Friday, January 18, 2008


Y'all remember how I thought there were shenanigans going on at the music store where I took my first few guitar lessons????? Huh? Do ya????? Well, guess what?!!?!?

They were the focus of a drug bust big enough to make the 6 O'clock news. The two guys that gave me lessons? They are in jail. Probably not a smart thing to deal drugs next to a Catholic school and down the street from an elementary school. Asses.


If I can find video or print coverage of the bust, I'll post it. I can't find any.

My "spidey" sense strikes again.

Since I don't have video of what happened, I thought I'd post what I think they did when they got busted.


USA_Admiral said...

I hope ya don't get a visit.

You could tell em you know Wyatt Earp. Then they will throw in the click for good.

Dee said...

Good call!! Never doubt women's intuition!!

RT said...

I shouldn't. I wouldn't be any help. My guess is someone they sold to got busted and it all went from there.

I felt dumb at first. But, I felt I just had to go with my gut. I'm glad I did. I feel bad for the people that paid for their lessons and are now out some money.

Old NFO said...

Good thing you weren't there for a lesson! Gut feelings WORK!!! you have to pay attention to them.

DBA Dude said...

Trust in your "spidey" sense.

Users of class A drugs will always end up as losers.

RT said...

Seriously, I'm so glad I wasn't there and I'm even happier that scum like that have been arrested and put behind bars.

They are definitely losers.

Mrs Grim said...

Yes, good thing you paid attention to your instincts. Wouldn't have wanted to be there when the cops showed up. Ya got a rep to protect!

RT said...

Mrs. Grim:
Yes, I do. I guard it big time. I like my job and the paycheck it gives me.

I feel sorry for parents who took their kids there in good faith. The kids must have a lot of questions.