Saturday, December 08, 2007

Some thanks

Jimbo over at Parkway Rest Stop has posted a commercial from Freedom's Watch that NBC does not want to run because of the mention of the group's website. Here is the commercial. (Click here for an article about the decision made by NBC.)

**Update: NBC has decided to "change" its advertising practices and will show the commercial. (H/T:


Anonymous said...

Thanks. I like to think that the actions of lots of regular people brought NBC to its senses.

Jim - PRS
Parkway Rest Stop

RT said...

You're are most welcome! :)

Old NFO said...

Agree- All of the MSM except NBC had it in rotation. NBC was, pardon the expression, sucking hind tit and taking even more negative publicity than usual. They had to put it on or be labeled anti-military (even more than they already are). Thanks for posting the commercial and the link RT.

RT said...

Hind tit? Wow. Glad I don't have one of those. ;P

You're welcome.

USA_Admiral said...

Thanks. It needs to be seen.

Hind Tit. LOL.