Monday, January 21, 2008

Sports Report. . .

Since I have off from school, today, I thought I'd torment you working stiffs with a sports report. I mean, I have time and all. Oh, I have papers to grade, but that should only be about four hours of my 24 hour day.

First, how am I supposed to enjoy the Super Bowl, now? Really?


How am I supposed to choose? Tom Brady is a good quarterback, but he's a dog. I also hate Moss. Heck, I hate the New England Patriots.

Then there are those Giants, second only to the Cowboys on any Eagles fan's hierarchy of hate. Upshot? The Giants could ruin the Patriot's perfect season. (Evil grin)

How much you want to bet Tiki Barber is feeling like a real ass right now? He trashes his team last year, retires because he's not "feeling" it, and then the team goes to the Super Bowl the next year. HA!

Man. I think I'll just watch for the commercials.

In other sports news, THE FLYERS ARE KICKING TAIL! Literally. When they aren't pounding their opponents into submission (non-suspension style), they are scoring like a crack whore in Philly.

Here is last night's main event between Cote and McGratton. They started in on each other during the warm up and met up later to continue their conversation.

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