Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Things Hillary can't change

On a campaign stop in New Hampshire, former President Clinton jokingly said that he "can't make [HIllary] younger, taller, male" and went on to give her the ringing endorsement of, "But if you want a president and need one, she would be by far the best."

Want a President? Umm, yah, Bubba, that's how our country works. Need one? Again, oh wait. Never mind, you were doing a car ad?

Since he's going through the motions of supporting his "wife" by stumping for her, how about a little effort? It must suck to be married to someone who seeks to just soak up the attention and not really give a crap about the purpose of his words.

Yeah, I know he's always been that way, and she's getting what she deserves.

Besides, Clinton's comments really do go beyond the obvious things Hillary can't change: She also can't all of a sudden become sincere, she can't change the fact that she's shrill, and she can't change the fact that being so calculated, underhanded, and dishonest will not work for her. She doesn't have Bill's charisma to mask the truth about herself.

(H/T: CNN)


Old NFO said...

She also does not have qualification one to be President...

USA_Admiral said...

Is this ever going to get over with?

I will be happy when she pulls the plug on her lame attempt at being a political candidate.

RT said...

But, she says she has a LIFETIME of experience. Of course, she doesn't say what that experience is, though. I think it is in nagging and browbeating.

November will be very interesting. Scary, too.

Ssssteve said...

Short of being just like the whacked out left and their hatred for Bush, Sometimes I just can't stand to even hear that woman talk!!

RT said...

She is a pill, that's for sure...a big honkin' horse pill that tries to go down sideways.