I'm wondering again.

Since I temporarily lost the use of my legs almost four years ago, I have just wanted to go somewhere for an extended period of time to just be by myself and read my Bible and pray. This summer seems to be the summer I get to do that, and I'm grateful.

I don't expect to do much more than a little bit of sightseeing; however, I look forward to the mental and spiritual rest.

I'm a mess physically and mentally tired, and I'm just glad God looks down on me with love and never-ending patience. He takes me just as I am. I've learned more and have grown more over the past few years than I thought possible. I am feeling that it is time to move forward.

"Just as I am"
David Phelps

Thank you for reading this.
I know it is long and not everyone is comfortable with people sharing their spiritual lives.

Saturday, March 15, 2008

Top Gear

Late Saturday afternoons, I watch Top Gear and then Doctor Who. Well, it is what I do. Today on Top Gear the hosts of the show decided to cross the English a truck. It made me wonder if any Cubans had tried this. I think I remember seeing a jacked-up, old pick-up one time.

Fun O'the Irish

I was so busy and tired this week that I didn't realize I went a whole week without really responding to your comments. I AM SOOOOOOO SORRY! I've gone through and responded, late.

Now for some St. Patty's fun!!!!! (Found out last night that I might not be Irish after all. I'm so confused.)

Your Leprechaun Name Is:

Twitchy O'Shamrock

Let sleeping students drool?

As you all know, I am a teacher. Once in a while, a student will nod off in class. When I see that a student has nodded off, I tend to have a neighbor of the student lightly tap or nudge the Sandman's latest victim. I try to keep embarrassment and that "startled" feeling to a minimum.

In Danbury, Conn., a teacher allegedly used the palm of her hand to wake up a kid in her class. The boy (guess it is really his parents) is now attempting a lawsuit against the city, the district, and its employees for damaged hearing as a result of the palm pound. Apparently his eardrum burst.

I will now attempt a crude science and math lesson.

Math? Well, the height of the teacher and the angle from which she approached the desk would have been a determining factor in how hard she would be able to hit the desk.

Science? Could the impact made by hitting her palm on the desk create enough of a sound to injure the young man's ear drum?

As most high school student desks are made of the same type of material, I tried hitting my palm on a desk (without the aid of a student--you never know).

1. If you try to hit a desk with your palm (with all of your might, striking only the palm to the desk), the other side of your hand doesn't hit the desk with the same force. It creates a thud, but not a sound that is earsplitting. The action doesn't really do much at all.

2. If you try to hit a desk with the entire hand flat, even less noise is made and there isn't much impact on the desk.

3. It hurts like hell and I would not advise it. I was convinced that I'd have a bruised palm, today. I wouldn't hurt myself to wake up a kid.

I'd like to add something else. As I stated earlier in this post, I was quite the expert at sleeping in class. In fact, I figured out a way to sleep without getting that dreaded red mark on my face. (I digress.)

I never slept with my ear on the desk. The students I observe don't, either. However, the young lad did have his ear on the desk.

Hmmm. . .

The article will crack you up, too. The family's attorney, Alan Barry, is quoted:

"Many of us have fallen asleep in class and had the teacher wake us up. But what happened here was more in the nature of an assault and battery," he said. "My client is an extraordinarily bright young man. He's a computer wizard who works late into the night, and that's probably why he fell asleep."

Does the reason he fell asleep matter? Does his purported intelligence matter?

Why aren't his parents making him go to bed?

(H/T: NewsTimes)

Weighin' In: Week 11

Well, the roller coaster is still making its way up to the top of the ride this week.

I'm up six more pounds. I had no idea salad could do this to a person. Heh.

I know if I explain my body's funky way of working it will sound like excuses, so I won't.

I just try to keep my mind on good things. I'll lose the weight, I'll learn a strategy or two for the weeks that my body decides to be defiant. My new clothes still fit. :)

Next week will be better. For real.

Thursday, March 13, 2008

Caption Contest

I bet we don't get great photos like this to caption when Bush is out of office. Enter your clever, creative and comical captions. (Photoshopped entries are always welcome, too.) I will post winners Monday evening (late, this week). Have a wonderful weekend!


