Friday, July 18, 2008

To me, this is some sick irony

Let's say there were these two guys. These two guys decided to sell "lucky charms" as accessories for cellphones.

Let's say these "charms" ended up being made of tritium (radioactive material) that would "shine for more than 10 years."

So, you have the scenario. Now, think of the worst place on the face of the earth that someone could take advantage of trend and pop-culture obsessed people with radioactive cellphone accessores.

Did you come up with a guess yet?

The answer: Hiroshima

1. Do these two Japanese men have no shame or sensitivity to what generations before them experienced? (Yes, we had to bomb them. There was no way around it, but at the same time, I feel these men are stomping on the memory of those killed.)

2. This stuff was bought from Britain. What the heck are they doing selling radioactive material that is "27 times more tritium than is allowed under the law"? (Even if it is not seen as a certain threat to health.)

I don't know. This just disturbs me.

(H/T: Yahoo)


USA_Admiral said...

Radiation scares the hell out of me.

Terrible events of the past are always forgotten by the masses.

How could the rabid environmentalists have missed this? I guess if it is over there they just don't care.

RT said...

Me, too. During my junior or senior year in high school, my English teacher (after we had a read a book about there being few people left around after a nuclear attack by China) showed us a British movie titled, Threads. I was always afraid before that, and kind of walked around wondering when the bombs would coming our way, but after watching that movie I had nightmares, even until about year after I was out of high school. I can't imagine these guys doing such a thing when it is such a sensitive and grave subject for that country and especially that city.