Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Picture of the day: Organized chaos

So, you think teachers sit back, sip tea, and gossip all day? I start out with a really clean desk. By the middle of the year (read: this week) everything I've used with my classes so far is to the right and on the first shelf.

Now, I have to get it all ready to use again as I begin another semester. Filing? What's the point until June? I don't have time, anyway. I spent every free second (save about five minutes) grading, today. That's about 50 essays, entered grades into our computerized system (think of a stack of paper 6-8 inches high), and prepped for tomorrow.

Those "to-do" lists? One from last week unfinished and one for this week, behind already. You will see a little stuffed bear. It says, "God Bless Scotland." That's what I use to hold my cell phone. If you text me (a couple of you have the ability), that's where you'll find me.
I hope to have that all cleared up and ready to go again by Friday.

The only neat desks? World languages and math. The rest of us have desks with ADD.
Let the mocking begin.


DBA Dude said...

Organised chaos springs to mind, amazed that you are going to be able to find the time to get it cleaned up by Friday.

Wyatt Earp said...


USA_Admiral said...

That is quite a few dead trees.

Call me a dumb ass if you want but, What ADD? Attention Deficit Disorder?


RT said...

I finished most of my grading the past two days, so if I get to work by 6:00-6:30 a.m., tomorrow, I'll be able to work on my desk during my prep periods, prep afterschool, and finish grades after I prep (and on Friday...while I prep for next week and do my calendars for the remainder of the school year). Fingers crossed.

Have I been able to practice my guitar? No. I might have to shelve it until the summer. I'll be teaching an extra class the rest of the year and that means more work, more essays, but a little extra in the paycheck. Kind of like overtime, in a twisted way.

ADD, Wyatt, ADD!!!!! My desk is neat compared to some. That's how bad it gets.

Yes, A.D.D. However, I know where everything is on that desk. I'll post an "after" shot tomorrow or Friday.