Wednesday, December 05, 2007

ONLY IN NJ! (Well not, but it got your attention.)

I've always said that there is something bad in the water in the really southern parts of New Jersey.
Apparently, I was correct.
There are 20-pound rodents! No, these are not the spawn of the Jersey Devil. These are habitation eating varmints called nurtria. (See, even things that have healthy sounding names are a scourge in NJ!) I wonder if this will be the next animal to be bred for fighting? Hey, it is NJ. Umm...translated it means "otter."

(H/T: NBC10)


USA_Admiral said...

These creatures look like the things they feed the reptiles down here at the St. Augustine Alligator Farm. A 20 lb rat is an unsettling sight.

RT said...

That just gave me the chills.

Old NFO said...

USA Admiral, those ARE what they feed em... :-)

Nutria are hunted in Louisiana for their fur, which is then converted to coats, etc,

Nutria are valued furbearers. Characterized by dense grayish underfur and long glossy guard hairs, wild nutria vary in color from dark brown to yellowish brown. Nutria is similar to beaver, it is often sheared for a sporty, more lightweight feel. Underfur is very soft and plush. A popular fur for linings and trims. It is frequently dyed in a variety of colors.

Just think, that "beaver" trim is really just a big rat :-)

Mrs Grim said...

It looks like a miniature Capybara, which are related to guinea pigs and you can find in some zoos. All rodents, though.

RT said...

Sounds like you might have hunted these bad boys at one time.

"Beaver trim is really a big rat."
Heh. So many comments...

Mrs. G:
Who would've known you were a rodent-monger! Wow! :P

Skul said...

We have a bunch of those rats in the drainage canals at the airport.
They can tear up dikes and levees.

Old NFO said...

Once or twice RT, once or twice... ALWAYS go for the head shot, that way the pelt isn't torn up :-)

RT said...

Yeah, the concern here is that they'll feed on too much of the vegetation and destroy habitats of true NJ wildlife.

I always go for the head shot.