Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Year ago today

A year ago today, my grandmother died. She was 89. She was quite a presence in my life. I don't think she ever realized how loved and how influential she was. My dad misses her terribly. This has been a hard year for me, but even tougher for him. When I was placing some tulips on her grave, today, I was struck by how fast this year has come to pass. I miss her very much. Her birthday was in October, and ever since that passed, I just meet each "important" day with a heavy heart. Yesterday, standing in her kitchen, using her pots and pans, sitting in her seat at the table, I was thinking about all the things we did together. We made homemade candy and marshmallows. We made candied and caramel apples. She taught me how to type, play Old Maid, and she always had a deck of cards handy for solitaire. My grandmother knitted me sweaters and made sure I heard my great-grandmother's mezzo-soprano over recordings made that were sent to my grandmother (grandmother would often sing along).

I know she loved me. She told me several months before she died. She knew I loved her. That's what is most important.

In honor of my grandmom I have two clips. If you click HERE, you'll here a phrase my grandmom used to say to me as I left her house (I was gang awa.) This clip is supposed to be humorous.

The next clip is of "Loch Lomond." Not only is it a popular song (you'll recognize it), but my grandmother also said several times that we have ties to that area. My grandmother took great pride in our Scottish heritage. I'd say that's a good thing. We go back as far as the 600's (or something like that). This song reminds me of her. I remember her humming or singing lines from it every now and then, usually while she was cooking.


DBA Dude said...

That's what went for humour over 30 years ago.

Hope that your medical test turned out good yesterday.

RT said...

When the one guy started singing "Young Ones," I laughed. I had images of Vivian in my head. (I loved that show.)

My test went well. Thanks. :)

Mrs Grim said...

Beautiful song, and a lovely tribute to your grandmother.

RT said...

Thank you.

Noddy said...

Thank you for your comments on my post.

All I can say that in the days after my father's passing aged a mere 61 and before his funeral, I was at a low ebb so to speak and when lying in bed fitfully trying to sleep, I, the heathen with no real knowledge of the Word, was directed to a book of the Bible I didn't even know existed.

What comfort in my 'new' father.

RT said...

You're welcome, Noddy. I was lucky to have my grandmother for such a long time. A lot of people don't have the opportunity to know their elders. I did. My dad is now the oldest in his family. It's weird.

I'm glad that through a very low time in your life that you found God as your father and comfort.

Most people see him as the bearer of lightning bolts to our butts, but He is loving, compassionate, and gives us what we never deserve--eternal life. I've been working on recognizing that part of God's presence in my life.

I'm sorry your parents died way too soon. However, you do have a father that will never go anywhere. :)

I realize not all of my comments and posts are reflective of my faith, but I hope that my faith is evident when I do. I wish everyone knew God as I do.

USA_Admiral said...

What a great tribute. Nicely done.

RT said...

Thank you.