3. Mrs. Grim: "C'mon, just lift up the back of your skirt, no one will even notice us."

2. Wyatt: "How'd you like to be my 'Lewinsky'?"

This week's winner is:

1. Deathlok: "Are you into. . .photography? WINK WINK NUDGE NUDGE. . .Know what I mean. . .Know what I mean?

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Some prayer and an epiphany

Today I went to church.

I haven't been inside of a church for a service of any kind (aside from my best friend's wedding) in a few years. It hasn't been because I don't want to go to church. Many weekends I find myself recovering from the week and I just can't seem to get myself up and going. I've also been struggling with which church to attend. My home church feels cold. Can't explain it...just does.

Today, though, I had the opportunity to meet with students, colleagues, and community members, at a church for a service to pray for a student (one of mine) who has suffered some severe brain trauma.

I cannot describe how it made me feel to see some of my students help lead the service. I also cannot describe what it meant to pray, sing, and worship God with my students.

Even though it was an occasion that produced more than one lump in my throat and was a time to focus on prayer for my student's healing, I left with a lot to ponder as I drove home.
One thing I realized is how innocent and fragile my kids are. In school, they exude an energy of invincibility, full of possibility. Today, in church, I was reminded of how they are looking for answers, guidance, and assurance.

I also realized how much teaching this particular age group is what I am meant to do. This service actually snapped me out of the burned-out funk I've been in lately. It made me realize how much I really love teaching and interacting with kids, especially watching them grow into adults.

Most important to me, today, is that my students got a chance to see some teachers pray and worship with them. What these kids don't know is that I often pray for them during class. I pray for them when I see them in the hall when it strikes me that a student I've passed might need prayer.

Maybe that is why I am a teacher.

Imagine if more people of faith decided that education was a mission field and not a minefield.
It is a chance to quietly serve without having to be in anyone's face about my faith. I just pray.

I remember praying for a kid my first year of teaching (quite often during the time I had him). He had everything going for him, but he was really arrogant and quite the unctuous kind of guy;
he was not liked/respected by most teachers. I prayed that he'd come to know God and serve Him...I prayed for a radical change in this young man's life. While at college, he gave his life to God and now intends on going to seminary.

All of this combined makes me glad that I went to church, today.

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

A quick "sorry"

Hey, y'all. I'm sorry I haven't posted and haven't responded to comments. I've been really fatigued, and I have been trying to catch up on my grading and planning.

The past two days alone have been as follows:

75 students @ three, lengthy open-ended question quizzes, each
75 students @ one original poem, each
75 students @ one one-two pages really short story or poem, each
45 students @ three to four, two to three pages of writing, each
That's 735 pieces of paper read and graded very closely.

This does not include planning and making copies (which takes forever).

Let's just say I'm looking forward to the beginning of Easter vacation next Friday.

Hey, it all got finished. :)

I'll be back to actually writing stuff tomorrow. Until then, enjoy the posts below this one. (Hope my writing wasn't too awful. I'm fried.)

Also, how about a challenge?

THIS '80s hit versus THIS '80s hit.

Which one? Why?

I don't like mustard on hot dogs, either.

Monday, March 10, 2008

When reporters attack!

I found a television station in New York that is just ripe for someone like Alycia Lane!

(The payoff is toward the end of the spot.) - Watch more free videos

You can find this week's caption contest winners HERE.


I know a lot of people will write about the news of Eliot Spitzer's hypocritical lifestyle. Hopefully what I have to say won't be redundant.

I want to go beyond the hypocrisy of someone who, with much fervor, dedicated his efforts to "freeing" New York politics of corruption. (Guess he should have looked in the mirror.)

He can say that he's sorry and that he betrayed his personal morals, but that's not going to change his actions. It also won't change the harm he's done to his wife and daughters.

Infidelity is more than a sexual betrayal of a spouse. It also says that whatever is "there" is a lie and a joke. When children are caught up in it, the betrayal is multiplied.

