Wednesday, January 02, 2008


Well, I've tried for the better part of an hour and a half or so to come up with something to post. Nothing (except the weather).

I had a really long day--eleven hours at work, not counting the hour commute each way.

I had carbs at breakfast and I felt queasy most of the morning. I can't stomach them that early. I think carbs that early do crazy things to my blood sugar. In any case, I felt it all day after that.

I managed to resist a lot of temptation, today. That's good. I even almost gave up on the way home. I almost ditched going to the grocery store for much wiser and healthier choices by considering a stop at Chick-Fil-A. My mom even asked if I wanted mashed potatoes and gravy with my dinner. Ummm....NO! Tomorrow she'll probably buy donuts or something.

I won't give these kinds of updates every day, don't worry. I'm too tired to really write anything and I needed to put my day to rest, in writing.

I think I'll take a couple of Tylenol PM and call it a day.


USA_Admiral said...

Mom's are the worse when you are trying to lose weight. LOL. I guess it is the new year blog blues. I have never had this much trouble posting before.

Mrs Grim said...

Don't worry about posting these types of things, I'll read them. I think anything we can post to help our motivation will help.

RT said...

She's like a drinking buddy, too, except with food. It's weird, and I hate the situation.

Mrs. G:
Thanks. :) Hope Grim Jack is doing well with things.