Monday, July 28, 2008

A question or a few for the gentlemen

I was watching a show last night. I'd give the title, but I don't want hits from people looking for it. In this show a guy and his wife went to go hang out at the Playboy mansion and then they spoke to Heff about the guy's wife doing test shots for a possible for-real photo shoot.

Working up to the big day, the guy expressed his angst of people seeing his wife naked and wondering what reaction friends and family might have. It wasn't anger-ridden angst and his wife had a pretty calm attitude, but seemed determined to do it. Well, they did have the proper blessing and care for feelings warning given by the highly-paid counselor/psychologist--whatever.

Now, I know some of you are saying: "R.T., nekkid women are good."

People do what they do. However, my moral compass couldn't wash on this one. How does a man's wife do something like that and how does a man give the so-called o.k.? How do you share what you have vowed to keep sacred with the rest of the world?

I'm not the kind of girl a guy would "show off" (yet), but I think I'd feel kind of gross if my husband was like, "Go show 'em your tatas!" I lived with guys like that, and had a prospective new member to that band, during his interview, jokingly "demand" to see mine--clASS.

I guess one of the many questions I'm asking here is how can you respect yourself and your wife if you are allowing that bond meant for you to be sold to the highest bidder? Isn't what is meant for private be just that? Private?

I turned the show off; not worth watching. But, those questions lingered.


Wyatt Earp said...

If Hef wanted the missus to pose, I'd be all for it!

With 600 kids, we need the money!

Jeffro said...

In all seriousness, I couldn't see myself long term with someone who would do that while married to me.

I would be more forgiving if this potential partner had posed, and wasn't wild about doing it again. But not to worry, potential Playboy models aren't beating a path to my door, so the question is purely hypothetical.

RT said...

You could always go get a job at "The Cave." Tips are good.

What bugged me (aside from the whoring yourself out thing) was that the husband had misgivings. That is born out of conscience and even morals. How do you not listen to that?

Likewise, if you're married, how do you do that?

Jeffro said...

We have morals. People like that do not. Money speaks far louder, even if they instinctively know it's wrong.

I don't understand people like that, but after much pain, I've learned to predict that kind of behavior.

RT said...

I guess I will never understand how people do things like that. I'm sure they have "issues" clouding their moral choices, too.

Jeffro said...

I don't understand it at all. The optimist in me gives everyone a fair chance, but the pessimist has learned to read the signs. Actually, it seems the actual truth is usually worse than I thought.