Tuesday, January 01, 2008

It's all good.

I've been searching all day for something to write. However, I'm just not in the mood to be snarky. I could write something heartwarming, but to be honest, I only saw a lot of the ills of the world on display in the news, today.

Instead, I want to write about optimism. It is a new trait for me. I tend to be such a realist that being able to set goals and to have dreams have become nonexistent. However, I vowed to myself about a week ago that I'd learn to live and to live the abundant life God has promised.

While I really look forward to losing A LOT of weight, I'm looking forward to other things. I'm going to put on my adventure pants and see where my whims take me. Hey, I can have whims.

In February, I'm going to go to a hotel and I'm going to see some Shakespeare. It will be about a six hour drive and it is on the route I took to Nashville over the summer. Looks like a nice town and I want to visit. I intend to have a good time, too.

I also want to feel life a little more, too. It is so easy to let all the hurts pile up and create a fort-like structure around your heart and such. If I'm going to dream, set goals, and have some fun, I have got to open myself up to those things, right?

I'm new at optimism, but I think I have a good start. I always believe in the potential and the dreams of others. I need to begin to believe in mine. I'm worthy.


Jeffro said...

I'm worthy.

Dern straight, Skippy. I hope your year turns out ok.

TrekMedic251 said...

Happy New Year, RT!

(See what happens when you comment instead of lurk? ;-) )

RT said...


HA! Happy New Year.

Old NFO said...

Go forth and DO! Things do not always go perfectly, but one grows by making the attempt and coming out of the shell! Happy New Year and New You!

RT said...

I'm not looking for perfect; I know better. :)

Happy New Year, NFO! :)

USA_Admiral said...

Again; a most excellent post. I was never any good at optimism but I married someone who is. It rubs off on ya after like 19 years.

RT said...

I am a worrier by nature and I'm trying to not be that way anymore. It is soooo not productive.