Sunday, January 13, 2008

Picture of the Day

Today's picture is of a church. Across the street from this church is the physical therapy office I went to when my legs decided to betray me. They used to make me walk the treadmill. I didn't mind all of the other stuff they had me do, but the treadmill frightened me. My left foot used to flop and I had to tell it, "heel, toe; heel, toe." They were able to get me from five minutes to fifteen minutes in a month. They told me that was really good for what I was experiencing. But, you know, treadmills are boring. So, to pass the time, I used to count the number of pieces of slate making up the roof of the church across the street. I also prayed a lot while I looked at that church. I pass by there everyday. Funny, I still look up at the roof. Today, when I took this picture while waiting for a green light, I said a huge "thank you" to God.

While I'm presenting my photography of the day, I took this at the lake I mentioned a few days ago. This is what I wanted you to see. Isn't it pretty?


USA_Admiral said...

I bet the tread was tough. I could never get used to them. I fell off once and have never gone near one since (12 years).

Nice bridge and lake. Now for the concerned blogger; Young Lady did you take this driving? LOL, Every time I get a great picture on the road my wife grills me about how, photography and driving don't mix. I always thought it was drinkin and drivin.

Old NFO said...

Good post RT! Boredom is the real problem with treadmills :-) Trust me, I got so bored I forgot to step and got pitched off the back! At least you had something to hold your attention.

RT said...

It was painful and the bordeom didn't help. I've never fallen off of a treadmill, but because of the floppy foot, I tripped after using the treadmill, fell, and almost hit my head on a weight machine. Nice.

Yes, I was driving. I slowed down, though. If I take a picture while driving, I just point and shoot and look to see later what I got. There's no aiming going on...that's why it isn't centered.

At least with exercise bikes you can sit and read. Treadmills just suck. I used to love running suicides when I was younger. It was a challenge.