Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Advice from a rocker

I love Dave Grohl. I don't own any of his CDs...never got around to it. The Foo Fighters are on the radio enough and I watch them on YouTube and such. Maybe a box set is due and I can buy it? I would. Guess I could get an Ipod and make my own "Greatest Hits."

Anyhoo, you get the idea. I like him. Whenever I've seen him interviewed or have watched one of Foo's videos, I've always had the impression that Grohl loved life and would love life even if he didn't have the fame.

He just always seems like a chill dude. I'd hang with him.

That aura of contentment hasn't gone unnoticed. MSN has an article geared toward men titled, "Dave Grohl's Principles of a Happy, Successful Life." Rather than list it all, HERE is the link.

Basically his advice is be good to yourself, be comfortable with yourself, love the life you have, be grateful for what you have, and love your family.

Sounds good to me.

Here's my favorite Foo Fighter's song:


DBA Dude said...

Sounds like a really grounded dude completely unfazed by "celebrity" - and anyone who hangs with Neil Young & family gets a big thumbs up from me.

USA_Admiral said...

Sounds mellow and I think we need more celebs like that. It is a great jam too.

Wyatt Earp said...

Foo Fighters frakkin' rule!(Man, and I sure do miss Nirvana.)

RT said...

I think he saw how not to handle up close and personal. Fortunately for him, he learned from someone else's experience (Cobain) and didn't follow suit.

It must have been very surreal to be a part of all of things Grohl was a part of while in Nirvana.

While watching interviews with Grohl, I've always enjoyed his sense of humor.

I like 'em! :)
I liked maybe two Nirvana songs. I was never a big fan. I didn't like Cobain. They were definitely a changing force in music, though.