Thursday, January 31, 2008

Picture of the Day

Hey, y'all. I stayed at work to grade until about 7:00, so my picture taking opportunities were kind of limited. I tried to take a picture of what stars could be seen, but only a big black box appeared when I transferred the pictures to the 'puter. I also took a couple of shots of my town's water tower. That didn't come out, either, but for the heck of it, I clicked the auto adjust colors (or some such stuff) on my picture software and well, let's pretend I'm going for "art." Lemons into lemonade, eh? If you click on the picture, it looks a bit cooler. Hopefully, my choice of caption contest will turn out better. I'll post that in a little while.

Have I rambled quite enough, yet?


DBA Dude said...

Very abstract, you could probably sell that for big bucks if it was done in oils.

USA_Admiral said...

I see little green men and spaceships.

Call Farrakhan and tell him the mother ship is back.

Nice try.

RT said...

Sad, but true, eh?

I see acid rain eating away at the humanity of man. Oh, sorry...I'm not an artist. I can't talk that way. HA!