Monday, January 14, 2008

My election rant

In a few weeks I'll be voting in a primary....Super Tuesday, so it is called. I don't know what's so super about it. I feel like I'm choosing a two-legged and blind in one eye dog named Lucky kind of candidate. Besides, the way the early voters are choosing with their asses instead of their brains, I might not have much of a choice left come February 5. Joy. Again, because I live in NJ, I'm f'kd.

Ok. So I know who I will not be voting for:

Mitt Romeny
-He looks like he was pieced together by a mad political scientist, too slick. He talks well, but he just rubs me the wrong way. I feel about him like I did the first few times I ever heard Clinton speak. Uneasy and like he is trying to sell me a car. I also do not like that he gets a little befuddled and only knows to stick to his script and rehearsed answers. Sounds robotic to me. I just don't like him.

Mike Huckabee
-He's a donkey in elephant's clothing. He's even more unctuous than Romney. Just because I am an evangelical Christian, doesn't mean he gets my vote. If anything, I scrutinize someone like Huckabee more because that is one of his "running" points. Please. Don't insult my intelligence in that way. If evangelicals are voting for him solely for that purpose and ignoring everything else about him, they need to check to make sure they haven't been brainwashed. He creeps me out, too. I have a fairly good creep-radar. He's almost off the charts. And before anyone says that his "message" sounds good, remember he's trained in public speaking to communicate a message. He better be good at it.

Ron Paul
-First, his name is too close to Ru Paul. Second, I watched the last debate with a completely open mind toward all of the candidates: he reminded me of Pat Paulsen and an alien combined. While he is a huge conservative, he says something huge that really disturbs me: don't support Israel and other surrounding countries. We MUST support Israel. If it falls, there goes the region and it needs support in that region. It also says in the Bible that those that support Israel are blessed. As for supporting the surrounding countries. I don't like it, but we have to buy some influence in that region with countries that hate Israel and have problems with countries we have problems with. We have to keep them from Israel. See, in NJ, we know how organized crime works: let's just say it is protection money...not always used wisely, but protection money just the same. With all of that said, Israel is our only true friend in that region, and what? Are we going to just leave it high and dry? Don't think so. He's too literal.

John McCain-I applaud his service to our country and his ability to survive the extreme pain and isolation that comes with being a POW. I also applaud his ability to beat cancer. However, that isn't a reason for me to vote for him. There's working in a bi-partisan manner and then there is caving in to the whims of others in the name of compromise. He caves. While he is very supportive of Patraeus (a good thing), he's weak in every other area. He also has a temperament that makes me wonder if he'll listen to what his advisers have to say. He seems like a reactor, not someone who is proactive. McCain also seems like someone who would react and then think about his actions and their consequences later.

Well at least that narrows it down a bit, eh?


Aprilwine said...

Hi, I found you through...Admiral I think...maybe Sohos? I can't remember but I needed to comment. I feel as you do about all the candidates. The more I hear from them the more I like Thompson, but he isn't out there enough. Most of America listens to the media and friends when it comes to politics. Thompson isn't mentioned enough. People just don't know him.

Oh but what you said about McCain? I have felt the same as you..he reminds me of a ticking time bomb. But I do admire him.

I really liked this post..just wanted to let you know. :)

RT said...

Thank you. I appreciate your comments. :)

JoeCool1013 said...

Fred Thompson from day one. He gets my vote.

RT said...

I like him, too. Like April said, he really needs more exposure in the media.

Dee said...

I couldn't agree with you more!!! My big push (as you know) is to promote Fred and Rudy and if people can't bring themselves to do that Romney comes in 3rd. But under no circumstances can I fathom a vote cast for Ron Paul, Huckabee or John McCain.

USA_Admiral said...

It does narrow it down a bit.
I wait until Super Tuesday and then start formulating my plans.

McCain = No Way.
Dr. Paul = No way.
Huckabee = too soft on criminals when he was a the guvner or AK.

Romney = Jury is still out. He did survive the liberal mecca of Massachusetts and the swimmer.

RT said...


Even the Democrats I know are disheartened about our overall choices. No one of stalwart conviction running (save for Thompson in my book).

We need to outlaw polls and have one primary day for all the states. Our election system has become a mess.