Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Picture of the Day

Filled up my tank. Well, actually, in NJ someone fills your tank for you. Last week I paid $2.83. This week it is down to $2.75.

I remember when I was little that my mom paid 35 cents per gallon or some nonsense like that. Then Jimmy Carter got elected. Then we paid $1.00. I'm not a math whiz, but I wonder if that is comparable to today's prices?

When I started driving 22 years ago, I paid $1.10, and sometimes a little less.

Recently, Gov. Corzine proposed a toll hike on our toll roads to gain revenue after his party frittered away our coffers--in only the way he could do it, idiotic and convoluted. In anticipation of folks crying foul, he said that if they don't like it he could raise the gas tax. I'd say what my response to that is, but I used up my daily quota of "F" words while on the highway burning up precious gas. People, 65 mph means 65 mph, not 50 mph!

Well, like I said, at least someone else pumps my gas for me.


DBA Dude said...

We have to pump our own.

Average price round here is £4.76 per gallon, maximum price over here is £5.17 (say $10) - and there is no sign of prices falling.

USA_Admiral said...

Toll hike = free money for the state.

$3.00 a gallon here in McCain and Hillary land.

SoHoS said...

We pump our own too and a toll increase...It is so ridiculous.

Von said...

I pump my own, and it's about 2.75 as well.

Mrs Grim said...

We pump our own, but it is still up around $3.05 to $3.09 here. I always refill when I'm in Jersey.

Skul said...

I remember getting upset when gas hit 35 cents. 28-31 was the norm.

I seem to recall speed signs as saying the word "limit", as in don't go faster. Nothing says you can't go slower. Depends on the road. If four lane or more, use the right if you drive slow. If two lane, doing the limit is just curtious. (probably safer too)
Write her up Wyatt.

RT said...

Dude! I'd never be able to pay rent. I'd have to live in my car.

It is $3.00 where I work and usually 10 to 15 cents cheaper where I live. Yeah, that makes sense, eh?

I need to think of an at-home business. Well, I'd need a home and the cheap property taxes are 3000K a year. Average property taxes are 5000k-7000k.


That's why I said at least someone pumps our gas. I'd surely be grumbling about 2.75 and pumping my own.

Mrs. Grim
Yeah, I live near a strip of gas stations that cater to the Pennsy folk. It's funny.

Actually, it is illegal to go to slow, as it is a hazard. The people I complain about are driving in the middle or left lanes of a three lane highway. I don't care if they go slow as long as they are in the right lane. I don't speed. I do 65-70 (slightly under). If I have to pass in the left, I try to do it as quickly as possible. That's why I get so irked. Holding up traffic is not a very courteous act.