Saturday, July 12, 2008

Justice is served

I need some funny. Things have been too serious the past few days. Hope these make you giggle like they did me.

Make mine with mushrooms, please.

Apparently pizza trumps "soups" in Australian prisons.

To protest conditions in their prison, a group of inmates took a guard hostage.

Initially they made 24 demands to authorities, but eventually gave up their hostage after agreeing to 15 pizzas, Coke and garlic bread instead.

"At midnight, the final sticking point with the inmates was that they were requiring pizzas to be delivered. Our staff member was negotiated out with the delivery of 15 pizzas," Graeme Barber, Tasmania's director of prisons, told The Advocate newspaper.

The guard is recovering from his ordeal at home.

Hope the pizza was good, because they won't being seeing any of that again any time soon.


How to get yourself into a mess of slop!

Why aren't there more judges like this in the U.S.?
Young punk of a guy decided he would call a cop a "pig." As his punishment for "using offensive language" toward a police officer, he had to spend a day at a pig farm and then write an essay that discussed the difference between cops and pigs.

What did he write?

"I was very, very drunk. I have stopped drinking because of what happened. I have wasted the police's time and my time."

The newspaper went on to add:
He maintained the word pig could be found in the Oxford dictionary and was often used to describe police.

But added he had learned 'that there is nothing at all in common with a pig and an officer'. thinks he will find trouble again.


Nikita Kruschev you ain't!

I know in some cultures that showing someone the bottom of your shoe or hitting someone with your shoe is considered the proper way to hurl an insult. However, when that someone is a judge, in a culture other than in your native homeland, you might want to think twice. Well, that is, unless you are a stupid criminal:

Nazir Mohammad was in court in Baroda on charges of housebreaking and theft when he jumped out of the witness box and rushed towards the judge.

The robber, reportedly irritated with the slow pace of the case, took off his slipper and threw it at Chief judicial magistrate C D Vaghela.

Judge Vaghela immediately picked up a paperweight from his desk and threw it back at the accused, reports Midday.

Mohammed, who attacked two other judges last year in similar fashion, has been sent back to prison with an extra offence registered against him.

I hope the judge aimed for and hit the guy right between the eyes. I, for one, would have laughed.



Wyatt Earp said...

The Aussies should have sent a team of Tasmanian Devils in to "negotiate."

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Snigglefrits said...

I hope the guys in the local pokey don't hear about pizza trumping "soups". Ramen Noodle stock will fall drastically. :D

RT said...

I'd hate to see what that communal pizza would look like. Heh.