Monday, January 21, 2008

Question of the day

While watching one of the morning "newstainment" shows, today, an interesting question was raised. Women were asked, "Would you rather be fat and rich or have Jennifer Aniston's body?"

Hmmm...I'll ponder this aloud (really too much time on my hands and I want to annoy you all about it).

I'm already fat, but not rich. That is a miserable combination, to be quite honest. If I was rich, I'd quit my job, buy some health insurance, and a home elsewhere. I'd fill a room in that home with exercise equipment and a bitchin' television. I'd take a year to myself and get myself into shape and study my Bible. That's all I want to do, really. That's my ambition in life right now. I'm so over the "career" thing. I digress.

The rich part if I was fat and rich? (Is that like Big and Rich?) Well, money doesn't keep you warm at night and neither do the false relationships that come with the money. I have no time for people that use others for what they can get out of them, and that includes status, money, or even for what is perceived as a step up on the next level of whatever that person's ambition is. Oh, wait...getting close to that pulpit again, I'll spare y'all.

So given that money doesn't keep you warm at night or buy true happiness (it can help when you aren't worrying about paying the next bill), I'd have to choose having a body like Aniston. Why? Well, because I'm fat and I hate my body. Duh. I try to imagine how different my life might be, since it has been a while since I rocked nicely defined abs. When I eat a cookie I wouldn't be stared at like I was committing a crime. People wouldn't be embarrassed to be seen with me. Hmm. . .oh, I know, then I might have a life.

Since I have to choose and being thin and rich isn't an option, then I'd say that having a body like Jennifer Aniston is a better choice. What would be your choice? For the men, I hope you don't pick being built like Jennifer Aniston. That would open up a whole new can of beans. So men: fat and rich or thin?


momster said...

Definitely thin! I would give anything to be able to shop at Victoria's secrete. All the pretty bra's are way to small. I just want to ware fashionable clothes .

Old NFO said...

Dats why they call em 'fat' cats... I'd settle for being thin, but I suffer from chest to drawers disease. My chest fell into my drawers :-)

DBA Dude said...

I am just happy being myself - which turns out to be a tall skinny dude.

RT said...

I feel your pain. Soon enough, I'll be sporting a good look. Well, in a about a year, slightly sooner.

Better than balls in boots? (Can't believe I said that out loud.)

I want to be tall and skinny. I'm tall, so I'm halfway there. Lucky you...grrrr.