Thursday, December 27, 2007

Sweeney Todd

I went to see Sweeney Todd, today. Ummmmmm...WOW! Wow can have so many meanings here: good, bad, disturbing. I'd pick good and disturbing.

The actors' singing and acting were really good. You have to allow yourself the "suspension of disbelief" (Coleridge) and give yourself over to the musical elements.

Even though the movie is based on the musical, I think Burton could have taken a chance here and made it a non-musical version. Call me crazy, but I think it would have been possible, making an already dark movie quite darker had Burton done so.

When I was leaving the movie a lot of the movie-goers (most of whom were either much older or much younger than moi) were talking about "getting used to the singing." I realize we don't know much of Depp's and Bonham-Carter's singing, which was really good and fit the movie's score. That's why I think when re-doing a musical, what would be the harm of getting rid of the musical part? Especially if you are a maverick like Tim Burton?

Speaking of Burton, he did a good job with the film. I was squeamish, enjoyed the dark humor (handled masterfully by Bonham-Carter and Depp), and the settings used were great.

Sacha Baron Cohen (Borat/Ali G) had a small, but really good part. He plays a rival who knows too much about Mr. Todd. When you first see him on the screen, I think he pays homage to Spinal Tap or rockers with ill fitting pants. HA!

The ending seemed rushed, but overall I liked it.

I would like to see it again. I got to the movie just before it began and I ended up in the second row (small theater), which made for some uncomfortable and tough viewing. (Maybe that is just an excuse to see it again.)


Mrs Grim said...

I don't know the story of this one. We haven't been to the movies probably in 4 years. We went a lot until I started falling asleep in the theaters when I was pregnant with Kara. And we haven't been since.

We like Tim Burton, and Depp, so it's probably one I'd watch. Thanks for the review.

RT said...

I didn't really know it except for the contents of the meat pies. Bleh.

I've gotten into the habit of going to the movies for something to do. It gets me out and then sometimes, after the movie, I find other things to do. :)

USA_Admiral said...

Cool; You do movie reviews too.

This sounds like one I need to see because I like the darker type movies.

RT said...

It's dark, but it begins to get too dark, in pops the dark humor or a song...or both.