Saturday, July 26, 2008

Sometimes I wonder....

I finally woke up in time to get to the movie theater with time enough to find parking. Folks, this was my third attempt this week to go see Dark Knight. So, I get to the movies....I drive around looking for a spot....for a half an hour. I drove around and around and around, there were people leaving and other people getting their spots. As the "New Jersey" rose up in my blood pressure and I started mumbling about a conspiracy and a few f-bombs, I decided to walk a half mile to the theater (o.k. a 1/4 mile). I figured that I still had 25 minutes until the movie started and all should go well. You all should be used to my lack of luck by now...the lines were really long, not moving anywhere (as given there is really slow customer service down here--I'm used to it, just didn't figure on having to plan my trip around it). Realizing that I would not get through the line and get to the movie in time, I mumbled one more well-placed f-bomb to myself and walked over to the Opry to get tickets for Tuesday night. That's when I had my attitude adjusted a bit--okay, a lot.

On my way to the ticket office, I saw a woman with her husband. She had a bandana on her bald head. That's when I was reminded that what I've been through and have been tested for (off and on) over the past four years could have turned out much different and that I could be sitting at home going through some heinous stuff right now. That's when I realized just how blessed I am and that I can just go see the movie another day. Getting angry over parking is so not worth my energy. (I'm sure it would have been pretty entertaining to watch, though.)

With my attitude adjusted, I bought my way into Tuesday night's Opry. I'll be somewhat high in the rafters, but it is time I tested my ability to get up and down steps without a railing. I was able to go up steps without a railing today here at the condo. On my long walk back to the car, I prayed about my attitude a little. Evidently not enough, because I was still in a rotten mood. However, I do realize just how blessed I am and it is something I need to work on more.

Maybe I'll try to get to the movies Monday....and at a different theater. I don't have to see the IMAX version to be happy.


Old NFO said...

Good move RT, sometimes it's just not worth the BS to see a movie fresh out of the box... :-) Now I don't even waste my time, I just wait until the come out on the airplane...LOL

RT said...


Yeah, I won't be stepping on a plane any time soon. I'll just go to a different movie theater that's just out of town. In fact, I've been sitting here planning a little shopping trip and that "other" theater is on my way back to Nashville.

I haven't done any shopping since I got here. Well, except for a stupid hat.