Tuesday, January 22, 2008

A society in need of life support

You hear of a story about an infant being found abandoned and automatically you think of a parent that cannot take care of her child. Only later, you find out the mother was murdered. (Watch the footage. I travel this bridge frequently.)

You hear about
a young co-ed that disappears and you wonder what darkness entered her comfort zone.

You hear about stuff like this increasingly. It almost seems that every day there is a new story about a woman being murdered, a woman disappearing, or a women victimized in some way (by family members, strangers, lovers).

What is happening in our "so-called" modern, advanced, and progressive society that we seem to be going backward, creating an environment where women have become easy targets and prey?

What has caused society to show little regard for women?

I realize women are not the only ones that seem like targets, so are our children. What is so sick about what we've become that we don't value life or each other?


DBA Dude said...

It is not just women, there have been a few high profile cases over here recently where grown men have been beaten to death in the streets.

There are some days when reading the news gets way too depressing and I have to retreat to YouTube or Stage6 to cheer myself up.

At least over there you can go out and purchase a handgun to defend yourselves from the more feral parts of "society".

USA_Admiral said...

Evil is out there.

I have no way of understanding this. Have we lost our civility?

RT said...

The news is depressing. The one near me just breaks my heart.

I think you nailed it. There seems to be a lack of civility.