Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Something bigger than me

I like mountains and lakes. I like lakes next to mountains (ha!) I like that they make me feel small.

I've spent most of my life looking down on people or literally seeing them eye-to-eye, because of my height. I like when I have to look up.
There's a comfort in realizing that something is bigger than me.

When my circumstances seem a bit much and I start to show the cracks of my humanness, I realize there is something much bigger than me that has way more power than me. That is comforting.

I can't do things all on my own. I need that source of strength that's bigger than me.

I can't pretend I don't hurt; however, there is a warmth in my heart placed there by the One that suffered hurts way before I did.

I can't meet all of my needs, it would be impossible. Fortunately, there is someone that can do all of those things and be all of those things, so I can just be me and expect nothing less from those around me.

We are so small in comparison to God's strength and ability to provide for everything in our lives if we let Him.

Sometimes, being so human gets in the way of really understanding that, though. Sometimes we just need to be still.


USA_Admiral said...


You have to let Him.

RT said...

Yeah. I'm learning how more and more everyday.

momster said...

That was beautifully said.

RT said...

Thank you. I'm trying to actually write a little more than I have been. I tend to get tired and rely on clips and stuff that don't require much thought on my part.