Saturday, January 19, 2008

It all adds up: Week 3

Well, this week I tried a little harder in the food department. Breakfast is really hard for me. Growing up and into adulthood, it was rare when I ate it. It either made me nauseous or made me want to go into bear-like hibernation within an hour. The past three years, though, I've been making a concerted effort to eat breakfast. Until I started eating rice and lentils, I couldn't find anything that didn't completely drag me out or make me feel bleh. That was until this week.

I started drinking a protein shake (Jay Robb's whey isolate) at breakfast to replace breakfast.
The shake isn't completely awful. My local store only has vanilla, but it does come in pina colada flavor. However, I experimented with raspberries and peaches. Peaches tasted good. I'm going to get a frozen berry mix to cut the taste of the raspberries. I'd rather have the antioxidant punch of berries. I also added a tbsp. of flaxseed oil. (If you get the powder, the recipe is on the back.) I'm considering adding it to my lunch in addition to my salad and fruit.

Seriously, the shake gave me energy (or didn't rob any) and I felt great and wasn't hungry. The whey protein is supposed to curb appetite, work with the serotonin to reduce cravings, and it is supposed to help suppress sugars turning into fat (that is what I have to concentrate on in my food choices). There's nothing freaky in the powder and when I begin exercising, it will encourage the development of lean muscle.

I still didn't get to the YMCA, but that is on today's "to do" list. (Oh, and shopping for the clothes to wear to the gym, and a trip to the movies.)

Oh, my weight loss for the week? Ummm....FOUR FREAKIN' POUNDS!!!!!!! WOO HOOO!
I hope all of my fellow losers experienced much success and if not, better luck next week.

It is a challenge and takes a lot of mental work on "the self."


USA_Admiral said...


You need to reward yourself for excellent progress. (Not with any huge amounts of food.) :-)

RT said...

I shall reward myself with a movie (pretzel nibbles instead of popcorn, since I'll butter it to death & a liter of water).

Hopefully, this is a sign of good things to come. :)

Mrs Grim said...

Holy cow, RT, that's awesome! You are making us look bad! WOOHOO!!!!

I knew you could do it, I'm so excited for you. Nothing like a good week to help keep you motivated.

I can't do pretzels, they are a big craving and I usually end up eating half a bag. I do 94% fat-free popcorn with a little spray butter and seasoned salt.

Ssssteve said...

Good job RT! Way to go!!

RT said...

Mrs. Grim:
Never made it to the movies, because the parking lot was FULL. Crazy. So, no unnecessary snacking happened. :)

Thanks. I had a little spring in my step today, to say the least.

Thanks, buddy. :)

sohos said...

Way to go! That was my number too!!!!

RT said...

YAY! Good for you! Good luck next week.