Thursday, January 17, 2008


Wanna dance?

Hugest Hockey Brawl - Watch more free videos


USA_Admiral said...

4:44 of thuggery.
Better bring those dancing shoes because it is a long dance.

Mrs Grim said...

How can someone not love hockey?

Funniest thing I heard at a Flyers game: we weren't playing well and a fight broke out, and someone yelled "Hit him with your purse!"


RT said...

Agreed! :)

Mrs. Grim:

I once sat a few rows behind the visitors' penalty box. Darius Kasparaitis found himself there a lot that night. I felt the need to taunt him about his name sounding like a disease. I also told the refs they could borrow my glasses if they wanted, but they weren't interested. I was a bit obnoxious that night. The old men behind me were laughing. Mr. Snider wasn't too far behind them...glad I didn't have to kiss his ring or anything.