Thursday, July 10, 2008


Are you sure it is only slightly more than a half moon?

Let's just say I've lost two more pounds within the past week, but I think the Bar-b-q Fritos, chocolate, caramel, peanut cluster, and cherry coke might have other plans.

I have some beer that I think I'll be drinking, too.

Family bullshit. Utter, bullshit full of lies to harm my dad and I'm down here (being selfish).


Any of you have bat-shit crazy people in your family? I'm talkin' had elctro-shock treatments for a year crazy?

Oh, and I heard this song requested on the radio today, and thought I'd share. I know....this is a really weird post. Sorry, folks. I could just go ape-shit right now.

I really cannot tell y'all just how pissed off I am right now. Maybe I should be listening to this instead (well, it was the song played on the radio after Steely Dan...randomness abounds down here):

Momma bear is riled up. I don't take people messing with those I love very well.


Snigglefrits said...

RT- taking a MUCH NEEDED vacation for your own health and sanity is NOT being selfish.

I hope you're able to get the family problems ironed out quickly.

I've got some family members who NEED electroshock therapy for sure. Several have probably been zapped once too often as well. There's one in particular that I can think of that I'd like to zap. Repeatedly. While she's standing in a puddle. In a thunderstorm.

Anyway, you and your dad will be in my thoughts. Let me know if you need extra. ;)

Jeffro said...

+1 to what snigglefrits said. You do not have to feel guilty for taking a friggin' vacation, especially since you don't go on one very often.

RT said...

My dad knew the information that his lawyer told me today for a good long while (he probably didn't want to upset me).

I would not have come down here if I had known it.

I'll be o.k. I just hate that one part of my family is trying to take advantage of my dad because of how they perceive that he's easily manipulted.

I won't be there with him when he goes to court at the end of the month, either. I feel awful about that. I'm all he has.

Old NFO said...

RT- you can only do so much- YOU have to have some time to yourself, and the vacation is well deserved. As far as the weird family, yep, got em too... I'll agree with Snigs too :-)

Remember- Hang in and hang on- FAlcon 110

RT said...

Thanks. I was able to take a deep breath about an hour ago (after a beer).

Something kept telling me to call my dad today. He'd been kind of quiet, and he is so worried he'll "interrupt my vacation." Obviously, I'd move heaven and earth for him, he's no bother.

There were a few things that got me riled up, today, but this was the topper and I really haven't been this angry in many, many, many years.

If you all could just pray for my dad, that would be awesome. Really.

Jeffro said...


RT said...

Thank you.