Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Another adventure! YAY!

My adventure stuff will pick up, as I am beginning to come out of my funk. Ending a school year is like driving 100 mph and then slamming on the brakes. You're out of sorts for a bit and then begin to feel like a human being. Unfortunately, a few weeks later, it is back to school. Meh.

Last night, I went out to dinner and then to the Grand Ole Opry. I had a really good time. Click on the pictures to enlarge your viewing pleasure. This is long, but I've included links and such. Enjoy!

This is where I decided to go to dinner. I haven't been out for a meal, yet. It was yummy, but I really went to look at the fish. There were sharks, stingrays, a "guitar" fish, and some ugly looking suckers. I even got to see them get fed.

How can eating alone feel any worse? When they take away the other place settings on the table.

How do you make yourself feel better? An adult beverage that tastes like fruit punch, but packs a whole other type of punch. That sucker was strong. The waiter had the nerve to ask if I wanted a second. I would have been playing in the traffic had that happened. Heh.

Now, for the Opry. I had seats three rows from the stage. I was just about center, too. I was so looking forward to seeing Little Jimmy Dickens. Unfortunately, he was ill and perhaps isn't doing very well. Poor old guy.

I've always really liked Pam Tillis's voice. It is very sweet. I used to love the song "Shake the Sugar Tree." She opened with that one. She also has a new CD coming (just thought I'd plug it...she's great).

Cherryholmes is a family bluegrass group. They were awesome! In fact, I might go see them Thursday. Thinking about it. The fiddle player (the young lady to the left) is 16, and I swear smoke was coming from her bow at one point. At the end of their time on stage, they played an instrumental song and the mom and the children did some clogging. They were awesome, and they worked really, really hard.

Check out the dad playing upright bass.

The next performer was Jason Michael Carroll. Something I've noticed a lot in going to see country music live is that they rock out more on stage than they do in their recordings. THIS is an example. The guitars in this song kicked ass live. Recorded? Eh...catchy, but wouldn't catch my attention the way the song did live. I really liked his voice. Did I mention this young man has some nice rhythym in his hips? What?

I have never been a "fan" of Jewel. I have always appreciated her talent and the hard road she navigated to get to where she is. Tonight she was good, but I had a hard time understanding what she singing. I wanted to like her, too, because I actually think she's pretty cool. She did THIS, though.

*Take note, folks. See those legs? I will have similar legs in a year. Well, I plan on it.

Lorrie Morgan is someone I identify with a bit. She has had some hard luck, but keeps marching forward. She sang the song I like to quote to my students a lot: "What part of no do you not understand?" HA! She also did a song from two new releases that are forthcoming. One is a CD of country standards and the other is of new material. I hope she does well with both. I've always rooted for her.

I was really interested to hear Darius Rucker. I'm not a fan of Hootie and the Blowfish. I didn't like how his voice was used, and he is an amazing singer. However, singing country music suits him really well. In fact, THIS song just made tears well up in my eyes. I almost lost it, and I don't cry in public.

Rucker really impressed me this evening. When he finished, I turned to the lady sitting next to me and we both just said, "Wow!" Again, the recorded music does not do the live music justice.

Darius Rucker was so honored to be playing on that stage for the first time. I think he was a little overwhelmed with the moment. The crowd went nuts for him, and that was great!

The CD doesn't come out until fall, but I have a feeling it will do quite well.

This is just a shot of the stage during Darius Rucker. I realized I hadn't taken a picture of it. I was little busy watching all of the performers.

Whisperin' Bill Anderson is a long-standing songwriter and performer in Nashville. He co-wrote and sang THIS song.

Forty-seven years ago last night he became a member of the Grand Ole Opry. He was sharing his thoughts and appreciation and became so choked up. It is nice to see when people are grateful for their positions in entertainment and don't take them for granted.

What can I say about Charlie Daniels? He simply rocked. Yes, he did "Devil went down to Georgia," and he did it in a most rockin' manner. However, the song that stuck with me was "In America," because I remember when he first released it our perception of ourselves was a little grim. Seems we are needing that song and its sentiment again, aren't we. It was a much needed punch of patriotism.

I'm just beside myself with all of the opportunities to see really good, live music. Even most of the unknowns are amazingly talented. May I stay? PLEASE!!!!!!! I've said it before, music does something inside that I can't explain. I need to be around it and listening to it. In fact, silence just about sends me over the edge.

To top off the evening, I bought a black cowboy-ish hat. Yeah, I'd include the picture, but you all have seen enough of me lately.

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