Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Picture of the Day: Back roads

On my way home from work, I take a back road. It takes about 15/20 minutes longer to get home, but to be honest, I'm in no rush to go home and I enjoy the scenery.

I like wide open spaces where people aren't right on top of one another. I don't like complete isolation, but I like elbow room.

Today's picture (actually, pictures) are of my drive home. During the spring I put my windows all the way down so that I can smell the vegetation. During the winter, I enjoy watching the sun set as I make my way home.

Just behind these pictures is a busy interstate. Just after them is a huge shopping center. A piece of calm sandwiched in between N.J. grrr.
That piece of calm always inspires a deep breath and sigh when I get off of the highway.

Back roads might put us out of our way for a little bit, but we still end up where we are supposed to go in the first place. Kind of like the choices we make in life, ain't it?


USA_Admiral said...

I always try to take the back roads. It is a much better ride unless you are in a hurry.

Old NFO said...

The backroads of our lives are the ONLY quiet places... I love to get off the interstates and drive the old roads (I am old enough to remember driving those roads before there were interstates. On the other hand, it's sad, because you see the impact in the closed stores, restaurants, hotels and loss of business in the little towns on backroad America.

RT said...

That's why I take them going home. I'm not in a hurry.

Agreed. I've always wanted to drive Route 66. I've also always wanted to follow scenic routes to the South.

Wyatt Earp said...

Will you get us a photo of you wrecking your car as you try to take pictures while driving???

RT said...

I don't aim the camera. I pick it up and shoot.

I turned on the camera at a red light.

I'll refrain from doing it from here, on--promise.