Wednesday, January 09, 2008

But can they read and write?

What is this? Why is it so important for school districts to dictate what people look like and what they eat?

In Texas a student was suspended because his hair is too long. WHAT!?!?!?!?! Was he selling drugs? Was he beating up little freshman and stuffing them into lockers? Was he throwing desks at teachers? NO!!!! He grew his hair too long. HOW FRIGGIN" STUPID!

I know I am biased. I love long hair. But, seriously. What are the people in charge of the district equating to a boy having long hair? Is he supposed to be a scourge on society? I know plenty of kids with nicely cut, short hair that are out doing outrageously bad things. In fact, one of them did time in a state prison last year. Hmmm...come to think of it, he was a snappy dresser, too.

(H/T: Breitbart)

Meanwhile. . .

A Greenwich, CT school has decided that telling its students how to eat is their duty.

Yes, more and more children are facing obesity. Why? Because their parents are feeding them convenience foods that are easily microwaved or require little to no cooking. THAT'S WHY! In fact, kids will roll on their parents gleefully:
"When asked if his mother was to allow him to eat any foods he wanted, what he would eat, 8-year-old James Budkins didn't hesitate. 'Ice cream, bacon and fries,' he said. When asked what his favorite food is, 10-year-old Willie Budkins pulled no punches. 'Cookies, ice cream,' he said."
Obviously, there is a problem, but it is not with what the kids eat at school. Yes, there is room for some improvement, but the kids do not eat the bulk of their food at school.
"Glenville School in Greenwich, CT has decided that this year it will not sell ice cream and cookies. 'Instead they have fruit and yogurt as an option.'"
Why? Because the ice cream and cookies are laced with crack.
"Parents were doing their best, sending their kids to school with healthy lunches or hoping they'd make decent choices if they were buying lunch at school. But when cookies and ice cream were offered two days a week, things changed in a hurry. 'I was seeing children racing to get in line, abandoning their lunch, to get to the cookies to get to the ice cream,' PTA co-president Alicia Budkins said."
Don't you think it is more important to address what created this behavior and teach moderation? Besides, after school they go home and eat a ton of junk until mommy and daddy get home from work.



DBA Dude said...

I would never have made it out of Secondary School if those rules had applied over here - hair down past the middle of my back.

Bud the Chud said...

I miss my long hair (down to my belt). Never had a problem in school, parents and grandparents on the other hand gave me grief all the time.

USA_Admiral said...

I think they trying get the youngsters used to conformity, to what ever rules they impose. It will work better when the socialist take over. They will be used to it.
(Yeah I am a nutcase.)


Parents are crazy for feeding their kids what they want. I did not have a choice of what I wanted to eat until I left their home as an adult. Then I gained weight.

RT said...

DBA & Bud:
Wow! I just can't believe that even in 2008 people are still judging others because of the length of their hair. How dumb.

Why can't people just let others "be?"

See, it works backwards for me. I leave home and I lose massive amounts of weight. I take better care of myself. Go figure.

Mrs Grim said...

I still struggle with eating right myself, think how hard it must be for a kid when they are faced with a pile of carrots and a plate of cookies. Of course they will choose the cookies, let's face it, they taste better.

Moderation is key, I agree. But let's face it, if we all did what we said our kids should do, none of us would be in the weight loss challenge this year.

momster said...

I work in a cafeteria and it would amaze you how much food the kids throw away every day. They ask us not out vegetable's on their trays but we have to give it to you because the government makes us feed you green beans but you don't have to eat them. sometime I feel it would save time if I just opened the cans and dumped them in the trash. It used to kill me every time I did it but I have gotten used to the incredible amount of waste that goes on in our kitchen.

RT said...

It was rare when I paid the extra nickel or dime for the ice cream at lunch. We never had that stuff at home, so I rarely ate it.

That said, there are kids who are completely insane for junk food.

I just wish schools put the same fervor into academics. Imagine if people took English class as seriously.

RT said...


It's a little different at the high school level. I notice our students making pretty good choices and requesting healthier foods. We have burgers and such, too. Where some of the problem is hidden is that schools get rid of high fat foods and foods that have sugar as one of the first two or three ingredients, but they still contain an obnoxious amount of high fructose corn syrup....A SUGAR! So, that yogurt and chocolate milk the schools are trying sell the little ones, might actually be just as bad as the ice cream.

What kid eats veggies in school (a lot won't eat any, period)? What a waste. The servings sizes of what kids get is so small that it matters more what they are eating outside of school.

At least if you give the kid an oatmeal raisin cookie he gets fiber.

I think the schools are doing what they always do: Putting stitches on a paper cut.