Girls look to their fathers for guidance, and fathers are the first men with which girls have an emotional attachment. You betray that attachment and the sense of well-being and protection that comes with it, and you've impacted a young lady's life in a most horrendous way.

As a public official who was caught doing the same thing he targeted, he'll pay the price of ruining his career (and hopefully he'll resign--as of now, he hasn't). As a husband, he's ruined a marriage. As a father, he has done something those girls might never forgive and if they do, it might be years before they can. He's ruined their innocence. He's ruined the most important relationship he could have. That's why it says in the Bible that men are to love their wives as Christ loves the church. It is a selfless, self-sacrificing love. He has displayed none of those things.

I was going to save this for Father's Day:

Guys with daughters:
Remember the role you play in your daughters' lives. You are the first man in their lives.

Guys with sons:
Set a good example for them, especially in how you treat your wives and mothers (and any other females in your lives). That's where they learn how to treat women.

Your children are watching.

"Cinderella" (There's a little chat about adoption and then the song.)
Steven Curtis Chapman

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Sunday, March 09, 2008

Serving cookies and milk doesn't count as political experience.

As part of her claims of experience worthy of being president, Hillary Clinton has claimed a role in bringing peace to Northern Ireland. Critical of her claims, Nobel Peace Prize winner, Lord Trimble of Lisnagarvey stated:

"I don’t know there was much she did apart from accompanying Bill [Clinton] going around," he said. Her recent statements about being deeply involved were merely "the sort of thing people put in their canvassing leaflets" during elections. "She visited when things were happening, saw what was going on, she can certainly say it was part of her experience. I don’t want to rain on the thing for her but being a cheerleader for something is slightly different from being a principal player."

Clinton told CNN that she did help to bring peace to Northern Ireland, though. mind's eye has images of someone sitting in a comfy chair watching discussions (for which she had no business being present if she was). The idea that any first lady would be in on negotiations with heads of state and their chosen representatives is troubling. I really doubt she was there or took part in long-distance negotiations; Bill wouldn't share that spotlight. Conall McDevitt, an insider active in the negotiations and an aide to John Hume, leader of the Social Democratic and Labour Party stated:

"There would have been no contact with her either in person or on the phone. I was with Hume regularly during calls in the months leading up to the Good Friday Agreement when he was taking calls from the White House and they were invariably coming from the president."

So where does Hillary get the notion that she brokered peace in Northern Ireland? She got it from a meeting of women in 1995. Granted, those women were active in their community in various roles and degrees, but by no means was this a meeting of the minds that could decide on a peace process (some had their voices heard, but they weren't the big voices). This was a 50-minute tea party. I think the next time I go to get my mocha frap at Starbucks I should broker an end to the thuggery and treachery in New Jersey and Philadelphia. I will break biscotti with criminals and they will then enroll in programs to get an education and jobs. I will be a heroine! Sorry, got carried away with my delusions of grandeur.

One of the negotiators, Steven King (heh), said that Hillary did more to slow things and didn't make any friends when she hugged Gerry Adams and Martin McGuinness (Sinn Fein leaders).

How does Hillary's campaign respond to all of this?

"I am quite surprised that anyone would suggest that Hillary Clinton did not perform important foreign policy work as First Lady," the statement said. "I can state from firsthand experience that she played a positive role for over a decade in helping to bring peace to Northern Ireland. She visited Northern Ireland, met with very many people and gave very decisive support to the peace process. "There is no doubt that the people of Northern Ireland think very positively of Hillary Clinton’s support for our peace process, due to her visits to Northern Ireland and her meetings with so many people. In private she made countless calls and contacts, speaking to leaders and opinion makers on all sides, urging them to keep moving forward."

So. Hillary was a meddling, know-it-all, that overstepped her bounds? Yeah. That's who I want to lead our country. She's such a mess. I wonder if she will start taking credit for hits composed by U2? She met with Bono, right?

It is almost funny. Almost, but not quite.

(H/T: Telegraph U.K.)

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