Saturday, July 12, 2008

The passing of another good man

Tony Snow has died after a quite vigorous battle against cancer. I was a huge fan of his television shows and loved listening to him on the radio. Professionally, he never seemed less than highly prepared. Personally, you could see the love and care his colleagues had for him, and the love and care he had for his family and colleagues.

Since, Tony Snow was someone we got to know through the lens of a camera, I thought I'd provide a couple of clips of him on the job as President Bush's press secretary.

Here's Tony Snow giving heck to a couple of our favorite journalists.

Snow vs. Gregory (ignore Imus)

Snow vs. Thomas

A very good man was taken way too soon.


Ssssteve said...

Thomas and Gregory are their shining stars and Tony just worked circles around them!

RT said...

Yes, he did. He had a great intellect, a great sense of humor, and true humility.

When he left Fox, I stopped watching the Sunday show he did. It just wasn't the same.