Sunday, January 13, 2008

Definitely ooooodles of nooooodles!

When I was in college I ate my fair share of ramen noodles. Hey, it was much better than the dining hall and most of the time I was so busy studying that didn't want to leave my room.

At Emory University, they have created
an art exhibit that highlights ramen noodles. You'll giggle, and it is expected by the artist, but it is kind of neat looking.

The kids interviewed? Well, you'll see.



USA_Admiral said...

Did you buy that many noodles in college?

I would kinda like to see it too.

It is all about imagination.

RT said...

I don't think I ate that many noodles while I was in college. However, when I lived in Los Angeles, I think I might have. They were 25 cents per package. Generic beer was $2.83 a case, too. Yep, I had the food pyramid rocking!

I thought the patterns made by the noodles were cool.