Wednesday, July 02, 2008


There's a news feature/consumer reporter down here that has caught my interest: it/he is kind of entertaining. It is called, "That's messed up." People with problems with products and/or services, contact this guy and he advocates for them. The resulting reports are pretty entertaining, too.

Today's feature was the result of idiotic policy gone amok. It seems, a young lady, with $10 worth of change, was turned away when she tried to use the coins to purchase gas for her car.

Now, I've been so broke that I have had to scrounge change together since I didn't have bills. Those days sucked, and they could be humiliating--because that's all you got and you want to maintain your dignity.

The convenience store's response to her as they turned her and her business away? "We're not a bank." Thankfully, someone came to her aid.

I have a "piggy bank" that I keep my loose change in, and when I came down here I took all of the quarters out of it, because I knew I'd be taking my wash to a laundry room. It turns out that I have to use a prepaid card and now I have almost $20 in quarters.

Think I should find that gas station and frak with them? Bad RT is looking for an outlet for her mischievous side.

You can read the rest of the reporter's story HERE. The most hilarious part is what the store clerk hands the reporter so that he knows the number to call "higher ups".

I wonder if that guy could help me find a good job down here? I don't miss NJ.


von said...

It's weird, but I HATE paying with change. Hate it. My wife thinks i'm silly, but it's just uncomfortable for some reason. Probably because I can't count.

RT said...

I don't, either. That's why I save it in a little water bottle. I had planned to take it to the bank in exchange for bills, but then when I made plans to come here and thought I'd need them for laundry, I started saving them for it.

It also turns my purse into a lethal weapon.

(Oh, and HEY, STRANGER!)

Snigglefrits said...

I've seen times when I had to buy things with change. Gas included. (If I could have made it the 10 more miles to the bank, I would have gotten paper money for it, but I couldn't.)

Money is money and stores need change. I can see not going in and paying for $10 worth of gas with nothing but pennies, but geez, some clerks are too uptight.

I just rolled our loose coins from the change basket- $130+. More $$ for the vacation fund, although I will be taking it to the bank and getting bills in exchange.

RT said...

She had most of the coins wrapped in a for-real coin wrapper.

People can just be so stupid and insensitive.