Saturday, July 12, 2008

Saturday Night

On Saturday nights I usually watch the Grand Ole Opry live (or reruns) on GAC. Tonight I decided to watch a movie, but during a commercial I put on the Opry and heard this really pretty song. It was written by Radney Foster and performed by him on the show, but I couldn't find a clip of him performing it. So, we'll have to settle for Keith Urban. I like Foster's version better, for the record. It seemed sweeter. HERE are the lyrics if you want to see them.


Ssssteve said...

Foster was one of my favorites in the 80's when he was recording instead of just writing. Great stuff!

RT said...

I remember when he was part of a duo. I guess I liked his version better because he wrote it and the "whatever" that was there and his intentions when he wrote it come through.


Insolublog said...

I like Sunday rain.

If I fail to give myself the Sunday rest, the rain enforces its natural rhythm upon me, to pause and to contemplate. There is almost a form of soft security, in being passively confined to familiar places, people and conversation, only to be freed for the frenetic activity and obligations of the next sunny business day.

RT said...

It's been storming here most of the evening. I like the rain, just not the thunder and lightning. Well, if it is really far away, I'm ok.

The one thing that's nice about having off for the summer is just being and allowing myself to ease through each day.

Rainy days are kind of like that.