Wednesday, December 26, 2007

What is paranoid for $500?

Let's say you look like a rock star? How would you use that to your advantage? Pick up chicks in bars, join a "tribute" band, or just sign fake autographs, right?

Well, what would you do if you looked like Ozzy Osbourne? Hmm....point a gun at people? Granted, the look-a-like was at a convenience store, and I guess the opportunity presented itself. I wonder if his burrito wasn't heating up quick enough?

Whatever happened to biting the heads off of birds and pissing on the Alamo?

Somehow I think this guy's song should be "Crazy Train." (I've never seen this footage. Cool!)

Well, I guess it is better than looking like Rosie O'Donnell.

(H/T: KPTV via CNN)


Mrs Grim said...

Great guitar in that clip! The funniest thing about Ozzy, I think, is that you can't understand a word he says these days, unless he is singing.

RT said...

I thought it was so cool to see Randy Rhoads. It didn't sound too bad. It wasn't a great recording, but sounded pretty good.

It is funny that you can understand Ozzy clear as a bell when he sings. When he talks, I can kind of understand him, but wow, the difference.

He says he has a speech impediment. I wonder if it got worse with age? (It that is true.)