Thursday, January 10, 2008

Candy for the eye

Von has found something called Project365. All you do for the remainder of the year is post a picture a day. Neat! I love photography, so maybe I'll try for some really nice examples of artistic or inspiring shots. Maybe I'll get off some good shots of my own when I go away in February. The object is to take your own pictures, but I don't think "borrowing" some photos here and there will harm anyone. Cool!

Here is my first official picture of the day. I love sunsets. There is something really calming about them. I guess because they represent a drift into the ease that evenings are supposed to represent.

One of the things I really hope for some day is to have a house. I've always wanted to sit in a comfy Adirondack chair or one of those oversized outdoor chaise lounge chairs, feel the cool earth and grass tickle my toes, and sit and look at the sunset. It begs for a deep, cleansing breath and a cold beverage.


DBA Dude said...

Very cool photo - lovely cloud.

I remember sitting on a beach in Bali with little bro' sipping on margaritas watching the sun sink below the horizon - happy (& warm) days.

von said...


USA_Admiral said...

I doubt I have the discipline to take one a day. Sounds like I should try and it would keep me posting.

SoHoS said...

That is amazing

RT said...

I thought it was pretty. (Hope I didn't mislead anyone...I didn't take it.)

NOw, that must have been a lovely site.


I'm going to try it. Maybe sometimes the pictures will give something to write, other times, it will probably just a picture.

Isn't it? I love sunsets and when I was looking through my search of them, this one was just to pretty to not post.