Friday, January 25, 2008

Picture of the day and some random stuff

The Sub:
Sitting eating my lunch at my nice clean desk with its very white surface blinding me, a sub sits at the desk next to mine and asks, "Do you teach math?"

Me: No, English. (In my head. . ."Umm...taught your kid for a couple of years AND maybe the Shakespeare and other works of LITERATURE on my bookshelves should be a huge clue!"

Picture of the day:
My classes (most of them) are half-year classes. Today, a student from one of the the classes that ended a couple of days ago came in and gave me candy, because some kids from that class miss me already. Sweet. Don't worry. I shared the candy with my class. The couple of pieces I had were so yummy, though. I haven't had chocolate since around Christmas.
(Isn't my desk really white?--Shared those pieces with co-workers after I took the picture.)

Then, there were two songs stuck in my head, today. I couldn't get the chorus of the first song out of my head. The second song? I sang as obnoxiously as possible with full "accent" while I was doing some work after school. I miss
Hee Haw.


USA_Admiral said...

I thought at first you were eating the sub, I started getting hungry again. I can't believe the Sub did not remember you. LOL, some of miss the biggest clues.

Damn, You gave chocolate away? You must be serious.

Everclear is a great group, I could listen to them all day, especially "I will buy you a new life."

I remember watching Hee Haw with my Dad every weekend. Great memory.
That tribute clip is great.

RT said...

The sub is very nice, just a little clueless. Sweet kids, too.

Yep, gave chocolate away. It was probably some of the best chocolate I've ever tasted, too.

I used to watch Hee Haw every weekend, too. We used to put it on after we watched Lawrence Welk. I used to dance around the living room those evenings. (I don't think I ever sat still as a child.)

DBA Dude said...

Some people look but do not see what is in front of their noses.

Well done on giving away most of the chocolate.

RT said...

Well, I've been known to look for my glasses while I have contact lenses on my eyes. HA!

I knew I'd eat it all, so I gave at least 2/3 of it away. I kept a few pieces for "emergencies."

Uber said...

What a coinkidink, my best friend is a clueless sub. Is yours a liberal too? haha I kid (ok, not really). That was VERY sweet, though. Sure did a whole lot of sharing, I hope those individual candies were bigger than they look! ;)

If I were a dude, you'd NEVER lose weight, cos I'd give you chocolates EVERY SINGLE day! (Watch me show all the men up. haha)

RT said...

Given my school district, I dare say the sub was liberal.

The candies were very big and yummy. Those candies were so good I made the mmmmmmmmm sound, a lot.

I think Wyatt just choked on his Mountain Dew, Uber.