Monday, July 07, 2008

Humor at my usual

You ever have one of those days? Nothing dramatic, but enough to just frustrate you at every turn for no apparent reason, but you laugh? That was my day.

I woke up a couple of hours late and then ended up not doing everything I wanted to do, but I at least got out to the farmer's market like I wanted. Did you know there are purple peppers? I didn't. Red is my favorite because of the vitamin c, but I never knew there were purple ones. So, I stock up on my produce to get through until the end of the week and then head to the food part of the farmer's market. I had looked forward to this, because I have been a very good girl in my food choices since I got here and I was ready to splurge a little on some pulled pork. I walk in and blammo...all the food people were closing up shop. I was so hungry my tummy was growling. Ugh. I got into the RT-mobile and thought I'd just drive around downtown until I saw something I felt like parking the car for. (Btw., people complain about the traffic and such around here...apparently they've never been to NJ.)

I went all around, even down Broadway. Eh, nothing caught my interest. I was counting calories when I looked at each sign. Since I was being my own pain in the arse, I decided to go the local grocery store where cops patrol inside. Yeah. So, I go in, get a sammie, some chips, and a Coke. (Just had a thought...wish I'd bought some chocolate.) I walk out of the store and the skies open up. YAY! Get back to the condo and start to eat. I'm noticing the sammie is looking a little weathered. I look at the date: Made--7/1/08; Sell By--7/04/08. Yep. I had taken a few bites of a ticking time bomb. I looked at the chips, felt guilty for eating some of them, and threw everything out, but the Coke. And I was still hungry as heck.

I looked at the take-out menus left for me. One restaurant sold Indian, Italian, Chinese, and Mexican fare. While having a meal of pot-stickers, fajitas, and such looked good on paper, I told myself that I just needed to defrost some fish and cook my own meal.

So, I took the green and purple peppers, green onion, crushed garlic, olive oil and quinoa and cooked that up. Then, I cooked up some wild Alaskan cod (hmmm...Cappy Sig & Edgar???), and this is what I came up with.

It tasted yummy and I am not suffering any pangs of guilt. I made homemade lemonade and I had some watermelon to hold me over until everything was done cooking. Yeah, I can cook.


Jeffro said...

Looks pretty dern good to me. But, I'm biased, as I'm a professional eater.

RT said...

Nothing gourmet, but tastes good and good for ya.

dragonlady474 said...

::snivel:: That looks awesome and now I'm hungry.

Deathlok said...

heh heh. . . .pulled pork!

RT said...

It was gooooooooood! The leftovers were even yummier. (Hope you are feeling better.)

Pulled and sauced! HA!

Snigglefrits said...

How'd you fix the fish RT? It looks double yummy. (The side dish would too, but I'm not a huge fan of carrots)

I tried a new recipe for grilled salmon- I'll pull it out tomorrow and send it to you.

RT said...

I baked it for about 20 minutes. I started checking it after about 12 minutes. I was still a little not-quite-thawed. I rubbed a little olive oil and chipotle chili powder on it, too. I don't think the powder helped much. I didn't like it on fish as much as I like it on chicken. Howevere, I think next time I might use an herb instead (dill or something). It didn't taste nasty, but I prefer a more garlicy and herby flavor with fish. I didn't use garlic (don't have garlic powder).

The leftovers tasted even better today, though, so maybe the powder needed to seep in a little more.

I never used to like carrots. My gradpop had a stroke when I was little and his roommate in the rehab center would never eat his carrots. When I asked why, he replied, "Because they give you lumps on your head." So, when I was little, I would never eat them. I had to develop a taste for them and now I love them.

Something yummy to do with them: put some cut up fresh carrots, olive oil, and basil (and garlic powder--optional) in a microwave safe dish and nuke it until desired tenderness, stirring them a little every now and then. Yummy!

I used quinoa as my starch. It is a complete protein, but a whole grain, so it is filling and better for me than rice and potatoes. I can't get out of the starch habit with my dinner. It is hard to break. Instead of using water, I boil it in chicken broth with chopped up peppers and onion. It would be really great with shrimp, too. It is great for stuffed peppers, as well.

RT said...

I was quite thawed. Geez, my typos are silly, tonight.

Sorry about that folks.